If you’ve been following this site for the past year, then you already know how shitty Polygon is. In case you missed some of the examples I’ve pointed out over the last 12 months, here’s a short lists of hits about the notorious shithole: 

Polygon Writer Slut-Shames Bayo, But Loves His Porn

Polygon Steps Up In Race for Worst Gaming Site

OFF THE DEEP END: Polygon Hires “Mary Sue” Founder

Polygon’s Arthur Gies Gets Destroyed by Based Daniel Vavra

Polygon is the Worst: SJW Shitpiece Spawns #GamesSoWhite Hashtag

I’m sure there are a couple more around here, but that’s just what I found with a cursory search. The point is, this is one of the worst outlets we’ve ever spotlighted. There’s only one other site that even gives them a run for their money, in my opinion. That would be the Gawker Media-owned Kotaku. Even so, Polygon has arguably been even worse over the last year. At least Kotaku chief Totilo sat down with Vavra and TotalBiscuit, though. What have the idiots at Polygon done besides print SJW shitpieces?

Oh, and now we can add complete incompetence to their long list of transgressions against the gaming public. Check out the post they put up on Cliff Bleszinski a day or two ago. In case you didn’t know, his brother founded Vox Media, which owns Polygon, Vox, The Verge, & Re/code, among other sites. That didn’t stop the hacks from fucking up Cliffy B’s story, though. Not only that, they got the fucking name of his new game wrong. It seems like that would be a pretty basic thing to come correct with, doesn’t it? How big of a fucking failure do you have to be in order to flop this hard?


(full Polygon post)

I’m still kinda in disbelief. I knew these guys were complete and utter shit, but I thought they could at least shill properly. I guess not. You know it’s bad when the SJWs fail at the basics. At least they spelled his name right, though. We gotta look for those silver linings, after all. There’s not really much else to say, other than Polygon still sucks, one year later. In fact, I would say they’ve deteriorated even more over these past 12 months. How much further will they sink? Only time will tell.