Well, this is certainly interesting. According to published reports, and the “man” himself, Anthony Burch is out at Gearbox Software. he joins a growing list of corrupt scumbags who have been run out of the industry by the new watchdog: GamerGate. He’s going off to write some shitty Hulu show. I can tell him from experience, that Hulu won’t wait long to pull the plug on a loser. So this looks like a one-season-and-done type venture. His shit writing isn’t going to hack it when real pros are having a look. 

As I mentioned, Hulu doesn’t fuck around. They picked up a couple shows of mine, and when they didn’t preform, they were gone with the quickness.

Here’s an excerpt from the Gamespot article:

“He’s leaving Gearbox to move to Los Angeles and join the writing team for a new Hulu long-form comedy show with YouTube star Freddie Wong and his RocketJump Studios brand, creators of Video Game High School. Little else is known about this new show at the moment.”

I’m not too impressed. To be fair, not a big YouTube guy, since I favor professional actors and scripts. But I’ve seen a little bit of Wong’s work, although not enough to comment beyond saying I wasn’t exactly blown away. And now that he’s got a cuck like Burch with him, it’ll probably only get worse. 

Our friend Anthony is already planning to fail, which makes it even more likely that he will. He may find it harder to crawl back into Gearbox than he’s assuming, but who knows. Randy Pitchford is a piece of shit, so he’ll probably take him back.



At least it doesn’t look like he will be involved with the next version of Borderlands, not that I care. I’ve never been big on the series, although it didn’t have much to do with Burch (until recently). I just have other games and series that I’m interested in more. Fans of the series can breath a sigh of relief, though. Anthony Burch is out.

Let me know what you think about all this in the #BasedCommentSection, and nominate your biggest cuck. Is it moot, Burch, or Alex Lifschitz? Or another mystery nominee?