I’m about to go sign my lease, which sucks because I need to be here posting some stuff after sleeping so long. But, I’m going to get this short one up before I roll out.

The topic, you ask? Well, Nick Denton has finally released a long article on the court verdicts from the past few days, and it’s a pretty interesting read. I say that not because it says anything honest or comes to terms with what happened, but it is amusing as hell to see him have to defend his position once again. Oh, and he again claims he’s going to come out on top before it’s all over with, through the appeals courts. That may very well happen, but him and his brand have still been greatly diminished by The Hulkster. I don’t think they will be coming back to the level they were once at.

Anyway, here’s a few choice excerpts from the post

The enormous size of the verdict is chilling to Gawker Media and other publishers with a tabloid streak, but it is also a flag to higher courts that this case went wildly off the rails. The plaintiff’s lawyers, with the occasional assist from our witnesses, successfully painted Gawker as representative of an untrammeled internet that good and decent people should find frightening and distasteful. Emotion was permitted to trump the law, and key evidence and witnesses were kept from the jury…

A state appeals court and a federal judge have already held repeatedly that the 2012 commentary and short video excerpt, which joined an existing conversation and explored the public’s fascination with celebrity sex tapes, were newsworthy. We have had our day in trial court, and we lost. We will have our day back in appeals court, and we will be vindicated…

For his part, Hogan testified that he knew nothing about the other tapes of him and Cole. I learned on Friday that there was substantial evidence that he and one of his lawyers David Houston had watched the tapes—including FBI surveillance audio recorded as they were doing so—and that they were aware that one of them contained racist epithets. The trial court barred us from presenting that evidence to the jury as well…

There is a reason why judges typically hew to the First Amendment and protect free speech from the censorious impulses of juries. It is specifically designed to protect minority opinion from majority outrage. Freedom of expression will always be more popular in principle than in practice. We want to be free to express ourselves, but are less enthusiastic when that freedom is exercised by others with whom we disagree. Nobody likes a critic.

There’s a whole lot more, but I don’t have time to go through section by section and fisk the entire thing, unfortunately. I will give Denton some small credit, though. He is a much better and more persuasive writer than pretty much his entire staff, then again, that’s not saying much. His whole spiel comes down to:

Muh free speech allows me to post a sex tape of Hogan, cause he talked about his dick a couple times. Plus he’s a nasty RAYCIST! Oh, and the court was corrupt, and we gonna win on appeal.

You’re welcome. I just saved you some time in case you don’t feel like reading anything more than that excerpt.

The most interesting part, to me anyway, was how he threw some shade at his own witnesses at the top of the highlighted section above. I don’t know if he meant their “experts” or his former employee, A.J. Daulerio. To me, Daulerio’s comments helped sink him more than anything else, but he’s seemed pretty loyal to him in the past. Eh, who knows. I’m sure he’s just salty all the way around. I know I would be. I can also imagine that he’s wishing they had never gotten themselves into this mess in the first place. All over 9 seconds of Hulk Hogan having sex. It definitely wasn’t worth it, no matter how you look at it.

That’s Gawker. They could have written snarky and nasty columns about the tape, but no. Denton and his cronies had to go the full mile and publish portions of the tape itself. Then, they got cocky and refused to adhere to Hogan’s cease and desist letter. Oh, and did I mention that Daulerio was originally going to publish a follow-up on the sex tape, presumably with more footage? Yea, they definitely earned their beatdown. Now we can all wait and see what happens on appeal.

Hopefully the title doesn’t get stripped by Hogan on a Dusty Finish. Yes, I actually worked that in and the best part it, it totally fits.

  1. Aren’t the losers required to post bond equal to the judgment before they can appeal? I don’t think they have or can raise the money to do it. Gawker is toast.

    I don’t like the precedent this sets, even though Gawker are a bunch of SJWs who deserve to go under.

    1. According to what I’ve read (and IANAL, take this with salt), Gawker will need to either post the whole amount, or a nonrefundable 10 percent.

      I’m just not sold on the appeal saving Gawker’s hide, though. There’s really no way to get around the fact that they posted a sex video that was taken without Hogan’s permission, and when a judge told them to take it down, they thumbed their nose at him. The appeal might reduce the award, but honestly, I think a LOT of people are tired of the coarsening of society.

      1. I’ve heard the appeals bond is capped at $50 million, not including two years’ worth of interest.

  2. Relating to that top image… good god, that SyFy series. One thing I never understood about this PC culture crap is how a lot of once-respectable companies could lower themselves to appeal towards these clearly unpopular thugs, the allies of whom never even consume their shit in the first place. Looking at the like/dislike bar on the videos they did on Suey Park and Brianna Wu, those things look to have a ratio as low as last year’s Nightline segment on GamerGate (which has managed to rank into YouTube’s top 50 most disliked). Every other video in the series doesn’t appear to be doing that well either. If these people had any good sense, they’d cut their losses and can this show as soon as possible.

    1. Movies, TV, Comics, Cosplay, Western video games, Tech, etc. you name it. They’ve infested virtually everything and it fucking reeks.

      You ask why once-respectable companies could lower themselves to appeal towards these tosspots? Simple:

      1) Money received to push that “progressive” feminist agenda

      If [insert once-respectable company] doesn’t take the money and join the bandwagon, then it’s:

      2) The stigma of being labelled a “sexist” and “misogynist”

      3) The SJW Twitter and Tumblr pitch-fork feminist brigade

      So when you combine the above three points together, that is how the SJW PC-culture mob gain complete control.

      IN SHORT: ‘Do as we say otherwise you’re a sexist/misogynist/racist and we’ll ruin the rest of your life’

      1. Hopefully, the message will soon become clear that being labeled sexist/misogynist/racist by an online bully brigade not interested in your media is FAR more preferable than giving in to them and in turn losing the audience that had been supporting you all along.

      2. All three points are ceasing to matter as the SJWs start to turn on each other and/or defect to saner viewpoints.

        1. or defect to saner viewpoints.

          That’s actually the worst thing that can happen.

          SJWs defecting to saner viewpoints means that they cannot be called out, create a good image/PR for their mob, and will make people respect them.

          After they’ve gathered all the respect/admiration from the public, they’ll then slowly emit and integrate their true Social Justice ideas and intentions in a more moderate fashion.

          This is one way SJWs can survive, and it doesn’t bear thinking about.

  3. Not to say I’m surprised. Scumbags will always be scumbags. Hell, I’ve heard that Schafer just gave $30k of his Psychonauts 2 money to Sarkeesian’s project and set the amount to private when people started confronting him about it. Nostalgia’s a bitch, and some people are just too blindly loyal for their own good.

  4. Please stop, Denton. My doctor says all this sodium isn’t good for my blood pressure.

    This is the exactly the cringy whine-fest I was expecting, right down to the furious indignation, the flimsy attempts to cloak himself under the aegis of free speech, and Denton’s failure to bring up the hypocrisy of leaking the sex tape while condemning The Fappening.

  5. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before because it bears repeating. Publishing an illicitly obtained sex tape that was made of someone without their knowledge while they fucked their cuck friend’s spouse with their cuck friend’s permission is not personal, artistic or political expression. If that were the case anyone who pirated Game of Thrones and personally wrote a letter to George RR Martin bragging about pirating it and telling him to go fuck himself dindu nuffn because that would also be protected by the first amendment.

  6. I doubt Gawker will win the appear. They pretty much told the courts to go fuck themselves when they were told to take down the sex tape the first time. I can’t see any sort of court having sympathy for them at this point.

  7. There are calls on Twitter to somewhat harass the presiding judge and that there may have been corruption at play… I swear these SJWs are doing the very tactics they accuse GG of using and they are still allowed on Twitter without any intervention from the “safety council.”

  8. Even if Hogan knew about the filming, does that somehow make what Gawker did better? I don’t think they had the right to publish the tape either way. And if they did, then that revenge porn guy was in the right for what he did. Someone needs to find some shit on Denton and share that on the internet, then when he claims foul, just point to this case.

  9. The public also has a fascination with peep videos like the Erin Andrews video, celebrity nude photos, and revenge girlfriend pics, but that doesn’t mean they’re “newsworthy” or websites have a moral or legal right to post them. Pervs don’t validate agencies invading someone’s privacy and posting their non-consensual details on their bodies or bedroom behavior, and every American would want the same protections from this.

  10. Free speech would allow them to say there is a sex tape in existence. It does not allow you to show a film of two people having sex, unknowingly filmed by a third party.

  11. Lol they said they was going to win the case and look what happened there. He appeal won’t help them at all and not to mention the other cases gawker is getting sued in.

    SJW salt is the most healthiest salt there is and it is very good for you. I would have it daily if it was there daily.

  12. Couldnt resist going to the actual Gawker site rather than the archive,,,my god! The comments section is 2,700+ and growing with the majority just slamming the fuck out of Denton, even many that are liberal and known commenters there, who are very delicate in wishing gawker hadnt done this but still use words like horrible and awful even about Denton specifically,,,,then there are the pics,,,gawker isnt even trying to delete the tsunami of folks powning their ass,,,a mild example below:

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