I have the McIntosh story coming right after this. I went to sleep last night halfway through writing it, so I’ll pick up where I left off. When I woke up today, I noticed I was tagged in a tweet that had gotten a lot of attention. It was about PBS, and a YouTube channel they have that deals with gaming issues. I’d never seen it before myself, but after I read the report, I went a watched a few of the videos. I wasn’t impressed. 

Before I get into what I saw, let me give you a little excerpt from the report, written by Sophia Eris:

Over the past 6 months many in the gaming community have been entrenched with studying the ethical practices of online websites whom claim to be News Organizations. As well as individuals claiming to be “journalist” but are nothing more than glorified “bloggers.” However, there has been an oversight when looking at ‘Games Media’ as a whole and that is PBS. (Public Broadcasting Service)

PBS is responsible for the YouTube Channel: PBS Game/Show upon investigation of this channel one can easily recognize it as radical leftist propaganda toeing a ‘Political Ideology.‘ While everyone has the right to Free Speech as private citizens, The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 ensures that the tax payer’s dollars ($445 million in 2014) given to support CBS/PBS are used as following:

“facilitate the full development of public telecommunications in which programs of high quality, diversity,creativity, excellence, and innovation, which are obtained from diverse sources, will be made available to public telecommunications entities, with strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature;”

It is within my right as a USA Tax Payer to say: Any channel that equates Anita Sarkeesian to Rosa Parks, unchallenged, has failed to meet this legal obligation.

I’m not a fan of the “radical leftist propaganda” line, even though it’s accurate. I feel like that could turn off some people we need to reach, because as I always point out, the SJWs are a minority even on the left. Point instead to how this channel unfairly maligns gamers. I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done legally, but we can definitely expose this shit for what it is: an attempt to shit on our culture.

Take a look at some of the videos, for fuck’s sake. The first one is where he compares Anita to Rosa Parks, Harvey Milk & Gloria Steinem. They are all hosted by Jamin Warren:

Yea, that really happened. But this clown isn’t done yet. He also wants to know if you would care about Master Chief being gay.


Says videos games are racist:

Angry you smelly fanboys ruining gaming?

Why do games make you idiot gamers so fucking angry?

Geez, more racism…

Give me less for my money, damnit!

OK, you get the idea. There’s a ton of negativity and propaganda being pumped out through this channel. He does have some regular content as well, but even that has the #FullMcIntosh spin on it. This is just another example of the institutionalized bias we face when dealing with the old media and their apparatus.

I’ll finish up with the closing from the original report, and let you all have a shot at it down in the comments if you want:

The questions I have are: What is the appropriate response to this Channel? What are our rights as USA Citizens in this matter? What other violations may have occurred on CBS/PBS Programing in regards to it’s coverage of #GamerGate, Video Games, etc.? Because, PBS can’t even appropriately cover Video Games, what else are they in violation of not objectively reporting? And if, due to some accounting manipulation, this show receives zero federal dollars, should it be allowed to benefit directly by using the PBS Brand of which our taxes are funding!