I don’t usually write a lot of complicated stuff here from the WordPress app I use on my phone. The app itself is great, it’s just a little bit of a hassle to put the media in and stuff. So, I write site updates, like the one you’re reading now. This one is a bit different, though, because it also includes an explanation of my style and a couple of thoughts on the Baltimore Riots breaking out tonight.

Earlier today some guy told me “Hey, Ralph, nice article. The only part that sucked was the beginning where you talked about yourself. Cut that shit out.”

I’ve heard this criticism before, but I’ve never addressed it much. The explanation is pretty simple: that’s just my style. The site is (mostly) me and I am the site. So I might drop in a couple of lines about my troubles, make a joke about my past, or tell you what game I played that day. Sometimes I’ll work in all kinds of shit. I wrote a whole column about myself just last week that a lot of people seemed to identify with. That’s what I do. It’s my personal blog, even though I want it to have a focus on GamerGate, SJWs, and crooked media at large.

Now on to Baltimore. I don’t condone rioting. I think police should stop it. The scenes coming out of the city tonight are terribly disheartening. But, we have a major problem with policing in this country, and it’s not a black/white thing. Police have turned into some kind of protected caste that can get away with anything, and it breeds resentment. I don’t know too many people who like the police. Of course they’ll still call them if they’re getting robbed, as the saying goes. But the reputation of police nationwide is pretty fucking low. We need to examine the reasons why (militarization, drug war, bad cops).

Again, nothing that I wrote there means you should burn down your own fucking city for any reason. That’s always a mistake. My points also have nothing to do with the Gray case in Baltimore. I’m speaking in general.

OK, enough editorializing. The site update part is simple, though. I’m going to try to up my output a lot, both here on the site, and on YouTube. I’m trying to make this a viable full-time job. Right now, it isn’t. I still do it full-time, of course. But that might not always be the case if I can’t make it pay more.

On that note, I’m considering some type of funding mechanism from readers who would like to help contribute. I don’t look at it as a handout, because I’ll be working for it. I have resisted this for awhile, though, even so. The only reason I can’t rule it out now, is because real life circumstances have changed. I’m still not 100% on doing it, but I wanted to throw it out there first in case I did. I’ll also look into new advertising opportunities and see what I can do there, by the way.

Share any thoughts you have you have down below. I’m about to hit the sack. Check back before noon, and I should have a post or two up. Thanks for reading, as always.