Today, an account that dubs itself the /pol/ News Network and uses a modified version of 4chan’s logo in its avatar was suspended from Twitter. The cause is not immediately known, but there has been speculation that it was due to an image the account tweeted out in honor of #MuslimWomensDay. I don’t even know if this is a real “day.” Oh, wait. Bustle tells me today is the first such occasion. How special!

It’s not always worth writing a post when an account goes down, but this one had grown to over 44,000 followers and had been retweeted by the likes of Ann Coulter and Paul Joseph Watson, among many other people. I think I’ve even retweeted it a few times myself. They’re back online now, for the time being. We’ll see how long that lasts. When Twitter really wants you gone, new accounts tend to get nuked fairly quickly.

Personally, I’d never seen them tweet out something truly ban-worthy, but then again, I have a lot more tolerance for free speech than the head honchos of Twitter.com.


UPDATE: Apparently the owners of the account are now saying the “new” account is an impostor. Such are the wages of anonymity, I suppose.

  1. maybe they should start up PNN partially for the luls and partially to mock all the acronym ‘news’ networks

  2. people should just leave shitter in droves, but as long as you all keep on putting up with their shit, it isnt’ going to affect them, they’ll just say they’re getting rid of terrible offenders, and no one will have numbers showing what bad moves they are, because the rest of you hang on.

    1. 100% agreed and verified people are the worst. They all know it is a special status and just want to be special so they keep posting there. If blue check actually believed in free speech they would STOP using twitter for 1 week 1 month whatever it takes.

      But you wont, even though you claim to support free speech you really dont if someone wave a few bucks in your face you shill right out. Seen is 100 times if not more.

      Cernovich is the absolute worst for this all he does is steal content and never retweet any unverified pleeb,

  3. You know, leaving Twitter on the curb is alot easier than not using Youtube or google or ebay anymore. Just thought I’d give a friendly reminder Twitter is not THE social app. We still need that Twitter killer. If FB could do it to myspace then something can do it to twitter. Sorry, but Gab, Minds, and Candid are not it. We need an ingeniously catchy name and non fags to create it. If they just want to make money that’s fine(good luck). Just no faggotry like Candid. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e43aa62c2b478136b1bb9f26ccbdabb6676576bcfa858193a2c5e6d57776c28.gif

  4. *shrugs* I find it very hard to feel any sympathy for /pol/, due to the vileness that is there. You get better conversations at Stormfront.

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