Well, it seems like the notorious SJW who calls herself Liana K got the Shoot Stream we did on her taken down from YouTube. Not only that, but my LIVE channel now has a strike that will not go away for 6 months. So, there’s no streaming there until then. Luckily, my other channel comes off of its ban within two weeks, so streaming will be moving over there. For tonight’s show, I’m going to be using a third account I had setup for browsing. We’ll be talking about this and all the other recent controversy surrounding me and the site. The funny thing about this ban is, it doesn’t seem to be over language or anything like that, even though shit got pretty crazy on the Liana stream. It was just about not attacking people in general, which seems rather absurd for a place like YouTube.

For example, the notice talks about the attacking nature of the stream in general, which as you guys know, is the entire point of these Shoot Streams. We’re going to fine-tune our approach tonight, but it won’t be completely changed. We’ll leave out certain phrases, but other than that, it will be the same. We’ll see how that does, using this account as a tester of sorts until the bigger one comes back in 2-3 weeks. Regardless, it’s a discouraging sign for the YouTube service as a whole. MisterMetokur has talked about this recently. He seems to think it’s only a matter of time before the entire thing is fucked. I’d say he’s probably right, given this recent turn of events. No matter what you may think of me or these streams, squeslching free speech is fucking bullshit. If you don’t agree with that, feel free to stop reading my site.

Here’s the notice itself…


And here’s the link to tonight’s show…



  1. Shit, and I never did make time to watch it.

    “Just like the time I could’ve met Mr. T at the mall. The entire day I kept saying, ‘I’ll go a little later, I’ll go a little later.’ And then when I got there, they told me he just left.“

  2. That strike makes no sense unless Youtube/Google are cashing in on this authoritarian nonsense (which I assume they are, as is the trend in the hypersensitive tech industry, ESPECIALLY when it comes to women… and minorities… I guess). Why should it matter if you have a stream up where you bad mouth someone? That person doesn’t have to watch it. Their followers certainly don’t have to either. This is a literal example of a nanny-state taking “corrective” action. How repugnant.

    1. A couple years ago, this twat Daniel Sulzbach DMCA flagged a video for a YouTuber named MustDestroyAll because it called Daniel Sulzbach out for his dick behavior. Sulzbach used the name Wade Wilson (because he faps to Deadpool) and YouTube took MDA’s video down.

      I tell this story to show that YouTube has never handled DMCA’s and flagging properly. The service also has a habit of big bank vs little bank in that a more popular YouTuber is more likely to successfully flag down a video of a smaller YouTuber than the opposite being true.

      Save for Twitter, who seems to have no problem censoring for political ideals, most sites are shit for handling this sort of thing.

      1. Youtube’s handling of DMCA notices has typically been ‘remove now, apologize later’. This has caused a HUGE amount of friction when various Youtubers get smacked with DMCA hits as a result of frivolous or inappropriate filings (no Sega, you cannot go around and fucking DMCA anyone who even mentions your games).

      2. You sure that was Daniel? Not trying to start anything, but he just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy. I could be wrong. When did his DMCA take place?

    2. The point is youtube says it matters and everyone knows that going in. It seems frivolous to get your accounts frozen over insults and there is no real moral high ground there. If youtube censors you for principled critiques of individuals using Third Wave Feminism’s habit of group defamation that is another matter. Youtube tends to allow that. And one needs to learn the difference between insult and insult culture. The latter is valid satire, the former just an insult.

  3. Fucking white knights probably notified youtube for this crap.. IDiots all of them.. They have no room for saying they’re free speech on youtube.

  4. Google and youtube are enemies of free speech.
    They tolerate it, barely. But will gladly jump at any chance to get rid of it.

  5. That’s shite. Like I just said on Twitter, I’ve seen far worse in other videos and they’re still up! What’s wrong? They couldn’t handle you calling her a cunt? ‘Cuz I’ve seen people make homemade bombs, heard this one girl (who might not necessarily be part of GamerGate) hope that Zoe Quinn gets hit by a train, and actual footage of a store being shot up with the manager’s head being blasted with a shotgun! If they’re that much of pussies to delete your vid just because you “triggered” Liana or whatever, then that means YT has probably gone the way of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

  6. Yet there are people still white knighting her so hard. As time goes on these hypocrites will show their true colours.

      1. lmao you serious bro? ok off the top of my head after just these articles last night and today and what i know from experiencing her and knowing people who were around them…….
        shes a liar
        pretends to be on both sides of gamergate depends on who she talks to at the time
        pretended future con was about a charity for her own nephew but it was really just about her getting attention and ruling over the other people without family permission so her own family and all the future con people hate her for it
        plays a feminist but poses nude or almost nude for attention but complains about female body exposing in games
        changed video game reviews to shill for games
        got caught lying about milo and admitted it
        even uses a tragedy suicide of teen girl to try to get attention
        tries to tear down every female freind who ever was in her life talk to her ex friends to get detes on how scummy underhanded and lying liana k can be
        was a stripper then got a nerd husband lottery ticket and got him to hire her for every tv job she had
        she made herself the other host on her husband ed the sock show and ruined it after 20 years off the air
        got exposed for not paying the people on their shows
        talk to anyone she worked with at cons on tv or anywhere i guarantee you in private none will say anything good only bad things like they are mean selfish attention hogs who steal money
        dispite all the tv money they beg for donations in patreon for a show
        she does in her own house that i bet costs zero $
        she attacks people all the time then plays a victim
        she does anything for attention anything

        Is that enough or you need some more?

  7. Start a channel called “Gay Pythons Strangle Cis Rabbits.” You might squeeze a Hugo Award out of that.

  8. Normally I’d put this down to their knee jerk reporting system but just last week I saw on my homepage a message to report anything I found offensive and thought, “Oh dear here we go”.

  9. Okay, I was listening to this stream, and I her name kept ringing bells with me, but I couldn’t place here. I checked a few places and couldn’t figure out why she was so familiar. Then I got it! I saw here at the Can-Con convention several years ago. And then it all really clicked! Seeing this woman in the wild, even back then, I could almost FEEL the sketchiness of this woman bleeding off into the world around her! Uhg! I never even spoke to her and I just KNEW there was something VERY wrong with her. Thanks for showing me I’m not just crazy, Ralph!:D

    1. Yeah she was at cancon two times i saw and so squiddy she was just crazy despirate for attention and almost begging for people to do selfies with her not making that up she is for real crazy about getting attention like the whole time

      1. I’m pretty sure she glared at me a few times. Not sure why, but it’s likely that I had “nothing to offer her” therefore I was “creepy”! lol!

  10. I like how they think censor to blocking your vids is gonna somehow make everyone stop saying what a detestsble scumbag Liana K is nope it is other way round only more people will be saying it every time she pulls this attack then play victim bullshit

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