In case you missed it, Zoe Quinn dropped the harassment charges against Eron Gjoni yesterday. It almost brings the long legal saga to an end for Mr. Gjoni, although my understanding is the appeal that was filed against Ms. Quinn’s gag order (Fall 2014 report) will continue. That’s good, because it’s important that we set precedent against this sort of thing happening again. There’s another problem that unfortunately won’t be settled by the courts, though, and that’s the trashy and unethical mainstream media. Honestly, I don’t mind the trashy part. It’s the lies that make my blood boil. I roll around in the dirt here fairly frequently, but I always tell you the truth as I know it at the time. That’s something that will never change. Our opponents on the other side can’t claim that with a straight face.

The mainstream media and the SJW blogosphere have no interest in the truth. They simply want to spin dishonest narratives and get paid for it. Again, there’s nothing wrong with putting your agenda out there and analyzing the news from a certain point of view. I do that every single day. The problem lies with, well, the lies. Take The Huffington Post’s reporting on Zoe’s ludicrous letter (Eron’s response is HERE) announcing the dropped charges from last night.


Gjoni later fanned an online “hate mob” to launch thousands of profanity- and threat-laden online attacks against Quinn that resulted in a short-lived restraining order. It became so bad, she went into hiding for six months…

GamerGate continued to grow as other women were drawn into the controversy. Some, like game designer Brianna Wu, were targeted by the kinds of threats directed at Quinn. Even a panel meant to discuss the campaign at SXSW was momentarily shuttered after it garnered anonymous threats.

Despite the ugly nature of the threats, online harassment has been notoriously difficult to prosecute. Last year, the Supreme Court made it harder to prosecute people for the act, saying actual intent to commit a crime needs to be shown, not just the threat.

Social media networks have said they would do their best to clamp down on the harassers, often dubbed “trolls.” Twitter announced this week it would appoint a “trust and safety council” to ensure free, safe expression on the site. 

There’s a line in there about Mr. Gjoni refusing comment, but he had to shame them into asking him in the first place. The lying hack, Nick Visser, said he contacted him on Tumblr, where Eron had just posted a response. He never received the message and Visser didn’t print any of his response letter, either. Even here on my site, I show you what the other side says and/or link to it. The scum on the other side can’t even do that. Again, it’s not about putting out your own spin, it’s about being completely dishonest.

(Visser finally did put it in after the public shaming.)

I reached out to Eron early on Thursday morning, and received this response (also, I’m looking forward to possibly bringing you an interview from him when this is officially over):

“Nick Visser, made no discernible attempt to contact me through any medium. Nor has anyone from Huffington Post.”

Obviously, he did get into contact with him later, but that’s beside the point. Why not reach out beforehand? Or, barring that, you could drop a quote in from his response, or at least link the damn thing. I linked Zoe’s letter above, as you can see. I would talk about it myself, but I think Robert Stacy McCain just said all that needs to be said about it over on his site

Don’t let me stop you [from reading Zoe’s letter], but my eyes glazed over when she claimed to have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of people saying mean things about her on the Internet. Keep in mind, this isn’t about whether Eron Gjoni is a Bad Ex-Boyfriend — obviously, he is — and it’s not about whether people should say mean things on the Internet — obviously, they shouldn’t — but rather the question is whether this has anything to do with “social justice.” And it’s also a question of whether an entire industry should be conformed to the zany whims of mentally ill ex-strippers and other such feminist crackpots. Must everything in our culture, including videogames, be banned as “misogyny” if it is judged unacceptable by the ideological standards of Gender Studies majors?

The Mary Sue had a vastly different interpretation of events, of course…

However, it’s also a mark of strength that Quinn is doing what’s best for her, rather than becoming a slave to this poorly executed legal case that’s seemingly designed for her to fail no matter what she does. But you can’t lose a game you don’t play. You also can’t win a game someone has quit. Perhaps, this is the best move, as part of what abusers get out of their abuse is being able to watch their victim suffer. Quinn is taking that possibility away.

Actually, you certainly can win a game someone stops playing, especially when the one who stopped playing was the one who started the game in the first place. She asked for the charges to be brought and she asked for them to be dropped. It’s called “loss by forfeit,” you fucking idiots. The first thing I thought after reading The Mary Sue post was: “How stupid do you have to be to write something like that?” Then, the second thing that ran through my mind was: They aren’t stupid, that was just the best spin they could come up with. Whatever the case may be, it’s asinine. Zoe lost, Eron won, and GamerGate gets the last laugh.

Still, we can’t fool ourselves completely. Ms. Quinn receives thousands of dollars a month for doing absolutely nothing. She doesn’t even pretend to make games anymore and has instead switched over to the “online abuse” racket. Thousands of phony sob stories have been written about her in the press. She probably won’t have to do an honest day’s work for the next 20 years, at least. We could sit here and blame it all on her lies, mention what a nasty piece of work she is, then talk about how she’s an abomination. All of that is undoubtedly true. Still, her fraud would not have been possible without an invaluable assist from the mainstream media.

Instead of investigating, they listened and believed (and attacked her opponents). Why did they do this, you ask? I could spend 10 columns laying it out, but it boils down to this. She had the right politics, she had the right opponents, and she had the victim narrative they were looking for. Complex storytelling isn’t the media’s specialty. They would much rather just say that misogynist gamers (a segment the media hates) were attacking a young, progressive woman. It’s easy and doesn’t take much effort. So, that’s what they did. The silver lining of all this is that they woke up a lot of people, me included. The anti-politically correct, anti-SJW forces will never be caught sleeping again. For that, we can thank Zoe Quinn and her enablers in the media.

  1. cuck zero’s saga will never end, if she wanted it to stop shed stop updating her goons on the situation, desperate plea for negative attention, “gay blood criminal”? “unburnt witch” pitiful pleas for attention, “lets make UN relevant again! (current cuckery)”

  2. I saw this come up on Engadget. Thing is with Engadget I think is people tire of stories like this when their focus should be technology. So deaf ear was applied.

    1. I’m not surprised that TMS jumped on this within hours, since they never pass up the chance to spin a damsel-in-distress narrative. The real surprise is that Gawker, Kotaku, and Jezebel have yet to chime in, 24 hours later. Jezebel never hesitates to jump on the woman’s side on issues like this, and poor Grayson must be dying to White Knight his waifu. I guess Denton’s $1 million loss at GamerGate’s hands made him realize that the extra clicks generated by responding to this isn’t worth losing another $1 million.

      1. extra clicks he got but people sharing archived articles, the advertisers dropping out, and those who visited probably used a few ad blockers probably etched a warning into his mind.

      2. Ironically, writing about this would probably be Kotaku’s best option. I’m pretty sure that at this point, the social justice crybabies are the only audience they have left, so they might as well appeal to them. They’re sure as hell never gonna win back people who actually play and appreciate games worth a damn.

  3. Oh lort, her “woe-is-me” whinathon on Tumblr made my eyes roll hard enough to let me see my brainstem. She compares herself to sex-workers, people killed by the cops, and rape victims, despite this case having nothing to do with those things. Bitch, you’re whining about an online post that exposed you as the emotionally abusive and manipulative witch you are – you weren’t beaten, raped, or murdered..and yet you cry on and on like you were.

    YOU brought this on yourself. YOU took Eron to court so he couldn’t say jack squat in defense while you pissed all over his name in the press. His free speech rights were trampled when he wasn’t even allowed to speak up or present evidence in his defense in court. YOU kept filing frivolous complaints as “harassment” when he so much as typed your name anywhere online….but somehow, it was YOU were was wronged by the courts. The very same courts that wiped your ass at every turn, that let you abuse the legal system to stomp on Eron’s legal rights for petty revenge.

    The part that makes me laugh and seethe with rage at the same is where that waste of claims that Eron gained profit and attention from this circus, while she “was afraid to talk about this”. EXCUSE ME, BITCH? Who was the one who got thousands of dollars a month for free, and got their ass kissed in the media on weekly basis? It sure as fuck wasn’t Eron, who resorted to begging for the cash to pay his lawyers and getting shit on in media, all while you were traipsing about Europe and rubbing elbows with tech giants at Google. Oh yeah, you were so afraid to speak about this, yet you yammered non-stop about this on Tumblr, Twitter, Cracked, Boston Magazine, the BBC, and various other media outlets. Claimed to be so afraid of Eron, all while you were showing your ugly mug at numerous cons, media events, the UN, and anyone place else you could get your eyeball-melting visage seen. Clearly you were hiding in fear for your life.

    But it’s OK now, you poor oppressed baby. Now you can get back to doing nothing but leeching off the trust funds of other garbage hipsters like yourself and not releasing games or not finishing Rebel Jam and not helping actual victims of abuse with CON.

  4. I hope she’s banking most of that patreon money. It’s almost a certainty she will never work a real job again as long as the victim train keeps rolling. I’m fairly certain patreon is not considered a job and no social security is paid from that meaning she will get very little come retirement age.

    1. if by banking you mean spending it on whatever she wants at that moment in time while her walking credit card is not around then most likely, if you mean saving it up in a retirement plan of some sort, then probably not.

    2. Don’t worry, she’ll find some other poor sap to roll when it’s time to retire. Probably someone with Alzheimers

  5. If the law is meant to keep order and bring justice then it is imperative that it keeps up with the needs of society so it is able to deal with all the wrongdoings that demand consequences.

    Zoe’s case is one of many that shows how dire that need for updates is at the moment.
    One can make such baseless accusations and damage with no results.
    Media can report blatant and harmful lies with no consequence.

    False accusations of any kind meant to damage a person need to get some hefty punishments I think to convince people to stop doing them.

  6. The whole debacle just shows how sluggish and inefficient the justice system is. How long did this gag order lasted? 2+ years? She sued him for criminal harassment, despite the fact she blocked him. Quinn set up a google alert every time Eron mentioned her name and this stalker behavior is what she considered criminal harassment.

    The issue is that the lawyers are ticks, that want to leech money and prolong the process as much as possible entertaining such absurdities. These types of restraining orders have been an issue for years, yet we continue to tolerate them. Eron is one of the lucky ones, because he had GG behind him to finance his trial. What about the people that get destroyed by the kangaroo courts?

    If you want to read one such horror story take a look at Hannah Wallen’s article “Seven years in hell”. Be prepared to punch something.

  7. “has instead switched over to the “online abuse” racket.”

    But isnt it strange that while $arkee$sian and her Feminazi Frequency shitshow seem to have persuaded Twatter to throw them some exposure through including them on their Purity Council, Quinn’s little CON con and Hamburgler Harper’s mirror one whale sideshow are NOT on that list….. hmmmmmm? Now why could that be?

    As for HuffPo….well really mate what could anyone expect of Beta Daily? Honesty and professionalism?

    Eron should give you and Emperor Nero interviews and allow you both to apply the cockpunches.

    1. I was also quite amused that neither Quinn’s nor Hamburger Harper’s abuse prevention organizations weren’t included in the council despite the friends they have at Twitter.

  8. Can he never sue her for defamation and slandering? Surely he should be allowed to return fire or is it cause he’s the “Bully”, he’d never get a chance? Here’s hoping Hamburger Harper runs out of cash and crashes and burns.

    1. That’s probably the next step once the last of her own legal shenanigans are fully dismantled, assuming he’s up for it anyway.

  9. lmao “went into hiding for sex months” – they mean her european vacation she had planned a year in advance. the one that was openly acknowledged on twitter and is preserved in archives. what a bunch of bullshit.

      1. I still love how that yielded hard evidence of financial misdeeds and collusion between Fish and IndieCade and the press just pretended it didn’t happen. Save the handful of idiots who tried to abuse “ethics” as their reason for not acknowledging it. The reality was they were all in on it.

  10. And I like how they mention the “anonymous threats against women” but fail to acknowledge the threats made AGAINST GamerGate, especially the meet ups and AirPlay what the bomb threats and all.

  11. LOL wow and the HuffPost shows their authoritarian stripes by disagreeing with the basic premise of the law that it is INTENT that makes an ambiguous act criminal, not just disagreeing with someone. In-fucking-credible.

  12. I’m glad Eron has won. I hope his appeal goes through and sets a precedent that will prevent scum like Quinn from ever abusing the system again like that.

  13. Journalists can be slimy cunts. My brother had a private psych practice that has been ruined due to a patient giving the false impression something inappropriate happened between them. Nothing did, and the patient tried to take it back once she knew my brother was in trouble. Didn’t matter. The medical board has taken over a year to reinstate him and has partially ruined his life. Hopefully he can get it back together now, because he hasn’t been open about his pain and has been drinking a lot.
    Anyways, when it first happened, I was working for him. We got a call from the newspaper for comment on a story the journalist was going to publish, and he said just ignore it. The next day the article was online, and it made my brother look like a fucking slimeball, so being a good younger sibling I called the author to ask him some questions.
    He told me that generally when someone asks for comment, it means an article is coming very soon after. I said I wasn’t aware of journalistic practices like this, so it didn’t matter. I asked him if my brother wanted to put out a statement, would he be able to? This cunt said no, we wouldn’t run another article about this until my brother got reinstated (so, now, one year later) and in the meantime the article damages his reputation and spreads half-truths around.
    Communicating with a patient through email? To be HIPAA compliant, it needs to be encrypted. Of course, this was interpreted as being shady because of the nature of it, like it was a “secret” messaging service. Let’s not forget that communicating through email leaves a paper trail anyway, so there’s nothing to hide. Can you guys think of a SAFER way to communicate with someone? Maybe live on YouTube in front of a million people?
    The conversation was mostly calm with me asking “what was the point of running this now? For the patients we can’t contact right now, because it’s just me taking and returning calls, they are going to be worried, and this is just going to hurt him.” “Because it’s news. This sort of stuff happens a lot.”
    But it wasn’t news. A patient had an infatuation with my brother, told another psychiatrist, and that psychiatrist reported it. She had been inappropriate before, but my brother attempted to process those feelings and move past them. If anything, his fault was allowing this to happen and not distancing himself from her once she expressed these feelings. But he actually gives a shit about his patients, so he continued working with her. That shit doesn’t matter though – once there is suspicion about malpractice or a breach of ethics, shit goes on lockdown and even the accuser being willing to rectify the situation and testify on behalf of the accused doesn’t make a difference.
    So the conversation with this guy winded down, and I eventually just said “I’m just upset with all of this. I’m upset this happened and that this article is out. This is hard for everyone.” He responds “Oh I’m sure it’s difficult for him, his wife, his family, and especially for the victim.”
    Now when he said “victim,” I knew he was full of shit. That terminology proved to me he didn’t give a fuck about the facts or approaching this with a lack of bias. His article took information from a public record and made my brother out to be a fucking creep. Encouraging a patient to masturbate because their parent were oppressive puritans and shamed you for expressing sexuality? Sounds okay, unless you just take the “encouraged to masturbate” part and throw it in next to the bullshit about using a secret messaging service.
    There was no victim here but my brother. And the patient would agree with that. She fucked up, and wanted to take it back, but it was too late.
    The best/worst part is that the journalist went to church with my brother’s family, and his children were in school with my nephews. Needless to say, my sister-in-law had some choice words for him (politely, but very stern, that’s the way she is) and I think he was quite surprised she approached him. Because when she ripped the article and pointed out errors, he responded with an ‘oh….’ and not much else. He couldn’t back up his shitpost and justify it, because he did a cockjob on it.
    So this shit doesn’t surprise me. Can’t stay unbiased, don’t be a fuckinv journalist. Too many people get hurt and smeared due to agendas, page views, and outright fucking laziness. Can’t imagine what the stress has done to Eron’s body.

  14. If she wanted that gag order placed firmly, she should’ve given the judge (or whoever handles the papers) a blowjob.

  15. Ah, it warms my heart to see cross-pollination between the ‘old guard’ of conservatives/libertarians, and the new blood. Gives me hope for the future.

  16. Humans can be divided into two groups: those who believe that reality is objective and those who do not. Unfortunately, the mainstream media thinks objectivity and comprehensiveness are for chumps. And I have to skip to page 6 of Bing search results in order to find out the real story of the con job that “Zoe Quinn” is trying to put over on the public. (In Google search results it would be in page 20, if at all.)

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