I told you at the end of Tuesday’s post about Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance at Rutgers University that things were sure to be great last night, but even I didn’t know how great. The SJWs and Black Lives Matter thugs always come through with harassment and anti-speech tactics, so I knew something outrageous would happen. I didn’t expect the nutters to don fake blood face paint and act like complete fools, though. I did think they would try to interrupt the proceedings, I just didn’t know they would go quite so far off the rails. That’s not the only thing they did, but I’ll get to the headline in a minute. First, let’s go through some reporting from the event.

I watched part of it on Periscope, but the feed dropped and then I went to sleep. Thankfully, we have this firsthand report, courtesy of The Tab…


In his scandalous talk he compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK, and called Rutgers “Hitler’s Austrian art college” [for Jessica Valenti]…The mostly male crowd chanted “Trump” to Black Lives Matter protesters and also shouted out during the talk, saying “lesbians aren’t real”, “freedom”, “america”, “you aint gonna take my guns” and, bizarrely, “Tumblr isn’t a credible source”. Halfway through the event Black Lives Matter protesters daubed their faces in red paint and left the talk to jeers and chants of “Trump”. One man, dressed in a mask and a Bush t-shirt, shouted “sit down boy” to a black student.

The photos from the event are truly bizarre…


Photo by Edwin Gano
Photo by Edwin Gano

More on the event from The Daily Targum…

The protest, organized by a collaboration of multiple student organizations such as social justice collective RU Speak Out, aimed to voice their concerns against comments such as these.

“(Rutgers groups) should not be inviting anyone like (Yiannopoulos) because what we stand for is inclusion and diversity,” Waggeh said. “If a speaker makes someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then they should not come to campus.”

Yes, that’ right. If someone makes certain special snowflakes feel unsafe, then they shouldn’t be allowed to come speak at Rutgers. What a great example of freedom of speech and expression! I know we’re going to be in great hands once this idiot gifted individual graduates college. The thing is, these people weren’t even the worst part. Someone actually got attacked by a “Reclaim Revolution” protester. I have no idea what that goofy name is supposed to mean, but whatever. Let’s go to the video.


This is how the progressive lot acts nowadays. Not only that but this behavior is encouraged by professors like Melissa Click. Instead of acting rationally and letting people like Milo get a fair hearing, they shout down and assault people. How very tolerant.