I’ve been lazy today, since it’s the holidays and I don’t really feel like doing shit, but I finally decided that I ought to come here and do some work. That’s pretty much the only downside to blogging. You have to do the shit daily whether you want to or not. Thankfully, there’s some fun topics to discuss, so it isn’t all bad. By the way, I hope all my U.S. readers are on their way to an awesome holiday. If you’re in the UK (which is where I’ll be in 34 days), Australia, or elsewhere, well, ignore that bit.

Let’s start off the day with some news about Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. In case you don’t know what the controversy is all about, here’s the reason the developers of the big-tit bonanza said about the game is not coming to North America…







Well, I hate to see a company chicken out like this, but it’s certainly understandable. In a lot of cases, it’s simply not worth the trouble for Japanese companies. Thankfully, a based as fuck retailer was around to help save the day. Play-Asia is a company I’ve used personally on several different occasions, and I’m quite happy to see that they’re still a bunch of badasses. Here’s the tweet they sent out yesterday, mocking SJWs:

They were far from done, though…

As a result of this, SJWs were trying to piss in Play-Asia’s cornflakes. Needless to say, this was a massive misstep…















Well, I think it’s clear what Play-Asia decided to do in response to this cunt young lady…post more hilarious tweets mocking SJWs:

They don’t seem to be overly concerned with that hack from up above, do they? That didn’t stop our old friend Mad Dog Maddy Myers from sperging out over on The Mary Sue, though. She had a lot of bullshit to spew for this occasion…

Anyway, game retailer Play-Asia has decided to seize this opportunity to capitalize on DOA‘s anti-feminist audience and they’ve announced that they’ll be selling DOAX3 to Westerners. Play-Asia also sent out a bunch of tweets about how they’re doing it just to spite all those pesky SJWs. I mean, I guess that sort of trolling will work pretty well on sexist guys who think that feminists hate boobs and want to cover up every boob in every video game. Which does seem to be what everyone thinks feminism is all about.

This entire topic is just exhausting, honestly, so let’s just share our favorite facepalm gifs and try not to think about how stupid and disappointing this repetitive, boring argument is. The people who want to buy Dead Or Alive will buy it. No one is censoring boobs. The people who don’t want to buy Dead or Alive were already going to not buy it, so it’s not like that’s going to change, either. No one is censoring boobs. Also, none of you know what “censorship” is.

She even linked to the boycott page, which is fucking hilarious. As Ian Miles Cheong noted, they’ve doubled their Twitter following as a result of all this. So while those aren’t direct sales numbers or anything, I’m quite certain that they’ve already seen the monetary benefits of having gamers on your side. I saw plenty of people tweeting out support with receipts included in many cases.


So, I think we know where the real power lies. The SJW retards talk a big game, but gamers put their money where their mouths are. More companies should step out like this and reap the same kinds of rewards. We always stand by those who do right by us…and unlike radical feminist activists, we actually play (and buy) video games. GamerGate and the consumer will always win in the end. Your radical agenda don’t make dollars, so it don’t make sense.