WELL, WELL, WELL! What do we have here? As many of you readers will recall, we’ve been all over the antifa girl who got rocked at the Berkeley protests this past weekend. We had her fake name (Louise Rosealma) listed in the big article, but her real name is Emily Rose Marshall. Every since she got smacked, the media has been working overtime to make this little terrorist into some kind of martyr. Virtue signallers like Raheem Kassam and Brandon Darby, people who this publication normally respects, have been crying about never hitting a woman, under any circumstances. The latter camp is goofy as hell on this issue, but the media is outright malicious.

Just read this snippet from the LA Times, in a piece designed to run Nathan Damigo (the guy who socked Ms. Marshall) off his college campus…

Damigo charged a diminutive woman who was involved in the fighting and punched her in the face, then ran away into the crowd.

“A diminutive woman.” OK. Sure. I wonder if we’ll be seeing any corrections from the LA Times and Chris “Captain America” Evans after this latest bit of evidence has come out. Guess what Precious Emily was doing all day? Throwing bottles at Trump/free speech supporters who came to Berkeley to exercise their constitutional rights. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a fight our side went looking for. Antifa showed up with the explicit intent to shut this thing down with violence.

Also, listen to this video. Right after Ms. Marshall gets cracked by Damigo, you can clearly hear a bottle break.



Oh, and Reuters has a picture of her bottle as well…

Conservative demonstrators and opposition protesters against U.S. President Donald Trump fight during a Patriots Day Free Speech Rally in Berkeley, California, U.S., April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

You can also check out this gif, which shows that little angel Emily getting read to hit someone across their head with a fucking glass bottle

So, can this whole “you should never hit a woman” shit please go away once and for all? I’m sorry, but if a female is trying to hit me and/or my friends across the skull with a glass bottle, a little self-defense will have to come down on her, perhaps in the form of a well-placed fist.

Nathan Damigo did nothing wrong.


UPDATE: Here’s Precious Emily in a propaganda-like interview with CBS affiliate KPIX 5, which is broadcast out of San Francisco…


She calls the attack unprovoked, doesn’t mention the bottles and fireworks being thrown at Trump/free speech supporters, and basically just completely lies her ass off for the whole interview. She does name the collective that she traveled to the event with, though. Here’s their logo…

Looks like a very peace-loving group, doesn’t it!

  1. Any criminal, male or female, can be struck. Anyone wearing a mask shows clear criminal intent. Of course MSM supports her. She terrorizes white America.

    1. No. If you’re a man, you don’t ever fight back and defend yourself against a woman in any circumstances.

      She could take your eye out with a broken bottle or stab you with a knife. Just take the blind eye or take the stabbing.

      It’s the moral thing to do as a gentleman.

        1. GamesGoodMeGood is actually using sarcasm as he is constantly denying pussy passes whenever it comes up.

      1. ‘Just take the blind eye or take the stabbing.’

        People like you are the reason that men are KIA in a hot LZ.
        These animals are armed with weapons from Soros. They are enemy combatants. They are neither male nor female.

      2. Equal rights. Equal fights. Has nothing to do with man or woman. If you dish it out you better be prepared to take it.

        Really wish i was there. I would have loved to be the person clocking that nasty cunt.

    2. I am Woman hear me roar. These women are believing the hype that they are more powerful than, or at least as powerful as a man. Thousands of female popo, firefighters, and military know it just ain’t so. High time they learned that affirmative action gets them hired, but doesn’t help them actually perform physically on par with the dreaded white male. It is what it is, not necessarily what you say it is…….

      1. Exactly. Go to any gym and find the biggest strongest woman body builder working out. Yeah she looks huge by female standards. But if you see the weight she actually lifts, its always much less or at best on par with the scrawny casual male lifter.

        Men are built to be the strong, battle-tested warrior model of humanity. You ladies however are supposed to be the longer lasting, nurturing, emotional caregiver to the family/children

        1. Dude your REALLY wrong about the lifting thing. Gyms have many women who can lift those scrawny ones

  2. She put her Rosey little self out into the fray she should be ready to fight like Boudica or any warrior. That bottle was for malicious behavior. Nathan had every right to defend himself.

    1. yes, she should be ready to fight if she’s going to protest. the right should be ready to lie as well if we’re going to enter the domain of rhetoric.

    2. I guess she forgot that Boudica L-O-S-T.

      “[T]he lack of manoeuvrability of [Boudica’s] British forces…put them at a disadvantage to the Romans…As the Romans advanced in a wedge formation, the Britons attempted to flee, but were impeded by the presence of their own families…Tacitus reports that ‘according to one report almost eighty thousand Britons fell” compared with only four hundred Romans.’ “

      1. Yawn… trying to impress anyone with your history genius isn’t working for you buddy. You missed the point completely anyway. If a Woman is a fierce enough warrior to be categorized as one then she excepts the responsibilities that come with it. There, is that better for you to understand?

      2. Boudica was no feminist heroine. She used to cut off the breasts of the Roman women and crucify them.

    1. Not just MSM but even anti-sjw and gamergaters as well. “Never hit a girl” they keep saying and one even wanted the man to go to jail for hitting her (Vee)

      1. They can’t have it both ways. 1. How do we know if she identifies as a Woman? 2. Equality on all fronts form their perspective right? 3. She was there to collect scalps……it was provoked.

        1. *Disqus is holding true to their cutting down on hate speech because I just got struck with a moderation… unless Ralph Retort is now tone policing.

          I said it was anti-SJWs/ anti-feminists (many of who state that they are “true” liberals) have put forth that you should never hit a woman because the man is strong enough to take it and push her away so that you can leave the area if need be (like a good little [email protected]).

  3. Damn. She was going to use that big-ass glass wine bottle to clock him over the head. Lucky thing he stopped her before she had a chance!

    1. No joke, if hit correctly, a big heavy wine bottle could possibly kill. More likely that someone would be in hospital with nasty scars for life. Good thing she was stopped.

      1. But liberal faggots and moderates like Vee are saying the man should never hit a woman regardless. Disarm her and push her away and leave. That sounds like he’s all for people losing ground to these thugs. Vee also stated that the man should go to jail as well just for hitting her. So much for equality under the law. Contrary to popular belief, anti-sjws/ anti-feminists white knight and hand out pussy passes just as much as the cucks on the regressive side.

        1. What happened to equality, “plumbing is the only difference”, “same as a man,” “we can do anything better than a man”, and all that stuff?

        2. If you step through the video you will notice she was wearing a mask (hanky) over her face, and was dressed like a man. No way he knew it was a woman in the first place. PLUS she had just thrown another bottle at the crowd and the Trump supporters went after those that they thought threw that bottle. IT (she) was standing there with a bottle in hand so thats who he went after. She caused the whole ruckus all by her little lonesome. She needs to be prosecuted and locked up.

          1. Vee made a video saying the bottle was fake news and was photoshopped… only to make a new video saying that there was indeed a bottle from a video taken at a different angle.

          2. She had it prior to that photo in a video taken at a different angle. why don’t you actually read the fucking post instead of being an antifa POS

          3. No, I assume they must have went at each other TWICE. Because it does not add up. One is on video, the other is only on picture. It explains why our boy went for her with such ferocity next time, after seeing bottle-girl standing up and wanting some more.

          4. Tell that to the people on “our” side telling us that it’s not acceptable to hit a woman if you’re a man. There are plenty of them on Youtube and KIA when covering this shit.

          5. So, if youre a gal, you can get away with pretty much anything? Sorry pal, where i come from, it wont fly!

        3. In the heat of the moment, it’s impossible to tell the gender of these rake like drug addled dreadlocked flith. Damigo probably realised while he was going forward and in a committed punch motion that it was in fact a female, and held back. There was no externally visible injury on that whore’s face. No blood, no, swelling, no bruising. Unfortunately. Not to mention she was there,on the front line with fists up ready to fight. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    2. The whole reason the Trump crowd went running over there and attacked is because she had just thrown another bottle at the crowd and the Trump supporters went after those that they thought threw the bottle. She caused the whole ruckus all by little lonesome. She needs to be prosecuted and locked up.

      1. “Probably plastic” by whose account dipshit? Who carries a big, empty plastic wine bottle to a “revolution”? Grow a brain stem or at least pull your head out of your ass numbnuts.

      2. @jerry lynch -she had multiple bottles in her backpack and was throwing them at innocent legally gathered trump supporters. yeah so GFY, antifa loser.

        we’re on to you, you twit ! hillary lost, go cry somewhere else snowflake

      3. Jewrry, you can hear a bottle smashing on the concrete as it fell from her bag when she was clocked.

  4. these little bed wetters think that they are all that because, you know, collage makes you smarter and all. But I am of the mindset that if that little tool is coming at me with bad intent I will not hesitate to put a beat down on any of them. You can’t run away from someone that wants to do you harm. They are nothing but terrorists to me and should be treated as such.

  5. She had the bottle in her hand as a weapon the moment he started to wind up. When he started the punch she let go of the bottle and instinctively raised her hands. The punch lands on her face and the bottle hits the ground soon after.

    So basically she was armed with a weapon and he was rushing into that situation because of a comrade who was on the ground being beaten up.

    Also note that it may be the case, although it’s not sure, that she is thinking about striking the person to her left with the bottle and only changes course when she realizes that she’s being charged.

  6. I still think it’s a bit rich to rush up and crack her right between the eyes. If she was attacking people with bottles then okay, but these pictures and videos are not great.

    That all said, I don’t really pity her, in the sense that getting hit is a risk you run when you get yourself in a riot on purpose. I do pity her as a brainwashing victim.

  7. So One-Punch Girl was throwing bottles at people all day and she had one right before she got hit and yet she has the gall to play the victim. Brilliant.

  8. Questionable. The pic with the bottle has been altered (badly photoshoped); her right fist was extended to hit him in the chin before this shot (no bottle). Also, other pics with a similar angle doesn’t show any bottle at all anywhere near her. This said, if someone was throwing a bottle at me; I’d would not check the gender either.

      1. Looked at the original video (was scared our “side” would photoshop something like that) and it appeased my fears, he hit her twice, first time she was clearly gonna use a wine bottle on someone, second time, she definitely was in a fighting stance, but wasn’t expecting a second serving…

        Anyway, using glass bottle as a weapon (while masking oneself) is a crime, and so were her weighted gloves, at least in cali.

        1. Yep, saw the bottle and the weighted gloves. She got what she was looking for. Don’t cry about being a “frail young woman” afterwards.

  9. Rogue Butthole Model gets her clock cleaned. Anyone who feels sorry for her needs their head examined. Guy defended from an ADW. She’s lucky he hit her in the cheek and break her orbital socket.

  10. I don’t understand, how much more can the national media blatantly lie. It’s almost like that they want people to red pilled, which I find very odd.

    1. I see too many young women nowadays having such similar sentiments, and quite a few of the ones I saw on social media doing so are living comfortable lives making money at relatively easy jobs like modeling, PR, social media managing, fitness entrepreneurs etc. So it’s not only ugly old women taking part as the anti-sjws keep spewing.

  11. Looking at the videos you can see bitch got clocked on 2 different occasions. 1st hit was where she had hat on, scarf over face, bottle in hand, and before the blond man in purple shirt moved in…2nd hit was without hat, scarf down on neck, no bottle in hand (but bottle falls out of bag), and after the blond man in purple shirt move in. To me, this man took out a threat that had a backpack full of bottles she was using to throw at Trump supporters, she in no innocent little girl.

  12. Any assault with a dangerous weapon is exactly that, regardless of the sex or size of the attacker. Some little 98 pound woman comes at me with a glass bottle, she better watch her butt. I will take defensive action.

  13. Antifa and Muslims have many things in common. One is – “I’m going to attack you and you have NO right to defend yourself.”

    1. Since women started this whole regressive bullshit I say let the muslims come in and have at it. Can’t hold women accountable while giving them all sorts of entitlement? GTFO.

  14. My mom used to say “act like a lady, be treated like a lady”. I say act like a crazy monkey be treated like a crazy monkey.

  15. Hitting a girl is always wrong. But shredding an unborn girl in an abortion is just fine. Liberals.

    1. No, Hitting a lady is wrong. Moldylocks is no lady and deserves to have her ass kicked. She should be locked up.

  16. Equality means being treated equally. If you come at me with a bottle I don’t care what your gender is, I will defend myself. With extreme prejudice.

  17. I don’t see the bottle in the video of her getting hit according to the angle in the still photo. Even other people who hate this woman are saying it was shopped in after the fact.

  18. It’s like using underage kids as drug mules. She’s a criminal and if the police had been don there job no one would have had to step in to stop her assaults.

  19. Don’t these people know not to lie, there are cameras every where. But of course they will come out and say that they were edited and that a double was used.

  20. You can clearly hear the antifa fuckers shout “kill,kill,kill” what the fuck is wrong with this anti trump/antifa peace of shitt people

  21. Some have commented that the glove on the right hand (no glove on the left) may have been “weighted” which would be illegal in CA.

  22. Wow! Her original intent before driving 6 HOURS to this event was to lay some violence on those supporting the event. To hear her tell it AFTER the event is an entirely different story. Who drives 6 HOURS to an event, intending to just stand around? She was wearing a face covering and geared up to attack people. Her social media post, prior to her road trip mentioned something about scalps. Clearly she meant someone else’s scalp and not hers. Be careful little girl, when you go out to poke a bear, you may get eaten.

  23. Just noticed that in the picture of the glass bottle in her hand / falling she still has her hat on but when struck in the forehead by the punch she is hat-less.

    Propose the falling bottle / bottle in hand picture was taken before the incident of the punch.

  24. Its really very simple , wear a mask and participate in a violent attack throwing bottles , expect a punch in the face . This aint rocket surgery .

  25. Sorry, there is nothing here that vindicates Damigo, even if a bottle fell out of her backpack. She didn’t have a bottle in hand, raised. You can assume she had intent, but that is trumped by the actual violence incurred by Damigo, who would have no way of seeing the bottle in her backpack or seeing into her mind what plans she may have had for that bottle.
    None of the supporting videos alleging that she was swinging bottles are clear enough to support the allegations and if anything, they still show her as the one being assaulted.
    And lastly, dredging up her personal history doesn’t get Damigo off the hook for assault and battery. It just shows how sick you are to post something so unaffiliated to the issue at hand. Shame on you.

    1. This was not a rally, Gary. This was a type of war zone. These Communist radicals are armed with Soros weapons.
      And, she is not a he or a she. We are all genderless. Capiche?

      1. Says who? Give me a valid link.
        Even if it turns out to be so, she never raised a hand (lead-lined glove or not) to Damigo. He runs up on her. She doesn’t even have time to raise a hand in self defense. He’s not a police or security officer.

  26. Yeah, nobody likes violence, but this woman came asking for it. This video is almost as good as the drunk chick that got slammed into the pavement when she started fighting an officer. I think it was in NOLA that happened.

    I’m sorry but self-defense is a human right. This is non-negotiable.

  27. If they are going to keep allowing this kind of shit to happen, then they need to say NO COVERING OF FACES OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED!

  28. If you go into a fray like that, are you really expecting to have your special female rights respected? For real? What a matter? Can’t handle real equality?

  29. I’m sorry, but if the domestic terrorist group known as Antifa continue to attack innocent people exercising their Constitutional rights, then they get what they deserve when people fight back. By the way, someone needs to explain irony to these idiots……. suppressing free speech with violence is the very definition of fascism.

  30. There’s also a video floating around in which she was interviewed before she got laid out. The interviewer asked her about the M-80’s being thrown by her side, and mentions that they had just seen an elderly person almost get hit by one. They asked her if she was willing to disavow that and she said something along the lines of “Well this is a revolution, and things can get messy.” In other words, she was okay with her “fellow revolutionaries” throwing M-80’s at senior citizens. But when SHE gets punched in the face? Now that’s crossing a line…

    1. then I bet you the chucklefuck police would have stepped in and shot the guy. They essentially gave her a pussy pass to assault people using MULTIPLE bottles. The fucking cops and their chief need to be shot as well.

  31. It was antifa (and the corporate media) who said that violence was permissible after Robert Spencer was punched by an antifa member. Now it comes back to bite them on the bum. Antifa are well known for being a violent group.

  32. I wonder if her father is enjoying all the photos of his daughter spreading her hairy beaver?

  33. I would have stomped on her neck and broke it, then spit on her when she was on the ground! That’s how we rolled back in the day in Newark!

  34. So what if she got punched in the face. Fighting the way she was allows for no favoritism. You get in a brawl and you can get brawled up.

  35. Oh, my. Even USA now have those jackasses riding together calling themselves “collectives”. Thought that was a Brazilian-commie thing.

  36. Antifa, or the Anti-fascists Movement, is nothing more than a group of neo-fascists that are highly violent and disruptive when their narrative isn’t being strictly obeyed. In reality, and through their actions, they are truly Fascists that feel it necessary to squelch free speech when it is not in accordance with their views. They aren’t protesters either, they are Terrorists whom use violence to squelch free speech and publication. This is part of what eight years of Obamaism has allowed to rise in our beloved America my patriot brothers and sisters.

  37. Neo Nazis and white nationalists? That’s how this Iittle Fascist Nazi is portraying those who march for free speech. Her and her friends who purposely travel to this event armed and masked. Why didn’t the interviewer ask those questions? Because she is a complicit Moron trying to portray the event as one attended by “racist white men” who attacked this poor snowflake as she just arrived and she was terrified. Really? She’s part of a group of these asshole Fascist Antifa Nazi anti American flag burning creeps. She’s an instigator and will be doing this again. I hope the free speech demonstrators are supported by bikers next time.

  38. How many of these Antifa scum sucking
    Fascists pepper sprayed women? I remember the girl in the Trump hat at the Milo event getting a face full while BEING INTERVIEWED! DOING NOTHING. Antifa scum all needs to be buried. This bitch needs more face punching. Like they said ” PUNCH A NAZI” and she’s a NAZI

    1. they don’t (if they did even with the stand down order they would go in and have kept the peace) and their chief is probably a progressive leftist who would lay punishment down if they attempted to do their job in a proper manner and uphold their oath while antifa is up to its usual ‘shenanigans’

    1. Dumbshlt, there were two altercations. And in this one, she still had her lead-lined gloves on.



        1. No, that’s not ‘one’. Here, let me give a hint. If dude is swinging at her, it’s an altercation. If she’s posing for the cam with her hairy wh0re’s mouth, it’s not an altercation.

    2. Better not come out there next time bitch. You are a liar. Reuters has the photo… not photoshopped proven.

  39. Listen to her interview, she was TOTALLY innocent! Like she didn’t know what was going on and was just savagely attacked by nazis on a whim.

  40. That sound was a bottle being smashed, not just breaking after a 4 foot fall.

    She should be arrested by the Berkeley Pussy Dept for holding that bottle.

  41. The modern left is a HATE GROUP against traditional Western and Judeo-Christian cultures and people, where Whiteness has become a proxy for traditionalism.

    We MUST root out this poisonous ideology permanently.

  42. But wait that’s not all:

    “If you’ve never heard of sap gloves, they’re described in the the 1978 book Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons this way:

    The “heavy black gloves” are quite popular among police in some regions and flatly banned by department edict in others because of their connotation of brutality. Essentially, sap gloves are good-quality gloves that have powdered lead sewn into the area of the knuckles and first digits of the fingers, or into the palm to create a sort of reinforced-fist effect. One brand, the Poly/ Steelwall™, is completely reinforced on the back, from fingertip to edge of wrist, with a layer of steel mesh in addition to the powdered lead.

    ….there are many who view sap gloves as something akin to brass knuckles—a thug’s weapon, not a policeman’s, and one that puts the cop in a bad light if he’s accused of using that weapon overzealously.


  43. More punks and bitches like her need a good smack in the head. More ex-military and bikers need to be organized at Trump events to do a bit of ‘crowd control’. We need to fill a few beds at the local hospitals with ANTIFA scumbags and keep doing it until they decide it’s a little too painful to show up at these events.

  44. On the video, she has no baseball hat and no bottle.

    On the picture, she has a baseball hat and a bottle.

    Logical conclusion: our boy went at her TWICE.
    And the sequence of events must have been: the first is the picture, and the second is the video.

      1. Right, that is what I reconed, and the video confirmation is already circulating on the internet.

        Little Rosa Luxemburg had it coming.

      1. Karl Marx was a Jew. Most of the bolsheviks, communists, were not workers but Jewish intellectuals. The philosophers of the Frankfurt School, the ideologists behind Cultural Marxism, including modern Feminism, happen to be also Jewish as luck would have it.
        The girl is a modern Feminist, so there is the connection. And I even say it that checking out the girl’s nose, I think she may not be the Aryan Princess we are mourning we lost, but that she may be a Jewess.

        1. Out of all communists, anarchists, “the ideologists behind Cultural Marxism”, Feminism, etc, only an handful were Jewish…Most of the others were of different religious backgrounds. With a Statement like this, you’re as pathetic as the antifa prom girl which is, by the way, the main subject of this tread. Now; how about reading the pros and cons of historical markers (’cause obviously it must have been the only thing you read about history) before making a fool of yourself?

          1. Son, it was you who was asking for information.
            I have provided said information.
            That you dislike the truth contained within that information is not my fault.
            They were Jews and we have noticed that phenomenon. Who’s fault is it? Ours? LOL
            Son, do you happen to be Jewish? Because I have no time to argue with Hasbara.

          2. Now, listen boy; it is not my fault that you’re semi-literate and couldn’t either read or understand my reply to you. Next time, boy; stay on the track when posting a thread, ’cause you know shit about History.

          3. Fuck off, then, son. Be a useful idiot of the Jews, take their side instead of your own people if there is a unaviodable antagonistic opposition between them. Feel all virtous for not being an “anti-Semite” while committing treason. what do I care?

      1. I lean liberal, and am furious that other liberals are not disclaiming antifa. Antifa is going to hand the next election to Trump. They are domestic terrorist and every one of them belongs in jail.

        FREE SPEECH!!!

    1) wasn’t that antifa mouldy scum dreadlock stinky bitch wearing a mask… no who knew she was a girl ??? looks like a man either way. Nathan thought he was hitting a man !

    2) Nathan can claim gender fluidity. and was identifying as a woman that day. so,… “SHE” had every right to punch the hippie dreadlock smelly bitch ! woman on woman fight! n.p.

    problem solved!!

  46. I thought the liberals and the Left wanted women to be in combat even in special forces? Hey Taliban don’t hit – shoot – the female soldiers.

  47. So Nathan saw her and punched her while she was holding a bottle attempting to throw at. Then stepped back in the middle of a brawl by others, then Nathan saw her and punched her again. She got served righteously by Nathan.

  48. If she swung a bottle at me I’d do more than smash her ugly hairy face in. I’d shove it down her throat.

  49. It’s ironic that there will be those who claim we should “never hit a woman” when the ‘antifa’ groups openly profess violence towards all. In their quest to create ‘nazi’s’ whereever they go, they have made it perfectly clear (in wrting and by action) that violence should be used in ALL cases. This obviously includes ‘female nazi’s’, doesn’t it? Emily claims to be a ‘warrior for her cause’, fine. But didn’t anyone explain to her that warriors fight? And that sometimes those who fight, lose? If she steps out into the world as a militant warrior for her caise then she had better be prepared to ‘take some lumps’. I, for one, would have finished her off with a left hook.

  50. If I had the opportunity to confront Donnie Destructo (O.i.C.) supporters I would take a gun, not a bottle. Anyone who supports Donnie should be institutionalized for being terminally stupid.

  51. This Crazy Lying Lunatic Lefty Hippie-Libtard also set up a GoFundme account! She wants eighty thousand dollars! She should have to pay that guy and anyone she attacked!

    But that is no excuse for fake-photoshopped images.
    She CLEARLY has no bottle when she attacked Mr Blue shirt and then one magically appears in her hand as she falls???
    This is probably just more phony crap made up by leftists to sucker pissed off conservatives.
    That is how the whole fake news thing started.

  53. Hey, let’s not be too quick to assign genders to them – maybe it was a girl punching a guy after all?

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