Ok guys, I’m sitting here in the theater waiting for the new Star Wars, but I simply had to come and write something about the epic smackdown that Master Milo put on CultOfVivian earlier this afternoon. I’ve been very busy tweeting about it and laughing my ass off over on Twitter, but we need something here on the site. I wanna hear the comment section weigh in on this bitch lol.

First, here’s her approach on Milo. Can you believe she thought the concern troll approach would ever work on a man so fucking based? Milo handled in in the best way possible. Move along, darling.

If people can’t see the mask falling from her SJW face at this point, I don’t know what to fucking say. It’s the same thing our libelous opponents say about GamerGate itself. She’s just as bad as they are, if not worse, since she’s supposed to be on our side. A traitor in our midst, so to speak…






I’m gonna have to roll out, cause the movie is literally about to start and I don’t feel like getting jumped by rabid nerds. Like Italy said at the end there, to me this is the final confirmation. Viv (Nicole is her real name btw lol) is nothing but an SJW, plain and simple. Fuck the lite part, she went all the way today.