Huge news broke yesterday. As it turns out, that rumor about top progressives being brought to justice seems to have some merit to it. Jacob Schwartz, a close associate of Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and a current staffer for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, was busted with enough child porn to sink a battleship. It wasn’t just teen girls on his laptop, either, not that it would be kosher to have that. But at least you could categorize it as some Weiner-tier activity.

No, this dude had stuff with babies in it.

A de Blasio administration employee and leading New York young Democrat has been arrested on felony charges of child pornography.

Jacob Schwartz, 29, was allegedly keeping more than 3,000 photographs and 89 videos of child pornography, including pictures of baby girls as young as six-months-old, court papers revealed…

The highly illegal content shows ‘young nude females between the approximate ages of six months and 16 (years) engaging in sexual conduct on an adult male’…

What the fuck?! Yea, this guy looks to be completely sick and deranged. There’s no two ways about it. So, you would expect the mainstream media to cover this stunning development, right?

Lol, nah, I’m joking. You know that’s not going to happen.

A quick check of the Google machine shows that the usual liberal bastions are pretty much acting like it never happened.

Nothing on NBC.

Nothing on CNN.

Nothing on CBS.

Nothing on ABC.

Nothing on NPR.

Nothing on Politico.

Nothing on Raw Story.

Nothing on The New York Times.

Nothing on The Washington Post.

If you’re looking for a better example of media bias, good luck finding one. All these sites have dozens upon dozens of stories about the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory, of course. But a top Democrat getting arrested for having infant abuse porn on his computer apparently doesn’t warrant a mention. This guy worked on Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. He was good buddies with Hillary’s hatchet man, Mook. He was working for one of the most prominent Democrats in the country at the time of his arrest.

Could you even imagine what the response to this story would be if the guy was a Republican?

Instead, we get nothing. The next time a liberal/progressive/gender fluid freakshow casts doubt upon your claims about the press being biased, please, point them to this case study in media malfeasance.

  1. Holy shit…six months old. This motherfucker needs to hang, publicly.

    It’s no real surprise to me MSM isn’t reporting on this…their a bunch of pedo sympathizet’s. Sick fucks.

    1. It has been speculated that a minimum of 30% of all Congress has control files based on their pedophillia activities … others say 70%…. they all need to be identified and charged ….

  2. Same old Propaganda Media stuff. Let’s stop calling ’em MSM, that’s too complimentary. Let’s call them out for what they are: the PM.

    BTW: Excellent site update.

  3. A lot of kiddie lovers in the Democrat party these days.

    And of course the media isn’t covering it. They’ve got Fake news to report on, they don’t have time to tell their fellow child molesters that the jig is up.

  4. If he’s sentenced at all it’ll be a light one.
    Maybe six months community service working in a daycare center for low income families.

    1. Because he “won’t do well in prison.” If only they had the same compassion for pot smokers and growers …

  5. Could you even imagine what the response to this story would be if the guy was a Republican?

    Can you please drop this stupid argument. If it was a Republican it would be being covered up by the press just as much. Look at the history of this issue in the Bush Sr white house and with GW. The people in power in DC are pedophiles on both sides of the isle.

  6. I know pedos are sick twisted inhuman monsters that would make even a demon puke, but holy fuck, who the hell gets turned on by a six-month old infant? It’s so vile and wretched, to call it beyond disgusting wouldn’t do it justice. It’s evil, just evil.

  7. No coverage on this from the (((fraudulent lying mainstream democrat media))). Had go to the Daily Mail for the truth.

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