Sometimes, someone sends you a story that chills you to the bone. We expose people here on the site all the time, but I’ve never gotten physically ill from my reporting, until now. When I read the archives I was sent, and saw the screenshots, I almost threw up. How can Tyler Malka and his hand-picked admins explain allowing a thread on NeoGAF that sympathizes with pedophiles? If they can explain it, perhaps they would also like to explain exchanging private messages with pedophiles in order to get their perspective on things, then posting that PM for the board to see? All this is happening on message board populated with kids ages 13-17, by the way. And if I know kids, there are surely many more younger than that, unofficially.

Here’s the message from the pedophile community that NeoGAF moderator Opiate thought was a good idea to broadcast:


Thank you Opitate. I’m very glad you decided to share the pedo point of view. I think that’s going to do a lot of good on a video game forum populated by children. Do you not know that this is one of the main avenues of attack for pedos? They frequent boards just like NeoGAF, and try to groom their future victims. I’m hoping you’re just ignorant of the situation. I don’t want to even fathom the only other motive I can come up with.

But he sure has put a lot of thought into sympathizing with pedophiles. Look at these pics. He’s arguing like Clarence Darrow during his Leopold & Loeb closing argument. Ok, it’s not nearly that good. I just wanted to reference Darrow. But, he seems very determined to defend and explain away pedo behavior. Again, this on a message board full of children:


Opiate certainly isn’t the only one pushing the pedo agenda there on NeoGAF. He just seems to be the most eloquent. But his posts brought even more pedo sympathizers out of the woodwork. This is the type of thing that happens when you do something like this. The sick bastards feel emboldened to come out of the woodwork and spread their disgusting views on having sex with children.











Here’s the fine distinction between pedophile and child molester, according to forum user Stuart444:


That’s good to know, Stuart, you disgusting little man. What else do we have from the archives? Let’s see…wait, I’m being told that Opiate has another message for us:


Ok, now that we’ve heard from the pedos AGAIN, maybe there is at least a few good men and/or women left there at that cesspool. Let’s take a look:





Banned for speaking out against pedophilia? While there were a couple of others who also spoke out, they were few and far between. I honestly thought NeoGAF couldn’t get any worse, but I was wrong on that. A vigorous defense of pedophilia posted on a site frequented by children is one for the depraved record books. I know that if I had any business dealings with Tyler Malka and NeoGAF, I would be reassessing them immediately.

NeoGAF is now PedoGAF, apparently.



Here’s the pastebin link to the archived thread.