“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.”

– JRR Tolkien

Somewhere in rural Kentucky, an obese women slurps down a Frappuccino while slouching over her computer, scheming up ways to pervert impressionable minds at her “Sexy Summer Camp.” Last year, parents coughed up $500 to have their children enroll in said virtual summer camp, which advertises lessons such as “Sex with ME”, “Sexy Trans Sex Ed,” “The 3 P’s: Pee, Poo, and Pleasure,” and “Sex on Drugs.”

Sexy Sex Ed is the brain child of Tanya Turner, who is, in her own words, a “fat, queer, magical pleasure worker.” Since 2012, Turner has been using her workshops to groom children of “all ages.” By the way, she isn’t alone in pushing her sick program. Sexy Sex Ed is funded by the Appalachian Community Fund, and the Kentucky Health Justice Network.

Not California. Kentucky.

Turner brags, “I’m in the school systems now. I have an in.”

A tsunami of Tumblr perverts have entered the workforce over the last decade. Many of these sickos have taken up roles as school teachers, coaches, and “mentors” of various sorts. The more of their handiwork I see, the more anxious I am about sending my soon-to-be-born daughter to school. The floodgates have already been opened. I remember attending college with an education major who wrote gay incest smut between the iconic Nintendo duo Mario and Lugi. I can only imagine what motivates this new breed of Discord Degenerates to be close to our kids.

When Turner isn’t using charity money to corrupt children, she co-hosts the Trillbillies, some libshit podcast featuring her and two other bloated rejects from Upper Appalachia. I would try to articulate what the show is about, but listening to these goons makes me sick to my stomach. I imagine it’s like Cum Town, but for pedophiles. Their Patreon rakes in over $21,500 a month with 4.5k backers. So, if you’re wondering what kind of person sends their kids off to “Sexy Summer Camp” there you have it.

I am horrified every time I see one of these stories celebrating degeneracy in the classroom like Drag Queen Story Hour. There seems to be a rapidly growing number of parents willing to offer up their child’s innocence for social clout like a Mayan sacrifice.

And for all this talk about “consent,” I bet these sickos didn’t hesitate to pressure their kids into getting the jab. “Stunning and brave!”