At the start of GamerGate a notion was expressed to me that I hadn’t really thought of before. Basically, it goes like this: as YouTube personalities gain in prominence, traditional print/online media is going to become secondary, and possibly even obsolete. This wasn’t something I could ever remember conceptualizing, because I’m one of those weirdos who likes to read articles instead of watch videos. That’s one of the reasons I was so eager to join in with GamerGate. I’ve seen the descent of these sites over the years, because that’s where I spent most of my time.

If you’ve been on Twitter the last hour, you see what I mean. I went back and found some of my old Kotaku comments from 2012:

This was right around the time they start pushing Anita Sarkeesian without any shame whatsoever. That thread was actually one of the last times I saw a decent debate on her victimhood tour of lies. I eventually became even more disgruntled, but I still visited the site often. Over time, it became so bad that I would be put off by some SJW article every time I visited. That continues to this day, even though I no longer visit Kotaku, outside of my work here.

Ever since GamerGate began, I’ve found myself watching more YouTube videos, although I still prefer print. There’s something about seeing someone else play too much of a game that turns me off (if I haven’t already played it). I guess it’s the spoiler effect. Still, my habits move a lot slower than the rest of our community. Over the last six months, the trend towards YouTube has started to make corrupt journos openly worry about the future of their “profession”.

So many of them complain about TotalBiscuit’s prominence among Steam curators, which is of course owed to his YouTube presence. Today, Ian Cheong, forever known on as Little Hitler, let his fears and frustrations spill out into the open, just like Kuchera did a couple weeks back:


It’s simple, really. These SJWs can see the writing on the wall, and it spells doom for their entire way of doing business. YouTube and the proliferation of websites like this one, has democratized content in a way that it previously was not. Their used to be a higher bar that you had to clear to be a producer…now there isn’t. The outright garbage that once went by with only a few gripes, is now rationale for quitting the mainstream gaming sites altogether. I can see why these ideologues are frightened. Their stranglehold is coming to an end even quicker than we had hoped.

  1. They’re just super mad that youtube lets anyone do their job more effectively. They’re starting to see that with Joystiq closing down and Dying Light using a fucking PewDiePie(!!) quote to promote the game.

      1. More like:
        PewDiePie: This game is fun!
        Total Buiscuit: This game is highly reccomended
        Jon Tron: Jaque want’s to kill me and play this game while doing so.

  2. Just keep up what we are doing and this house of cards will come crumbling down even faster than it already is. Make sure to stick them in the gut and twist a little to let them know who is doing it to them as well.

  3. The only way any of the SJW zealots would do well on YouTube is if they keep their shitty beliefs and politics out of it. A lot of them are generally funny likeable people when they’re not arguing with someone or judging others.

    Unfortunately for them, they are unable to go a couple of hours without trying to tell someone how much better they are than everyone else or how wrong everyone but they are about the world.

        1. I love AlphaOmegaSin. An asshole who makes sense.

          I wish hed BTFO others associated with AGG. It’d be entertaining as all hell.

  4. It’s like a car crash in slow motion. It’s like I’m watching games journalism flying through the windshield.

  5. That’s pretty interesting Ralph. I’m in the exact same position. I used to follow and comment on Kotaku religiously, and I saw all those gender articles slowly start to creep in, and I debated and commented on these things years before “gamergate” was ever a thing. And I’m as liberal as they come as well.

    You might even know my Kotaku handle as I was a fairly prominent commenter on virtually all the gender articles. I was making the same arguments then that I do now. It’s never had anything to do with misogyny, Anita, or Zoe. Most of this stuff pre-dates Anita by 2-3 years. What most of the people who didn’t read Kotaku miss, is that Anita didn’t start ANY of this. She actually capitalized on it at about the exact time it started to get big. It was building for several years prior to that, with these same debates already occurring.

    The major lesson to take away from that is that these journalists have been pushing this narrative without allowing any alternative political opinions in the debate, since at least 2010. I have comments on Kotaku in 2012 saying that I’m “tired of this same series of articles yet again.” It was already played out in 2012.

  6. I don’t think anyone genuinely hates Pewdiepie

    Are you sure you don’t, Ian?

    Because you sure seem mad at him.

    Of course, given that he’s Swedish and his girlfriend is Italian, well…

    We know how you feel about Rassenschande.

    1. I occasionally find Pewds a little grating, but in the grand scheme of things he’s really not that bad.

      EDIT: Wonder if he’s butthurt because Pewds has 34 million subscribers? AFAIK, he’s the most popular channel outside the official YT channels. I like to joke about ‘the most popular guy on Youtube is a high-strung Swedish man who plays scary video games’ 😀

      1. I sub to pewdiepie even though I usually can only watch a couple min of each video. He can be funny when he’s spontaneous but when he kept repeating himself and making stupid noises he loses me.

        I’ve found a lot of cool games via his channel too, games I never saw anywhere else. Also anyone who watches him knows he’s very much a shill but its so blatantly obvious it doesn’t really matter. He certainly doesn’t hide the fact that publishers send him tons of free shit. If I were a pub I’d kiss his ass too. 30+ million potential views isn’t mind blowing. Even 10% of his audience is massive.

  7. …..since Ian Heils Cheong is so concearned about The Youtubish Problem, then perhaps we should ask him if perhaps he had a Final Solution to it,,,

  8. I don’t mind PewDiePie being the face of games media. For the first time the poster child for gamers isn’t some white loser nerd with giant glasses, but rich Aryan Swede. Maybe that’s why Ian hates him so much – he’s everything Hitler wanted to make people be.

  9. Honestly, this has been going on for longer than the last few years, and it covers more than just games journalism. The Internet gets news out faster than print media easily, and generally runs neck and neck with broadcast. The lamestream media’s been taking market share hits for a long time, between the twin claws of cable news and Internet news.

    Do some reading about the state of journalism schools nowadays (J-schools) and you find they’ve turned into echo chambers for progressive thought. No challenge, no difference of opinion. The result is that a vast majority of journalists who went to J-school are, well, leftist, while the homegrown types are all over the place.

    It’s kind of sad. It used to be that ‘a newspaper’s duty is to report the news and raise hell’. Now a lot of them carry the water for whoever is supporting their narrative.

  10. “Steam has become a popularity contest”

    A games shop. Trying to sell popular games, i.e. the ones its customers want. Fancy that.

  11. I’m with you I prefered to read because I also don’t like being spoiled but now even previews are soaked in SJW agenda long before the game comes out…

    They go as far as judging if a game is racist without even having seen the game but just a leaked piece of art…(far cry 4)

    Its disgusting because there will always be those of us who prefer to read instead of watch…

  12. Their “stranglehold” is only based on being in the “in-crowd”, i.e. part of their group.
    Two things they fail to realize: 1. Attacking your own will weaken you. 2. when you don’t use reason as a weapon in argument, you are unilaterally disarmed.
    Two recent posts which focus things:
    They technically aren’t losing, but don’t realize they have formed a small island and are voting everyone off, perhaps to nearby small islands. The SJW archipelago.
    ESR describes what passes for SJW discussion as “screaming monkey”. I typically add “flinging feces”. Ultimately ESR says “show us the code” (freebsdgirl on github’s is laughable). But then again, google “github meritocracy” to see how one woman turned them into a mediocrity.
    The former link shows that the original liberals, including those that believe in “social justice” put liberalism – things like free speech – first.
    And now we have:
    I find the article self-explanatory, at least things like:
    About halfway through the dinner, he told me he had also brought me a
    present, but it was under the table, and would I please give him my hand
    so he could give it to me. I gave him my hand, and he placed it in his
    unzipped pants.

    I can think of a few responses if a male tried that with me, and it would likely involve inflicting a great deal of pain, cancelling the contract, and informing some authorities resulting in a criminal or civil suit.
    If someone won’t defend themselves or even seek justice, then how are they going to work out in the shark tank that is the marketplace?
    And: “Women don’t get it. The young women don’t seem to understand the reason
    why they get their calls returned so easily and get small amounts of
    funding is they are dealing with hungry men. These are disgusting
    perverts. Some of them used to be my friends—sexist jerks. And I know
    how they speak behind the scenes.”

    Who? Name names. If they are guilty of committing criminal sexual conduct, they should be arrested and tried. And truth is an absolute defense against libel. It isn’t as if there is evidence it won’t be believed. But then again, there’s Bill Clinton who women supported even after it was shown he was as bad as any of the VCs named.
    All these women are not reporting the bad behavior, and nothing happens to those doing these acts, and then the same women complain that it doesn’t get better. Would Apple, Google, or Microsoft even consider a company funded by a VC that was a serial rapist?

    1. Clinton’s rep stretched back as far as his time as Arkansas governor. Everyone knew it, but nobody talked.

      This is an important thing to remember about progtard behavior. As long as you are useful, the Party will run interference for you. A good example was that lowlife Bob Packwood — he had an office full of young female interns he’d routinely molest, and it was an open secret — but nobody said anything until Clinton was elected, which meant Packwood’s vote was no longer necessary (as Clinton would veto anything problematic).

      Suddenly Packwood went from ‘jut jawed iconoclast’ to ‘knuckle dragging neanderthal’ faster than you can say ‘boobies!’.

  13. Their used to be a higher bar that you had to clear to be a producer…now there isn’t.

    And we all know who lowered that bar by printing click-bait schlock.

    Print media has two choices: Compete on quality or sink to the level of their competition by spouting unverified, research-free, speculative garbage.

    This is why the MSM is now distrusted by 60% of the populace (Gallup) and the gaming press is now following them.

    The other half have pay-walled and maintained some integrity, like the Economist.

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