This Pepe the Frog thing is getting out of hand, people. First it was all the progressive cucks on Twitter getting triggered by edgy memes of Pepe, then it was their bootlickers at places like Heat Street. Now, the Anti-Defamation League has labeled poor Pepe as an official “hate symbol.” Yes, this actually happened. I didn’t think this shit could possibly get any dumber, but I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Look at this absurdity…


To the ADL’s credit, they do not that note everyone who uses a Pepe meme is antisemitic. Still, this entire thing is absurd. I’m pretty sure I’ve retweeted one of the more outlandish Pepes myself, although it was just because they made me laugh. Even thought I have my fair share of problems with the State of Israel, I don’t support another Holocaust. I think most of the people online fall into the no-Holocaust category, although I’m sure some minority actually do hate Jews.

This whole controversy is just one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life, online or offline. It’s a fucking joke, people. And even if some folks are serious, I don’t think we need 100’s of think pieces about it, followed by an official advisory from the fucking Anti-Defamation League. Can we possibly get any goofier?

The evidence says yes, we can. At least it will be good for another laugh if we do.

  1. It’s getting to the point where everything is a fucking hate symbol, everything is racist, everything is sexist.

    I’ve seen articles where BBQs are racist. Where air conditioners are sexist. Where wearing the American flag in fucking America is somehow horrible.

    I just don’t give a shit anymore. If anything I say or do offends someone in someway, they can just fuck right off because I don’t care.

    1. what would be cool is if they got so triggered that everything was hate
      it would make tuning out of their noise so much easier for everybody

  2. This illustrates two things, the first is that the “progressive” block is as always an absurd media/NPO hydra whose heads eventually all babble everything each individual head said at some point in the past in order to reinforce their dumb narrative.

    The second is that said hydra can be made to utterly humiliate itself time and again by feeding it internet memes and other nonsense that will cause the typical normie to think these outlets have lost their fucking marbles.

  3. So Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter Arabella sat on Grampa’s lap after the debate last night & very innocently asked, “Grampa, was Hillry Clintain tha onlyest person you had ta debate this week?” Grampa answered, “oh, no honey, Lester Holt was much weaker.”


  4. awesome

    the ADL is just a corrupt globalist puppet of control and censorship
    the sooner more people wake up to that, better

  5. The ADL is a hate symbol supporting a Jewish state that routinely slaughter women and children with US tax paid cluster bombs. They are the biggest group of moralizing hypocrites on the planet.

        1. Thanks, snowflake, I put a lot of wok into it. I have no sympathy though for people who play victim after half a century of picking the fight they now don’t like the outcome of. Fuck them, go read a newspaper from the 70’s and see how innocent those shits are.

  6. To paraphrase Melanie Austin whom if she were black and a Hillary voter, we’d get vilified for attacking with “-isms,” ADL offices should be fumigated and burnt to the ground with the traitors still in it! #notcucked #notincitement #freespeech

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