Sometimes, someone sends you a story that chills you to the bone. We expose people here on the site all the time, but I’ve never gotten physically ill from my reporting, until now. When I read the archives I was sent, and saw the screenshots, I almost threw up. How can Tyler Malka and his hand-picked admins explain allowing a thread on NeoGAF that sympathizes with pedophiles? If they can explain it, perhaps they would also like to explain exchanging private messages with pedophiles in order to get their perspective on things, then posting that PM for the board to see? All this is happening on message board populated with kids ages 13-17, by the way. And if I know kids, there are surely many more younger than that, unofficially.

Here’s the message from the pedophile community that NeoGAF moderator Opiate thought was a good idea to broadcast:


Thank you Opitate. I’m very glad you decided to share the pedo point of view. I think that’s going to do a lot of good on a video game forum populated by children. Do you not know that this is one of the main avenues of attack for pedos? They frequent boards just like NeoGAF, and try to groom their future victims. I’m hoping you’re just ignorant of the situation. I don’t want to even fathom the only other motive I can come up with.

But he sure has put a lot of thought into sympathizing with pedophiles. Look at these pics. He’s arguing like Clarence Darrow during his Leopold & Loeb closing argument. Ok, it’s not nearly that good. I just wanted to reference Darrow. But, he seems very determined to defend and explain away pedo behavior. Again, this on a message board full of children:


Opiate certainly isn’t the only one pushing the pedo agenda there on NeoGAF. He just seems to be the most eloquent. But his posts brought even more pedo sympathizers out of the woodwork. This is the type of thing that happens when you do something like this. The sick bastards feel emboldened to come out of the woodwork and spread their disgusting views on having sex with children.











Here’s the fine distinction between pedophile and child molester, according to forum user Stuart444:


That’s good to know, Stuart, you disgusting little man. What else do we have from the archives? Let’s see…wait, I’m being told that Opiate has another message for us:


Ok, now that we’ve heard from the pedos AGAIN, maybe there is at least a few good men and/or women left there at that cesspool. Let’s take a look:





Banned for speaking out against pedophilia? While there were a couple of others who also spoke out, they were few and far between. I honestly thought NeoGAF couldn’t get any worse, but I was wrong on that. A vigorous defense of pedophilia posted on a site frequented by children is one for the depraved record books. I know that if I had any business dealings with Tyler Malka and NeoGAF, I would be reassessing them immediately.

NeoGAF is now PedoGAF, apparently.



Here’s the pastebin link to the archived thread.


  1. Jesus tapdancing Christ.

    It’s be a shame if some sort of investigation was called into this wouldn’t it? perhaps by some accredited trained individuals?

  2. Wow… or more yuck! Ehem… so a pedophile is not a child molester anymore when his own mind tells him the child has “theoretically” agreed to his perverse crime ? What … is going on. It´s not OK. Pedos are mentaly sick people destroying the lives of children and they dare to come out and wishy wash themself as some sort of “normal” people ?
    When you start to bring pedos together with children they are prey. forget all good intentions it´s bullshit.
    But i dont know what gaming has to do with this once again.

  3. Sorry Ralph but I’m going to have to disagree with you here. I feel bad for those who do have a sexual attraction PROVIDED They do not ever once touch a hand on a child and try to work with their problem. Those that HAVE hurt children are scum however.

    We can go after Neogaf with better things.

    1. I think the story is more that this type of stuff is OK but other threads are bannable offenses over there. It shows a pretty disgusting mod culture over there. Especially seeing as how they banned one dude that had a problem with the whole thing

        1. I don’t know… they seemed literally one step away from talking about how great being a pedophile is. Not hating them is one thing, but I think once you’re feeling sorry for them a line is crossed.

      1. I think that their hypocracy is what the story *should* be about. But the above article is more of the “look at what icky opinions they have” variety.

        I expect this shit from tumblr, not GG

    2. But they’re saying that those who actually molest children deserve some sympathy which is disgusting. Bottom line: If you’re a pedo seek fucking professional help before you hurt someone. I feel sympathy for the ones actually seeking help, not the ones who think they can resit their urges by their free will alone.

      1. Feeling sympathy for someone doesn’t mean you think they did right or that they’re absolved from crime.

        Let’s not be so obtuse now.

      1. That was one guy who was banned. I’m not going to play the “one person represents everyone there” game the anti-GG do.

        1. did you read the bottom of the second screen shot from the mod sympathizing with the ones that “slip up”

          1. Ralph should have focused on that more, I did only skim through but this article would be more useful if it’s less “destroy all pedos” and more about mods supporting abuse

          2. I agree, the whole ewpedos was a main point along side mod abuse, so it needs some counter comments

      1. Almost certainly they do, and it’s extremely unlikely that any of them are in any kind of danger from doing so. Unless you believe all that “violent movies warps minds” BS.

    1. yes. Fuck off the children but dont dare to speak out against a filthy liar. That is our liberal way of “thinking”…

      1. I’m a liberal who strongly believes in everyone having equal rights regardless of their minority but also feel strongly about free speech. NeoGAF has been a declining cesspool for a long time now and this just takes the cake.

    2. Not just threads about ZQ. Anything related to media bias, corruption, how they are colluding and pushing this single political agenda. Because that’s just the excuse gamers use to harass women or something. Idiots. But the main stream media is picking this up and running with it. And some flakey celebrities too.

  4. I’m kind of torn on this one Ralph. I agree that this is far from an appropriate venue. But pedo’s are mentally ill, and they can’t magically help themselves, the best they can do is not to abuse or have any contact with CP. If people would stop having the “kill a pedo on sight regardless if he ever harmed anyone” attitude more would seek help, and therefore effectively make the number of child abuses smaller. It’s in the best interest of children. I already mentioned I was abused as a child, now I’m dealing with some mental health issues that I cannot control (anxiety, ptsd, panic disorder), I didn’t decided to have this neither can I magically make it go away. I imagine it’s even less possible for pedo’s to do so. They are sick dude, their brains don’t work properly. We have more ammo on Neogaf without lynching them for not wanting to shoot sick people (tho the part about “molestation might not always be bad”, wow that hit me in the gut and almost made me puke). Disgusting.
    Now the fact that they allow this yet ban anything else is beyond hypocritical and stupid, that is also where I agree, but we don’t have to resort to spinning a narrative like they do.

    EDIT: What Neogaf should have done is give their best to find out who this person is and report them (or report the mails themselves to the police). They are kind of like ticking bombs and it’s in their best interest and in the best interest of potential victims for them to get help, want it or not.

    1. Yeah, this feels like reaching. And articles like this are sad because it means no one can discuss this problem.

      1. This also reads like something a SJW would write. And sensationalist, like certain corrupt media sites do.

        Yes, NeoGAF isn’t the best place for a discussion about pedo’s. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking about it if they want to. This site is meant to be against censorship…
        (unless it’s something you don’t like?)

        1. There’s a difference between “something you don’t like” and talking about pedophilia maybe not being so bad. And don’t try to equate this with corrupt media and SJWs, you don’t get to do that. It’s nothing of the kind.

          Get fucked, you sick bastard.

          1. SJW Thought Police^

            They can talk about whatever they like as long as they’re not harassing and making death threats.

            And now you will accuse me of being a pedo – which is exactly what an SJW would do because they have no argument. That’s why they always play the “misogynist white male” card.

            You seem to be on the wrong side. I don’t want to be associated with assholes like you.

        2. “I’m not saying it’s bad, just that it might not always be bad.”

          And that is where I draw the fucking line. They should seek counseling for that shit right there. They might not have to hurt someone but even thinking that molestation is maybe-probably-I-think ok is all sorts of fucked up logic.

    2. Reposting this: Neogaf is saying that those who actually molest children deserve some sympathy, which is disgusting. Bottom line: If you’re a pedo, seek fucking
      professional help before you hurt someone. I feel sympathy for the ones
      actually seeking or wanting help, not the ones who think they can resit their
      urges by their free will alone.

      1. With that I can agree. Abusers have no excuses and everyone supporting actual abusers should be shamed.
        Dude, I had issues seeking help with what I deal with I can’t imagine being a fucking pedo and doing so. I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t abuse or in any shape or form have contact with CP.

          1. That fucking hurts like hell, and then people go and say “skinny people have it easy”. Yeah, because saying that only a pedo would love you or find you sexy is really nice to hear.

          2. Indeed.
            It comes from the bodyshaming sex negative feminists, unfortunately.

            For some reason good people get hoodwinked by the word “feminist” and assume good intentions, despite less than a quarter of women identifying as feminists and even fewer men.

          3. Bwah, if only it were only the crazies saying things like these. I’ve heard numerous normal men and women using the same rhetoric over and over again. In my “conservative” country especially. It’s not that I mind randoms saying that the only love I could possibly get is from pedos, gay men and dogs but I have major issues with laws being implemented in that manner. It makes being small an official object of a fetish/paraphilia rather than taste.

          4. I’d definitely be furious, because my tastes tend towards smaller “athletic” women.
            I love women of all shapes and sizes, but in any given situation I’ll prefer a willowy wallflower with a cheeky smile to any amount of buxom bombshells.
            It’s not the size of the body that matters, but the maturity of the mind.
            Age is just a very simple and easy rule of thumb to protect the majority of those that need to be protected. (as imperfect as it is as a guide)

            Puritans or gender ideologues, the sex negative bullshit needs to end.
            Sex isn’t scary, and healthy people know where the boundaries are.

          5. “It’s not that I mind randoms saying that the only love I could possibly get is from pedos, gay men and dogs”

            Jesus, did they actually say that?

          6. Well yeah, I mean is it such a surprise when in some countries my body type is officially illegal in porn? By this point I’m just happy that I still have enough confidence left to get out of the house xD.

        1. You’re not alone that thinks this. I have no problem with pedophilia in itself as long the person refuses to abuse childs and seeks help. It’s a disorder. He didn’t choose to be this way.

          But fuck the guys who said “maybe being molested isn’t bad all the time”. Seriously, go check your fucking head if you think that.

      2. I see one post in there that says that.

        I agree that that is an abhorrent sentiment, but I also don’t know why you would say “Neogaf is saying”

        I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t attributing one thing a person said on a forum to the entirety of that forum, like, what Gamergaters are against?

        1. Fair point, but it is the mods who approve of a pedo getting a venue in a place full of children and saying “it’s okay if a slip into a molestation happens”. Mods in ways do represent the community more than a single regular member.

      1. Then I correct myself on the part that we are attacking uselessly on this one. If they know a pedo and don’t share the info with the authorities they deserve 10x articles like this.

    3. Report who? The person? To the police? What could the police do, if they have no done anything to children? You said more would seek treatment if there was less of that attitude, but the arrest doesn’t help either. It would make more sense to report them to a hospital, but then again, would they take them in?

      1. I am honestly not sure about the procedure involved in this. But I am fairly certain that if anything, they would have some reasonable suspicion to do a search and make sure he isn’t abusing anyone or exchanging CP

    4. You said this better than I would’ve. I do think this is spinning a narrative and we have plenty of emmo on NeoGAF.

    5. I think the main problem is that people that have professed the urge to have sex with children are being allowed to congregate on a site where they can have access to minors.

      1. Yeah, that was kind of the point of my first sentence. Maybe I didn’t put enough emphasis on it, the reason was because Ralph already did cover it well. I have a more explanatory/detailed reaction to things that Ralph didn’t do or did that I disagree with or see it as a bit too much because I know I appreciate when someone gives a good explanation for disagreement. And if I agree with something it’s usually said pretty well by him, no point in me echoing in detail.

        1. Bwah it won’t let me edit so I’ll add here and hope you see it. I also wanted to say that I feel if he starts the article with “eww they let this sick fucks speak like they are human beings” (obviously not exact qoute like that but you get what I’m going at). It comes more of as “omg I hate pedos and want them to die how dare they even” and less as “it’s troubling that they have given them a place to speak in a place full of children”. The article could afford a better focus and a better choice of words to not look like a reverse sjw narrative (If you read this Ralph know that you are still the awesomest).

    6. Paedophiles have 3 options:
      A. Admit that they have a problem, and seek help to prevent becoming a child molester.
      B. Denies their problem, and read Lolicon/Shotacon doujinshis while risking the chance of becoming a child molester.
      C. Sucums to their lust of children, attemps to fuck them only to either land in a state prison or, in a worst case scenario, get a lobotomy.

      There’s also option D.; fap to midget porn (though I highly doubt that there’s any other attractive porn stars of that size besides “Bridget the Midget”).

      1. “Risks becoming a child molester”

        Are you high? O.o Porn doesn’t turn people into rapists any more than vidya turns us into rabid serial killers.

    7. It should also be pointed out that the age of consent, whatever it is
      where you are, is a pretty new thing. In the Victorian era, which might
      seem a long time ago, but is really just the blink of an eye in terms of
      human evolution, girls of 12 could be married off without anyone
      thinking anything of it.
      Further back, it was even younger.
      while I am in no way defending any of this, it is not entirely
      surprising that there are adults out there that can see early teens in
      sexual terms. Remember the phrase ‘Jail Bait’? Usually older men with
      girls just shy of the age of consent. Many rock songs mention this, but
      that isn’t viewed as pedophilia. Just legal teen modelling is a huge
      industry and need I mention some of the anime girls?

      On the other
      hand, there are the people who view any child sexually and I’m going to
      hope that’s a mental illness. Maybe if treatment was there without them
      ending up on the sex offenders register, it might be more successful.
      Maybe not.

      Personally, the whole thing makes me feel sick.

    1. Well, I was molested and look how I turne… Oh. Yeah. The ongoing psychological and emotional issues that make me want to kill myself nearly every day are a wee bit of an annoyance, now that I come to think about it. NeoGAF delenda est.

      1. Heh, I noticed no one commented or liked this, because I was cyberstalking you after seeing yer picture somewhere. To add to the awkwardness, let me just say, yer adorable! Don’t kill yer fine-self evar!

  5. there is no defense of molesting a child no middle area this bullshit victim complex these people have is absolutely disgusting. there is nothing stopping them from going to a psychiatrist and getting help. doctor patient confidentiality is federally protected private information and this bullshit excuse that we shouldnt demonize people who view CHILDREN

  6. as sex symbols is so far from the basic morality of humans beings its astonished me someone actually can think that.

  7. I seem to recall seeing something about Washington State having a ‘pedo island’ of sorts due to the massive violence against them in prison. Rather than criminalise it, how about incentivise it? An island or walled city with parole guards where they can freely admit themselves, and then they’re allowed to look at whatever gets their jollies off online, as they are now no longer a danger to the community. Within the walled cities and islands, they are allowed to conduct themselves like normal people, take up hobbies, run small businesses, even make a profit selling their arts&crafts to outsiders, they can run youtube channels, they can perform plays, write novels, grow flowers&fruit for export. Basically Kowloon for paedos.
    Re-admittance to society could be handled by abstaining from ‘using’ print materials+pictures for say, 6 months, and then 2 more months of abstaining from computer use with a final ‘reaction test’ before sending them back out into the real world. In this way they can lead full and productive lives rather than be paranoid and ineffective, leaving and entering would be handled essentially like entering and leaving a priestly fighting order. And no stigma shall be leveled against those that elect to live out their lives there, make it seem like a noble goal to prevent themselves from being tempted by only using fake pictures and not abusing real kids.
    I imagine this will cause a massive dive in rate of offenses, like the explosion of porn in Japan.

    1. how about no cause then you are making it an acceptable norm in society locking pedophiles up in camps is probably the worst idea ive ever heard in my life….

  8. I usually agree with this site but this seems to me to be a bit of a cheap smear we should rise above. I don’t know much about GAF and if there’s were for some reason not on the appropriate off topic board then is pretty wrong but the guy you are calling a pedo is accurately describing the condition. Pedophilia is the attraction to prepubescent children(often mistaken for attraction to all minors including teenagers), it’s akin to a sexual orientation and is based on your neurology, it is not learned behavior.

    They guy hasn’t harmed anyone by being honest, you cannot catch ‘the pedo’ just as you can’t contract ‘the gay’. It’s been documented that head injuries and other brain altering illness can induce active pedophilia. Check (

    There is a difference between pedophile and child molester, the latter has committed a crime. Unless you want to condemn people based on their thoughts, which I think you know what that’s called there is no problem.

    1. oh give me a break yes they obviously feel ashamed but saying i cant seek help is a bullshit excuse from someone who apparently condones his thoughts and feelings.

      1. He said he would feel scared of it being exposed due to the stigma, not that wouldn’t seek the cure if it existed. Rehab programs are for offenders, if you haven’t done anything wrong and are confident you aren’t going to rape anyone you don’t need counselling. You don’t need excuses for your thoughts or feelings either, they are not a matter of choice.

      2. 1/ What help? I’m aware of a few methodone clinics in my city, I know one obesity clinic and there’s AA/NA groups around the place. Never heard of a PedoHelp clinic though, and from the few articles I’ve read on the subject, the few avenues which have been researched are restricted to aversion therapy (doesn’t cure the gay, probably won’t cure the pedo either) and chemical castration (usually only available to offenders and apparently destroys people mentally).

        2/ Given the kind of hysteria seen in the above article, even if help were available, I’m not 100% convinced there wouldn’t be doxxers and lynch mobs waiting outside it. Abortion protesters would pale in comparison to the treatment a Pedo clinic would get.

  9. the fact of the matter is pedophiles acting like they would be so ashamed they cant seek professional help is just another cause of a victim complex in modern day society. if they get help no one can say they didnt try to stop these sick urges at the very least so wtf. IMO its an excuse not to seek help and try to play the god damn victim of society role which has become so popular recently.

  10. I believe it is a conversation people are free to have to work out their issues. Having it on Neogaf is unacceptable though. Find some other dark corner of the internet to do it.

  11. Wait wait wait…wait. Being angry/upset/disgusted with pedophilia gets you a ban on this forum? Not attacking any specific user but just the act of voicing your disgust? What the actual fuck??

  12. If it was only about how pedos are mentally ill, that’s would be fine (if really, really strange on a vidya forum). Condoning molestation is over the deep end though which some of the posts seem to do.

    Of course, GG being more controversial than this is just plain silly.

  13. EY, check out all the documentaries about organized crime pedo rings and then tell ME that is something OK in a society. Are you nuts or what. These are CHILDREN whose lifes are fucked up for ever!
    The dutroux case is something to start. Swallow that and come back with some empathy for these people. I have NONE!

  14. It may not be a straight cure but if a pedo wanted to rid themselves of twisted sexual desires, I would suggest therapy. Not forums.

  15. This is absolutely disgusting. A lot of the stuff I’ve seen posted on there makes me sick to my stomach but this is the worst by far.

  16. Some of these posts don’t cross the line, but many of them absolutely do.

    This is stomach turning. The mods banning people speaking out against it? What the fuck is going on.

  17. Sympathy for poor people who steal to survive? Absolutely. In some cases I would even say it is necessary.

    But there is a huge fucking moral divide between stealing to survive and child molestation! That isn’t even a question any rational and moral person would ever ask!!!

    1. oh so u fucking like to touch kids huh cos that’s what it sounds like what sexual orientation. since when was pedophilia a sexual orientation . GTFO

      1. Don’t act like this was a lynching on people who touch kids or people who defended people who touch kids. Like 1-2 people even expressed sympathyfor that sort of thing.

      2. Hi dodoking,

        I didn’t choose my sexual orientation. Neither did you. Would you hate someone for being born black, or a woman, or gay?

    2. Fuck off you pedo sympathizer. And dont come with you are gay by choice. That nonsense right now doesnt work! Pathetic attempt! When you fuck a child that is HATE you miserable being. Do you think that EVER on this planet EVER a child agreed to this bullshit ? Do you think so ? Can you ask a cat if it wants you to do this ? How fucked up are people! When i bash you to pieces without your agreement can I say… hey I love this kind of sex. It´s my sexual freedom to rip this dude apart cuz it makes me horny!
      And you made an account just to say this nonsense in here ? Seriously. The mindset of you people are the danger, when you have no ability to self reflect you are dangerous!

      1. Hi Thomas,

        Of course I am not gay by choice. Nobody can be gay by choice, it just doesn’t make sense. Do you think no child has ever wanted to have sex? The median child has sex by the age of 16. Are they all rape victims? When two teenagers have sex, are they raping each other?

        Who mentioned anyone having a right to commit assault or rape or murder? That’s ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself, both for advocating these things and for hating people based on their sexual orientation.

        1. Being a child molester is not a “sexual orientation”, it’s a disease at best. And no, it’s never ok to act upon. Fuck off and die.

  18. You just HAD to go there… really? REALLY? Was this NECESSARY? It’s this type of article that makes me sigh every time I decide to favorite or retweet a gamergate tweet. You’re stooping just as low as the people we’re criticizing. Seriously, fuck this. I signed up for accountability and ethics. This shit slinging is childish and retarded. I’m truly disappointed in you Ralph.

    1. Yeah. I mean, this is some really horrid information, but NeoGAF isn’t exactly relevant outside of Malka’s hypocritical sexism and the fact that he openly mocked and censored GG supporters. I’m not sure why anyone besides the Feds needed to know this shit…

    2. And just what exactly is so bad about this? This isn’t shit-slinging, it’s pointing out disgusting behavior on a message board that has children as members. It is precisely about accountability and ethics.

      I don’t know what planet you’re living on, or if you’re just trolling, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  19. Reading this makes my blood boil. I’ve known for a long time NeoGAF was a cesspool, I didn’t know it was this bad. That website and the people who use it deserve each other.

  20. I don’t really see people saying it’s okay to do things with children. The person you called “disgusting” simply differentiated between pedophiles and child molesters. What should they do instead? Say that pedophiles should all die and are auto child molesters? I think this is mostly driven by a hatred for pedophiles, whether they hurt children or not, and so a thread in which people even say they have sympathy for pedophiles is seen as disgusting and sick to you. I do see a couple people saying they have sympathy for those that did act. I don’t think this is saying they think its ok, or that they shouldn’t be punished. I don’t think it advocates pedophilia either.I don’t think anyone in the thread has defended pedophilia itself.

    I have to say, if you have a level-head, you acknowledge that pedophiles didn’t choose to be pedophiles, and that the ones who do not hurt children are okay and should be encouraged to seek treatment if they do have urges.

    Would it be okay if they had this discussion on an Adults board? It seems your reaction would be the same.

    Even if I had an automatic-trigger response to the discussion of pedophiles and this thread made me sick, I would have to acknowledge that this looks like an opportunity to shoot at NeoGAF, considering that people who would say these sort of things exist everywhere. Everywhere is pedo___ in that sense, if you’re talking about the members who think like this themselves rather than posting the stuff.

    I hope I’m not treated the same way here. I don’t think I said anything fucked up. o.O

    1. 1. This might be a conversation worth having, but not on a website primarily dedicated to video games. No one should be demonized for their thoughts, but there’s a time and a place, and NeoGAF is not it.

      2. While it’s true there might be a few people who are more “rational” than most, I doubt anyone will deny most people condemn pedophilia without a second thought. I think the fact so many on NeoGAF did not is fairly telling.

      3. There is a difference between not hating pedophiles and sympathizing with them. If someone told me they fantasize about murdering people, I wouldn’t treat him as I would a murderer but I also wouldn’t feel sorry for him.

      4. Nearly any other website would have handled this much differently, namely locking the thread immediately if not deleting it outright. I don’t think it’s unfair to say this makes both the site and the users look extremely bad.

      I don’t think you’ve said anything wrong either. A difference of opinion never hurt anyone.

      1. 1. That’s the same logic they used to censor gamergate

        2. If they’re condemning pedophilia without a second thought, then maybe they should learn to think twice.

        3. What?

        4. Nearly every other website is wrapped up in PC “community standards” bullshit. I’m rather amazed to see someone involved in GG depicting this situation as a good thing.

  21. I think pedophilia should have an avenue for discussion for self-help. It’s not a choice, it’s something harmful to the person suffering from it and potentially harmful to others. Without the ability to work through this problem, how can the problem be resolved. That said, a (predominantly?) video game discussion forum is not the place for that, especially when it has a substantial young viewerbase. Encouragement of acting on it certainly isn’t acceptable anywhere though and in no way is helpful to healing the individual, but I’m not sure if that was happening on neogaf.

    Disclaimer: I really don’t like neogaf.

  22. i just want to make sure i understand this- neogaf banned boogie basically for calling for a dialog between gg’ers and non-gg’ers but thinks posts about adults being sexually attracted to children are ok? i’m not a fan of any kind of censorship but if you are going to do it at all i can’t understand what kind of thought process led neogaf to decide boogie had to go but there’s a place for this kind of dialog on their website.

    1. I don’t give a shit what people are “attracted to.” They can be attracted to carbombs and murdering puppies for all I care, they can even draw cartoons about it and make romance RPGs with canine corpses and exploding SUVs as fap bait and it still won’t affect either of us.

  23. Seriously, who cares? It’s a bunch of kids have an ultimately harmless discussion. One of our “official” gamergate forums is on 8chan. Do you fucking want people going through 8chan and saying that we are responsible for associating with them just because of the discussions that they ALLOW? No. I’ll defend Hot Wheels for allowing free speech on his site, and I don’t give a shit if Destructoid allows conversations its site.

    Fuck censorship, seriously.

  24. Besides posting on gamasutra I never blogged, and never tweeted before…
    It’s really rare the cause that makes me write a huge wall of text on a blog and tweet it for the first time on my life.
    They made me.
    And I had to cut it short at almost 3000 words to continue another day.
    (btw if you want to read it … and if it’s not put down by some obscure power …
    I’m pissed….
    Keep up the good work…
    From the lowliest of the lowliest game designer on the industry.

    This treatment of gamers… this corruption…. all these lies. They cannot stand.

  25. So I don’t know if there’s any scientific evidence to support their views that someone who is a peadophile was born that way. Can someone link me to said evidence?

    1. Direct final evidence beyond correlation has not been found. However testing has shown that a brain of a pedo works and functions differently. Some people even develop these urges after being hit in the head. All serious psychological/mental health issues, paraphilias and disorders have a physical side to them, that’s why it’s called a disorder or being sick. It doesn’t matter if born with it or not, it’s not a choice anyone would freely make for themselves. The problem is that these people are beyond help, we cannot effectively and completely change their brain function, only focus on suppression via different types of therapy. The best one being “chemical castration” that many choose for themselves.

      1. Thanks for the info. I figured it was some sort of combination, the biopsychosocial view, that it wasn’t just something someone was born with but something that they had a predisposition towards and that ended up developing due to some environmental trigger in their childhood or later on in life. I guess the line is drawn in that some people are attracted to children but don’t act on those urges where there are others that do act on them. That would be where I see choice coming in, the closet paedophile vs the one that actively seeks to fulfill the urges, that’s where the choice is made, and that is also where the environment can influence that choice.

        But as others have said, speaking about it on a gaming forum is the wrong place to do it.

  26. A lot of that was truly awful.
    I will say that I *do* pity pedophiles and it is an illness.
    It’s just not an illness that anyone should excuse or cater to.
    If a person has aids and wants unprotected sex with people, we don’t excuse him because he’s ill and we shouldn’t stigmatise AIDs. We judge his behaviour, not his illness.
    I think that’s the only deviation I have from this piece.
    Sympathise, pity, but don’t excuse or tolerate.

  27. Is there a way to permanently delete your Neogaf account? Never posted, but I feel like I need a fucking shower after reading that. Holy shit, like…really Neogaf? Really?

  28. Can’t expect much good to come out of a forum that retroactively permanently bans most of the world for no reason.

  29. Pedophilia is a serious matter. One that I think is important to discuss with a level head and pushing sensationalism and reaching aside. That’s why this article feels somewhat like picking the lowest hanging fruit.

    And before anyone jumps on me. I am sane. I don’t support child molestation (god, as if this even needs to be said wtf man). And lord knows I have MAJOR gripes with NeoGaf.

    But holding this stigma that we shouldn’t talk about serious subject matters or that this isn’t a matter to discuss because ‘GASP PEDOPHILIA KILL IT WITH FIRE’ . Seems somewhat black and white. I think it’s important to understand and analyze the human condition.

    Is Gaf straddling a fine line? Wow, yes. And that brings about with it lots of foot-in-mouth (Note how the guy who said molestation might not always be bad is, surprise surprise, banned). Not only that, it’s dangerous. Really dangerous to speak of these things and I’m of the belief that a gaming forum may -not- be the place for it (to be fair they have an off-topic area)

    But here’s also something to consider before throwing the ‘THINK OF THE CHILDREN’, NeoGaf has strict membership requirements. No free e-mail can join the site, and it takes months before anyone is allowed to join. So I’m not even sure if the membership is even close to being full of kids.

    What we -should- do is point out how hypocritical it is to be selective of sensitive matters and when to spin what narrative. Seems to me they have no problem speaking of something as taboo as this, but write any pro-GG sentiments and they’ve already put their sights on you.

    Hysteria doesn’t make something any more credible than the truth.

  30. Well, it’s made perfectly clear by this that NeoGAF finds pedophilia more acceptable than any dissent against their anti-GG propaganda. Really puts their priorities in the limelight eh?

  31. First things first: All of one person made a claim that molestation is okay. THAT particular individual gets to be thrown in the witch hunt fire. The rest of these folks though? They don’t deserve this article. I go through my own particular issue, a lust if you will, but not a sexual one. It’s incredibly straining to walk through life with, and even harder to find someone to talk to about. One of the reasons games, gamers, and this movement as a whole is important to me is partly because games allow me the ability to vicariously experience what I cannot in this world, because it is illegal, highly frowned upon, and honestly just plain wrong. Not all of us have nature’s factory setting for neurological functioning.

    Another SJW style click baiting article like this and the Ralph Report ends up on back on my Adblock. You’ve been good so far Ralph, but you’d better heed the very advice we’ve been dolling out to our opposition lest you end up like they have.

  32. EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW The sanitized hand-holding care bear stare hug boxing… The only excuse for sympathizing with a pedophile is being MR or an actual pedophile. Their urges aren’t “natural” – they have a mental fucking illness and need to seek immediate and PROFOUND psychiatric assistance so they never RAPE a child.

    Pedophilia is illegal first and foremost because it is bloody RAPE. So, these people sympathize with people who fantasize about Rape. Bloody hell.

  33. This just in, people who have no experience with mental health issues are dangerously ignorant of mental health issues. And here’s Tom with the weather

  34. What in the fuck…I…I’m never at a loss for words, never. Right now…I’m at a loss for words. This is beyond fucking crazy and this story needs massive signal boosting.

  35. I know comment section is dead but I just want give out my thoughts on this:
    Oh thank fucking god I don’t have an account on that site to put with these retards.

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