Noted Cuck Anthony Burch Leaves Gearbox to Write Future Hulu Flop

Noted Cuck Anthony Burch Leaves Gearbox to Write Future Hulu Flop

Well, this is certainly interesting. According to published reports, and the “man” himself, Anthony Burch is out at Gearbox Software. he joins a growing list of corrupt scumbags who have been run out of the industry by the new watchdog: GamerGate. He’s going off to write some shitty Hulu show. I can tell him from experience, that Hulu won’t wait long to pull the plug on a loser. So this looks like a one-season-and-done type venture. His shit writing isn’t going to hack it when real pros are having a look. 

As I mentioned, Hulu doesn’t fuck around. They picked up a couple shows of mine, and when they didn’t preform, they were gone with the quickness.

Here’s an excerpt from the Gamespot article:

“He’s leaving Gearbox to move to Los Angeles and join the writing team for a new Hulu long-form comedy show with YouTube star Freddie Wong and his RocketJump Studios brand, creators of Video Game High School. Little else is known about this new show at the moment.”

I’m not too impressed. To be fair, not a big YouTube guy, since I favor professional actors and scripts. But I’ve seen a little bit of Wong’s work, although not enough to comment beyond saying I wasn’t exactly blown away. And now that he’s got a cuck like Burch with him, it’ll probably only get worse. 

Our friend Anthony is already planning to fail, which makes it even more likely that he will. He may find it harder to crawl back into Gearbox than he’s assuming, but who knows. Randy Pitchford is a piece of shit, so he’ll probably take him back.

At least it doesn’t look like he will be involved with the next version of Borderlands, not that I care. I’ve never been big on the series, although it didn’t have much to do with Burch (until recently). I just have other games and series that I’m interested in more. Fans of the series can breath a sigh of relief, though. Anthony Burch is out.

Let me know what you think about all this in the #BasedCommentSection, and nominate your biggest cuck. Is it moot, Burch, or Alex Lifschitz? Or another mystery nominee?

Ethan Ralph

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  • tetrisdork

    First off, you were involved with the online revivals of OLTL and AMC?
    /never watched them, but my mom was an avid soap watcher, especially GH and OLTL
    //she didn’t watch the online revival of OLTL

    Second, pass. I’ll just stick with Sailor Moon, some of the DC shows, K-Dramas, and random anime for my Hulu viewing. Besides, never cared about nor seen VGHS. On the flip side, hopefully moving to LA, Burch can finally get his act together or not. But, hey, new scenery means a potential clean slate/second chance.

    BTW, last year, Rocket Jump collaborated with HAWP (the video series starring Anthony’s sister and father).

    • Yea, on a fan level. I signed some petitions and spread the word. I watched the OLTL revival but not much of the AMC one.

  • Jaaa… Laaa…

    I wonder if that show was only hiring marginalized people.

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,ahh Los Angeles…new town,,,new job,,,new girl maybe?,,,serious relationship? ,,,marriage? And a new guy steps in for th cuck! sunofabitch! Double-cucked! Off she runs with th’ new goddamn replacement Wii as well,,,as Popeye would say: “Ah-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck-cuck!”,,,,

    • Zak Dwyer

      anthony burch will never play splatoon

  • Bojangles

    Video Game High School. To be honest, I actually think Burch might be an improvement for that show. At least there were a few lines I laughed in Borderlands. Video Game High School? Nope.

    • Faggory Daggory Doo!

      wow i ahted that show since the trailer

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    It’s interesting. It’s so interesting. How all these instigators and agitators aimed at GamerGate are suddenly unemployed, laid off, or “in transition” between jobs that pretty much distance themselves from the gaming public. I mean, it’s almost like a quiet retribution from a higher power or something. All we need to do is sit back, keep ourselves strong, and the rest seems to almost take care of itself really.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      It’s not even a higher power – It just becomes obvious that these people are talent-less hacks that have to rain on everyone else’s parade, and I’d go so far as to say that these people know it themselves and leave before it can be found out.

      • Silence Dogood

        In their echo chamber, they honestly believed their little high school-esque hipster, sjw/feminist cliques defined reality. And now millions upon millions of people know what an SJW is it is NOT working in their favor lol. I will never forget how hilarious those David Pakman interviews were… and that little shit is a “liberal” himself and by his own admission was trying to shift the balance in THEIR favor. But asking any kind of reasonable questions is an “attack” in the narrative-verse of these morons. So Mr. Pakman got a rude awakening, one that likely hurt his business.

        • chris perez

          I had no idea about Pakman’s politics until I followed him on Twitter. He is just a few steps away from being on the SJW side of the left so I am not surprised that he seemed so tolerant and was trying to work so hard with dipshits like Wu and Chu.

          • Silence Dogood

            He probably had to cry in a corner after all the vitriol that was thrown his way for just trying to be objective. The problem is kids, when you ask a liar a very simple question that requires truth, it fucks up their narrative.

            Plus, in the case of Brianna, as we know her primary goal was setting up the victimhood narrative so she could shill and make a bunch of profession victim money.

          • Marcus Lawshe’

            Shit. You pretty much echoed what I was about to reply with. lol.

          • Silence Dogood

            MIND TAKER! Oooooo-eeeee-ooooooo!

          • AmazingL4rry .

            Well hold onto your butts guys especially those of you in the United States because this is the same schism that we’re all going to be watching break the Democratic party in two years. It’s not going to stop here, these assholes aren’t going to quit pushing their cultural marxism and identity politics until they have destroyed the institutions of America’s Left entirely and reduced them all to one great big burning ruin.

            Capture a picture of this comment and hold onto it so you can remember I predicted it. It seems like all I ever end up saying to people is “I told you so”.

          • Silence Dogood

            The GOP is fractured between legitimate grass roots folks (libertarians that aren’t totally insane), the Tea Party (a mix of puppets of the wealthy and the extremely insane) and the “old guard” that lick the boots of the extremely wealthy.

            A two party system is fucking stupid if you think about it – Odd numbers are essential for breaking ties and keeping factions on their toes.

            Who knows, maybe the “temple will be swept clean”, so to speak, and something good will actually arise.

          • testguy111

            the tea party is full of libertarians. and it’s grassroots
            it’s got nothing to do with wealth.

            the GOP establishments are statists. i.e. they want big government.

            tea party wants small government. the only difference between normal libertarians and tea partiers is that tea partiers are patriots and pro military, while many libertarians are neither.

            I’m leaning anarchist, but I get along great with tea party people.

            they HATE the GOP establishment and big gov

          • Silence Dogood

            The problem with the “tea party” is that people generalize for it. The people on the ground? Yep, grassroots. The stupid mother fuckers who got elected and thought shutting down the government was a brilliant idea? Yeah, no. You don’t resolve your debt situation by reducing your revenues aka, lessening the tax burdens for the wealthy. People can spin it anyway they want, but closing loopholes does not equal raising taxes, and in some instances raising taxes makes sense, just not on the poor or a struggling middle class. All the data is in front of us, and yet people try so very hard to make one thing say another.

            You’d have to define what a patriot is. I see a lot of people who are jingoists, and that’s not patriotism, that’s borderline fascism. And how many libertarians lol? You do know that libertarians push for personal freedoms and are also pro-small government, so I’m not entirely certain where you’re getting your information from.

            Hating the GOP isn’t enough – you need to “follow the money” and look at who bankrolls Tea Party candidates and organizes for them. The “biggest” problem with the Tea Party is that they seem to be anti-compromise (which is how a democratic republic is supposed to work) and just anti-government in general. No one wants to work with them because they don’t want to work with anyone. And yes the GOP is beyond fking corrupt, and the Democrats aren’t far behind, but at this point I’m largely anti-war (but pro-drone strikes and cooperative intelligence), anti-anything that restricts my constitutionally guaranteed freedoms or impinges on basic expectations of privacy, anti-1% – because frankly fuck the mega-rich. If they’re one of those billionaires whose money literally reproduces itself via long term stocks that pay quarterly dividends then they benefited from the corruption leading to the financial collapse and after. Everyone needs to pull their damn weight and that excuse of “but they make jobs!” is pure horseshit – the only jobs they make are in the 3rd world where they don’t pay taxes and can ignore human rights and environmental concern.

            Asking people to be responsible shouldn’t be too much, but it seems in reality it is. -_-

          • Eric Kelly

            Mentock! The Mind Taker!

          • chris perez

            It was pretty obvious Wu knew Pakman’s politics and was expecting a bunch of softball questions and sympathy like when she was on MSNBC. Watching that train wreck of an interview was far more entertaining than it should have been.

        • Gregg Braddoch

          Yeah, I love how they got so angry that he would ask basic journalistic questions, as if the job of journalists was to give them an easy time slandering people.

          • Silence Dogood

            They don’t understand that their perspective or opinion could be WRONG. A white knight was interviewed by someone on a google hangout waaaaay back when this all started and the gross looking psychopathic drama-tard said:

            “I don’t see how Anita could be lying, it’s just her opinion.”

            UGH, my head just about hit my keyboard. People’s opinions can be completely false or based on incorrect information. Everyone has an opinion but they’re NOT all equal lol. These kids.

            Questions are supposed to be thought provoking, not a promotion.

  • AmazingL4rry .

    Simply moving the biggest and most obvious turd out of the room isn’t going to be enough for Gearbox to win me back over anytime soon. Remember this is the company that got sued and forced to make payouts over Colonial Marines. This is also the company that released what amounted to a beta version of Duke Nukem Forever and pretended it was a AAA title worth sixty dollars and that there was any reason anyone should buy it OTHER than just the pure novelty of playing the industry’s most infamous vaporware.

    I admit to being a Borderlands retard and legitimately enjoying playing those games with friends but I’ve had my fill and the novelty has worn off. I see myself consciously avoiding Gearbox in the future. Luckily we GGators seem to have stepped in moments before most AAA studios started becoming as willfully corrupt as the journalists that covered them or tipping SocJus with their content. I think Gearbox as a developer stands as a stark monument to what could have become a horrible new normal if the things we’re fighting had proceeded any further in the industry.

    When I was playing BL2 I had assumed the protagonists being thuggish self righteous mass murdering hypocrites just a tiny bit shy of being as bad as Handsome Jack himself was supposed to be tongue in cheek. However after learning more about Anthony and about the SJW mindset over the last year I don’t think he actually wrote it that way on purpose anymore….

  • Jesse

    Sometimes I actually feel bad for the amount of hate Burch gets…but then I remember all the stupid shit he’s done to earn it.

    I used to like this guy once, back when he started HAWP. Never thought I’d be happy to see him leave gaming. Good riddance. I couldn’t care less what happens to him in his future endeavors.


    Anthony Burch is a crock. This divorcee couldn’t keep a nopen marriage with Ashley Davis. You think he’ll be able to keep a position as head writer for a show on Hulu? LMAO! What a joke. Ahh… my sides.

    Anyway, a couple years back I use to watch HAWP videos. Although every video Anthony was in I always thought he was a condescending douche bag. The main thing I liked about that series was because of the Dad (David Burch). His acting and facial expressions were absolutely hilarious. IMHO I always thought of PB as a badass. LIKE A BOSS! Any video that didn’t have Papa Burch in it just seemed like meh… So sayonara Anthony, you dun cucked up.

    Also, didn’t Anita Scameesian once endorse death threats on Randy Pitchford back in 2013?


      In the PS4 remaster of Saints Row IV, Anthony, Ashly, and Papa Burch can be called in as “Homies” (along with Kenzie, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi) to help you fight. I guess having his sister do voices in the game paid off.

    • chris perez

      Someone wrote a fanfiction where queen Anita shoots Pitchford for Gearbox’s work completing Duke Nukem Forever and she wholeheartedly endorsed this murder fiction and praised it.

    • Social Justice Whitey

      ,,,yep,,,still in her FemFreq tumbler,,,this guns solve everything trope in the story seems to be a terrible influence on society in such a powerful empowering medium,,,,also has Spiderman as a party to murder…fucking with his brand…


    This dude is in the running with Peter Coffin for “Biggest Beta Bitch”.

    Anita whines to him about a female character he wrote on Borderlands 2, and he apologizes for daring to write something bad happening to the character. Copies the tweet, frames it, and proudly displays it on his mantle, next to his removed testicles.

    He marries a chick with the same name as his sister (but with different spelling). Freud would have a field day with that one.

    Doesn’t get any action from his wife, so decides that making their marriage open would end his pussy drought.

    Ends up getting zero booty, while his wife is overdosing on strange dick.

    Suddenly “discovers” he’s bisexual, hoping that this increases his chances of getting laid by 50%. Still ends up getting 0% sex.

    Blabs about this online, wife decides she’s the only one with balls in the marriage, and takes the WiiU.

    Dude proceeds to blame everyone but himself for his failed marriage.

    If his writing on Borderlands 2 is any indication, this show he’s doing will consist of tired jokes about memes, and everyone will be bisexual for no reason.

  • Silence Dogood

    New spin on “Listen and Believe” – “Hearsay and Gullibility”. Just felt like sharing that.

  • Robert___T

    Biggest cuck? Lifschitz FTmfW! Who in SanFran HASN’T nailed Chelsey??? Homeboy’s crazy-rich too, and she’s (probably) still gettin’ ’round on him?!?! That is epic cuckoldry if ever I saw it! At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if even the Sess got some’a that before Dipshitz!

    What a fucking loser…

  • chris perez
  • Phantom R

    The list of biggest cucks goes like this
    1. moot – “Cuckolding is the thinking man’s fetish.”
    2. Burch – “My wife left me and took the Wii U”
    3. Lifschitz – “I’m happy with the sloppy 17ths of the game industry.”
    4. Coffin – “Of course my hot wife is real. My son too. Wait no please don’t look into it…”

    • Zak Dwyer

      Onision is now on the list

  • Mr Snow

    Isn’t that show his sister’s gig? Once again she’s giving him a shot he’d never be able to get on his own.

    Also, didn’t Burch’s (ex-now…) wife write children’s books or something?

    That looks great in that world, doesn’t it, an open marriage.

  • Richard Drakos

    So, the show he’s writing for is going to be full of memes then?

  • MSJ

    “new watchdog: GamerGate”


  • Ross

    Its Moot