You know, I try not to get up in arms with the programming decisions over at Netflix. It’s been far and away the best value out of any of the streaming services since its inception a decade ago. Not only they, Netflix pretty much pioneered that model in the first place. Since I can always find something on there I want to see, I tend to cut them a ton of slack.

Yes, they have Bill Nye trash. Yes, they have Dear White People and SJW “comedians,” both of which I couldn’t care less about seeing. However, they also have Dave Chappelle, The Crown, Narcos, House of Cards, and dozens of lesser known shows and documentaries that I can get lost in. Still, even with all that said, their recent refusal to air Cassie Jaye’s excellent film, The Red Pill, is mystifying.

As you can see, plenty of other providers have stepped up to the plate. It’s not like the movie is facing a media blackout. But still, it really sucks that the biggest streaming provider is refusing to give the film a go. You can’t blame it on lack of success, either. The Red Pill has been killing it.

There is simply no logical reason this movie isn’t being featured on Netflix. At least, none come to my mind, anyway. I think the powers that be there are starting to get a little deep into the SJW Kool-Aid stash. Maybe I’m wrong, but some of their recent decisions seem only be explicable through that lens. I watched the two Chappelle comedy specials, by the way. If he wasn’t, well, Dave Chappelle, I doubt they would have made air on Netflix. I can only imagine that the person responsible for blackballing The Red Pill was left fuming after viewing those.

To be honest with you, I can pirate almost any form of media on the planet. But I like to support companies and creators who bring entertain me whenever possible. Netflix and their curious ways are making that harder to justify, as of late. I won’t be cancelling my subscription anytime soon, but I once said that about ESPN, too. No outlet or platform is too big to go bye bye from my lineup in this day and age.

  1. I took one for the team, and had a look at dear white people… It’s actually not terrible.
    Seems to be more of a drama about identity politics on campus. Not the “whitey bad… brown people good” thing I was expecting it to be.

    1. Its still pretty terrible marketing when the trailer didn’t specify that and when one of the head writers tweeted about how much he hates white people.

  2. Most Red Pilled people I know usually boycott Netflix, so I guess Netflix didn’t want to lose any more customers, while also being cucks.

  3. One can forgive Netflix for hosting SJW trash like the Bill Nye show since they are just a platform, but refusing the Red Pill without any reasons given seem like an ideological move, especially given how successful the movie has been.

    I encourage everybody interested in anti-feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement to give it a watch on other platforms.

    1. Forgive them for hosing Bill Nye? The rubbish this guy is pumping out is shocking – and they’re supporting him with lots of $. Their money people will realise eventually that alienating the majority of people to placate SJW nutters won’t pay the bills. It’s just a question of time.

      1. Nye, and Degrasse-Tyson, and a few others mix their “science” with polemics. They’ve done so for years, and I’ve caught them in several mistakes, particularly in my specialties in physics. We like to lionize scientists, but we’re as prone to confirmation bias, and outright corruption (especially when there’s grant money involved) as everybody else. It’s the process of the scientific method, with the requirement of reproducibility, which keeps things (not people) honest in the long run.

        When listening to these guys, or consuming the output of any “popularizer of science”, I always keep in mind this David Byrne lyric from my childhood:

        Facts all come with points of view;
        Fact don’t do what I want them to.

        1. I lost all respect for Degrasse-Tyson when he counted suicides as “murders involving a gun” to push gun control.

        2. The most celebrated scientists of an age should be the ones curing diseases, landing on stellar objects and inventing wacky new super-weapons. Yet today we’re all apparently supposed to celebrate a bunch of talking head celebrutards who push bullshit political narrative.

          This is how STEM potentially ends up as debased and despised as everything that has “social” or “gender in” as a prefix already is.

  4. My platforms at this point are (also the only way I can watch SVTFOE which sadly is a guilty pleasure of mine)

  5. This is just dumb for Netflix. Anyone can go pirate it and pay Cassie directly if they really wanted, so they’re only screwing themselves out of their cut.

    1. Why so complicated. The Vimeo version is free of copy protection. Just buy at Vimeo, download and play wherever you like.

  6. There’s where we differ Ralph because I cancelled mine months ago. I was getting pretty damned concerned about the way their original content was headed and I was furious when they suddenly stopped hosting Xena Warrior Princess which I was slowly watching my way through dammit.

    The Stranger Things cast spergout was what finally clinched it for me. I just don’t want to pay any of these fuckers salaries. Ever since then I’ve been watching a metric fuckton of anime instead.

  7. The SJW programming will be strong with any show that they think will have a large audience. The first thing I watched was Jessica Jones which started off great and then all the white guys became evil and all the women and ethnic minorities were great stand up people that had been misrepresented if they had done anything wrong. The trouble is, a story is an artform that is destroyed with such artificiality suddenly placed into it. Jessica Jones lost all its creativity and ended very badly.

    I stopped watching Netflix personally and I don’t care what they do. In fact I went further than that, since Netflix seasons were taking so much time I stopped watching fiction altogether. Very good decision. I do still watch documentaries and I am filling the time well.

  8. Netflix has a link under the Help section on the right-side panel that allows members to request movies and shows.

  9. It may just be money. Netflix pays incredibly little for independent films. Like $15,000 paid over 3 years. flat fee. It is horrible. Actually, it is worse than horrible. Films are not made for free and if you relied on Netflix, you would never make more than one film. (you would be broke). And once it goes on netflix, why would anyone rent your film elsewhere….Which brings me to my next point. Netflix should be economically banned by anyone who is pro liberty. They will pay Bill Nye, the fake science guy a million dollars, and shove his nonsense down your throat. Why would anyone support that? Cancel. Now. Youtube is doing the same. Liberty, free speech minded venues are popping up and they need to be supported.

  10. C’mon, you should’ve known that Netflix has become an SJW-fest with making “Dear White People”. The only thing that’s really keeping me on there is Arrow and the Marvel series.

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