So, I was all set to go visit my mother, and I still am going to go…but this shit set me off. There’s a large black gentleman on a fucking murderous rampage in Cleveland right now. As of yet, I don’t think the cops have shot him. Here’s some of his handiwork.

BE ADVISED: This video is extremely hard to watch and not for the faint of heart.

Video was removed. You can find it here, but I really wouldn’t recommend it.

So, yea. This scumbag just killed an old black man because he was walking down the street. The guy even had Easter eggs in his bag. What in the hell…

You hear him make the old man say something about a “Joy Lane,” which seems to be this woman….

I’m not sure what the dispute is over, but it seems like his girlfriend left him…

“I snapped, dog, I just snapped,” he tells the man on the phone, saying he shamed his fraternity with his actions. “I just killed 13 motherf*ckers man. That’s what I did, I killed 13 people and I’m about to keep killing until they catch me. F*ck it.”

And I won’t say this is the most fucked up part of the situation, cause there’s almost nothing more fucked up than what Steve Stephens (the large black gentleman) did to that old man. But CNN might have actually gotten more people killed due to their concerns about political correctness. As the story broke, and Stephens’s face was plastered everywhere, CNN refused to tell people to be on the lookout for a black shooter. In fact, here’s the face that was shown…

I’m still watching clips from his livestream, which was taken off the air. I’ll come back and update this as we learn more. Stephens claimed to have killed 13 people and was “working on 14” on the last video I saw.


UPDATE: Whew, this one is hard…


MORE: It’s 6:39 pm Eastern time and as of now, this suspect is still on the loose. I might be away from the keyboard for a little while, so I just wanted to add this advisory into the post.

As of 7:18 pm Eastern time, Mr. Stephens is still at-large. I will come back with more when I get to my mom’s hospital for an Easter visit.


UPDATE: This waste of space finally killed himself today (4/18/17) in Pennsylvania.

    1. Rage will do stupid stuff to an otherwise capable mind and it will feel like clarity right up to the point where you realize what you’ve done.

  1. THAT’S what you’re taking from this?
    If you were in front of me right now I’d drop you before you get blink.
    You are the scum of the freaking earth.

        1. Hey Ralph, seems we have a real tough guy here. Not the standard run of the mill idiot jack off though. His profile wasn’t created today to come cry over your punditry.

          Welcome to the Ralph Retort, Tee. Do enjoy your visit.

        2. LOL So funny to see a little socialist fatty trying to sound tough on the internet. Poor boy can’t quite make it though.

      1. You really fucking think that this is the time that suddenly everyone is politically correct? You’re seriously fucking unhinged – black people and non-white people constantly get “outed” the instant something goes wrong, not to mention the immediate trek into their “sordid past” even if they’re a fucking victim. Way to die on an anthill of a mountain over this so called “PC issue” which is in your own fucking mind only.

        1. “black people and non-white people constantly get “outed” the instant something goes wrong,”

          Same with whites so join the club. Everytime there is a mass shooting a white person is instantly to blame so please stop your bitching hypocrite. You cucks are just mad because there are some white people are noticed this double standard and speaking out about it. This will countiue to get pointed out so get use it.

          1. LMAO you really think white people get blamed much? Dylan Roof was given a fucking meal and treated like a human being. Every non-white person is instantly blamed for most things that happen, even without due process. Keep pretending this “double standard” exists for the poor, downtrodden white man. It’s fucking hilarious.

          2. Actually white people as a whole do get blamed for dumb shit in particular by blacks and their white cuck counterparts. Blacks and cucks blame whites for every problem they have. For instance, they claim there is this secret cabal of “white supremacists” overlords out to get them and that most white people have some sort of mythical “white privilege” protecting all whites in America. This is what a lot of them believe. I don’t have a reason to make this up. It’s all over the place unless you’re either disingenuous or blind. Seems like you’re either one or the other.

          3. The Dylann Roof shooting resulted in an all-out anti-white hysteria with the media fully on-board that coalesced on a campaign of removing confederate merchandise, state flags, and monuments. TV Land even pulled Dukes of Hazard from it’s lineup because it has a car with a rebel flag on it.

          4. Yeah it was crazy. Notice the corporate meida that every time there is a black on white incident they blow it up but if it’s the other way around they suppress it or ignore the story. An obvious double standard .You will only hear about a black on white attack or murder usually on local news. The national meida will tend to bury it unless it’s too hot to close the lid like with the black on white torture incident regarding the retarded white man

            I do find it funny that clowns like FAILmastrer deny these types of doublestandards but then again these types of people deny blatant facts that go against their bullshit anti white narratives. That’s fine because I dont give a shit if they don’t believe it or not. lol

          5. Poor little socialist Failmaster (I’m sure you’re a master at failing, you prove it here) pretending that Whites get special treatment. Studies show that police hesitate more to shoot an armed Black suspect than a White one. When the Latino, part-Black Zimmerman was accused of “murdering” the negro who tried to kill him the lying CNN called him WHITE for ten days. But little Failmaster lies like his precious leftist media teach him to do. Failmaster fails fails fails as usual.

        2. If they “constantly get outed” than why didn’t say that he was black let alone show a picture of him?

          1. Deflection – one instance of news articles not highlighting his race does NOT equal thousands of scenarios where non-white people get consistently vilified. You’re fucking delusional.

          2. It’s not just one instance jackass. You Tubers like Colin Flaherty document a trend of media outlets ignoring the racial description of blacks whenever they commit certain crimes against whites. You’re a delusional fuckwad but that’s fine you can choose not to believe. We really don’t give a shit. No one is hear to convince trolls of anything.

          3. hasn’t the thought crossed your mind that the reason that thousands of them get outed as you say is because thousands of them commit crimes?

          4. If we were as terrible and murderous as you claim, we’d still enslave people and we’d just up and kill the entire population that upsets us. As that doesn’t happen, I’m calling bullshit on your entire whiny bitch rant, also, you’re a twat.

          5. Nah you guys have realized that the real war is won economically and through institutionalized racism. It’s sad watching you flail around trying to defend shitty behavior. 🙂

        3. Here are how blacks compare to whites in arrest rates in NYC:
          98.4x shooting
          11x rape
          30.8x murder
          14.6 robbery


          They behave like savages and the media handles them with kid gloves.

          1. You linked me to the actual police site without a link to any stats. Keep pretending that non-white people are the cause of problems in the world. While you’re it, why don’t you fucking choke and die from the sand you have your fucking head buried in? Thanks.

          2. Here’s some more stats for your ass you cannot dismiss.

            Blacks Commit
            Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter: 4,347

            Whites Commits
            Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter: 3,908

            Blacks commit TEN TIMES the murder rate compared to whites even tho blacks are 13% of the population.



            Debunk that shit from official FBI government statistics.

            More on the black crime problem:


            Whites are still the problem? I think not…


          3. When it comes to shootings they sure as fuck are the cause of the problem. You remove non-whites from the US and our gun crime would be on par with Scandinavian countries.

            Another fun fact: The producers of the TV show Cops have gone on record saying they make a conscience effort to minimize the proportion of crime being committed by blacks on screen because they don’t want to be be “racist”. And the TV show is still called racist.

          4. Exactly compare any of the white Scandinavian countries to say black ruled Haiti, Detroit or Congo and the differences are very stark. For instance rape was tiny issue to deal with in Sweden. Now that Sweden has foolishly imported Africans and Arabs into their nation rapes have skyrocketed. A FACT YOU CANNOT DENY FAILMASTER.

          5. LOL Dumb little socialist pretending that Blacks don’t commit more than half of murders despite being only twelve percent of the population. Fucking moron. FBI’s statistics show the truth and you lie about it, what a disgusting shithead you are.

        4. LOL Dumb little socialist trying to rewrite reality. The truth is Black murderers and rapists are constantly covered for by the media, but you are too dumb to know that. Low-IQ retard. You’re on the murderer’s side and want to hide his identity so he can kill more people because you drool over your TV propaganda, teaching you to act this way. Fucking disgusting. Slit your wrists, socialist shit.

      1. That the news is refusing to be logical over political correctness, that is why they won’t just say a Black Male

    1. There is a mentally unstable person rampaging through a city and the media won’t outright say the most recognizable aspect of him so as to help people avoid being shot. Yeah, there’s reason to be frustrated.

    2. Aww, little socialist is triggered. Poor little socialist so angry that the killer is a negro and that there are people who actually notice that. Go sob in front of your precious TV, socialist.

  2. CNN won’t show an actual photo of this sicko just because they’re afraid of offending someone? This is a killer, a mass murderer no less. Grow some balls, stop caring if you offend a race and show a picture of the monster doing this so he can be stopped or so people know who to run from. If a group does get offended, then to hell with them.

  3. Hopefully they stop this monster soon. CNN’s idiocy beggars belief – they are endangering the lives of regular people just to be PC. It is true what they say – political correctness kills.

    1. “Dark white”…. just…. how…. I mean…. wha…. fucking seriously? No human being can possibly be a murderer unless they’re white, apparently.

    2. Don’t spread this bullshit. It’s obviously photoshopped. Doesn’t take more than a few brain cells to figure that out. Retard.

    1. I live on Earth. Earth is about 50% male. It’s not a very distinguishing characteristic.

    2. You’re a fucking socialist moron, Danlantic. “Black is not a very distinguishing characteristic” How can you be so slimy? Disgusting little freak. What about “beard”, “bald”, “man”, and anything else used to describe this killer or any other killer? You know you are wrong but you lie. Go kill yourself, you don’t deserve to live.

  4. Funny, this reminds me of that one paper I wrote that used one of your articles as a source. Another article I used in it was the one from the San Bernardino attack where a witness reported that he was suspicious of the attacker, but was silent because he was a Muslim. So, yeah, PC Culture kills.

  5. Question: Why are we caring about a guy who killed somebody, even if it was on film? There’s no ‘killing spree’, like was claimed earlier by news; it’s just a regular homicide, like tens or hundreds that occur every day in our population of 350 million. So…..*shrug*?

  6. And they’re blaming video games, because of course they would. How has the entire country not unanimously decided that CNN is indeed fake news? Is it because half of us are so god damn deadset on never agreeing with anything Donald Trump says?

  7. legacy media does this stuff so often that if they are not mentioning race it’s almost certainly a black person, if they are not mentioning religion guess what odds are it’s a muslim.
    if its a white male christian republican doing something bad well they will tell you all those things as fast as they possibly can and then go on about that and repeat it as much as possible

  8. Funny how other websites are calling you bigots for saying that PC culture is going too far when you are showing you care for the old man and the family
    you are obviously racist for pointing out that the race of a criminal matters in identification

    1. Liberals don’t care about black people. That’s why you never see them outraged when black people are killed by other black people.

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