I just got through watching the first official White House Press Briefing from incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer. To say it was a beatdown of the press would be an understatement. He blasted Zeke Miller of Politico, and by extension his colleagues, for putting out a tweet last night that claimed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. It actually hadn’t been, and to Mr. Miller’s slight credit, he did revise and apologize for his mistake later on.

Another topic on Spicer’s agenda was the misrepresentation of the crowd size at yesterday’s inauguration. Yes, it was smaller than Barack Obama’s in 2009. I don’t think any rational person would dispute that. However, Obama was the first black president in the history of the nation and Washington D.C. voted for him by an overwhelming margin. Not only that, DC is surrounded by Democratic voters, and as such, it’s reasonable to expect more of them to turn out when a Democrat is being sworn into office.

But the thing that amused me most from the presser was not the actual content. It was the way it was belligerently delivered by Spicer. And when he was done, he simply walked out and refused to take any questions from the assembled media. Many members of the press were outraged at this. I could do nothing but laugh. They’ve spent all day hyping up this “Women’s March” in pure propaganda style and they expected Spicer to laud the protests, or something. Why would he? Of course people have the right to peacefully protest if they so choose, but the White House is under no obligation to praise them for it.

I might have something more to say about these marches later tonight. But I get paid to write about the news and so I pretty much have to. President Trump and his staff do not. Snowflakes have been put on notice. There’s a new sherriff in town. He’s not in the mood to take the media’s bullshit lying down. In fact, Spicer himself put the media on notice towards the end of the press conference.

If you’d like to watch the entire briefing for yourself, follow this link. It won’t take much of your time to watch this destruction.

  1. Putting the media on notice right out the gate. This is only going to get better as the media works overtime to discredit the Trump victory and paint him as a dictator. Looking forward to more of this.

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    1. This was an absolutely excellent start to the administration’s relationship with the press. Establish alpha dominance and put them on notice that there is a new sheriff in town.

      Previous Republican administrations have observed the fiction that the media are impartial. But the reality is that professional journalists are 90% on the left and a shockingly high percentage of them are extreme, nut job, SJW-anarchist left. The main new element here is that Trump is recognizing that reality and he is ordering his administration to treat them for what they are: enemies. Trump was elected with a patriotic mandate to restore American pride and preeminence, and end the disgraceful decline and apologias of the Zero administration. Most working journos are not only leftist but are, by the strict legal definition of the term, actually guilty of treason. It is therefore perfectly appropriate and reasonable for the administration to treat them as adversaries from day one. No more clever setup questions, no more treacherous Journolist narratives, no more shilling for socialism, jihadism, and Soros. They need to get rhetorically body slammed every time they pull their crap until they either start doing actual journalism (which isn’t brain surgery BTW) or go away.

      I hope that with subsequent press conferences, the administration continues to treat the lying presstitute whores with exactly the respect they deserve: none at all. In particular, I hope that the specific individuals who were proven from the Wikileaks emails to be shilling for the Clinton campaign will be totally banned from the WH, and from any contact with a member of the administration, for the duration of Trump’s term. Moreover the administration should constantly remind the journalists of the contrast between the behavior of those specific swine and the ideals of the journalistic profession. I’m thinking a rolling powerpoint presentation of the names of the collaborators, played on a loop at the beginning of EVERY WH press conference.

      1. The strict legal definition of treason actually means they’d need to provide aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. I hate the misuse of that word to include anything the claimant doesn’t like.

        1. I stand by my words. The rhetorical and in many cases, more than rhetorical support of leftist journalists for Islamic jihadists and socialist/Communist regimes meets the definition of treason.

          1. Except we aren’t at war. Congress hasn’t declared war. They could be charged with sedition or a host of other subversive crimes, but it doesn’t meet the standard for the legal definition of treason. Also, agreeing with an agenda is not providing material support.

  2. About time the fake media were served! I look forward to a few licences being revoked, many tax audits to come and only wish he could do the same to the rest of the world fake media!

  3. Well, this is going to be an entertaining four years in terms of press interactions.

    *buys more popcorn futures*

    1. I really hope this becomes the standard, where Trump’s guy comes out and just savagely mauls the MSM for everything they got wrong that week before he even entertains the idea of answering any questions. Such a system will either destroy the MSM or finally force it to reform and neither would be a bad thing.

  4. The press released their own statement after this. It reads as follows:

    Dear raseyst Trumpkins,


    Yours truly, CNN

  5. The fucking nerve to complain about no mention of the protests when neither Obama or Hillary were EVER pressured to address the violence being done in their name.

  6. I wonder what the women’s march expected to happen? Trump to suddenly be all like, oh shit you’re right, I am Hitler. Excuse me as I hang myself to save America.

    I mean, seriously. All of this because Trump is a horny rich guy. If I publicly admit to being horny towards women and grabbing someone by the pussy, if 12 women came forward against me because I tried to hook up with the- I mean, sexually assaulted them by making it verbally clear I wanted to enter their vagina’s, no one would give a flying fuck.

    But insert rich guy running for President against the liberals and oh suddenly now they care. Suddenly all these women Trump made advancements towards come out of the woodwork. Convenient. I wonder how much they were paid to start caring about Trump making a pass at them in the past…

      1. oh is this a joke? cuz yes!…ever read any bios from rock stars and rich actors celebs…athletes…CHICKS gold-digger types FILL Hollywood events LOOKING for rich guys to hopefully marry them what are we this dumb naive stupid? women THROW themselves at guys ask Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson and the rest…!

    1. oh absolutely! it’s what im saying…plus celebs ROCK-STARS! idolized by media, Rolling Stone, Bill Maher, IDOLIZED all these horny guys!..you can just SEE Bill Maher’s FACE! b4 9-11 when the media and Hollywood went out UNHINGED, Maher talked about sex all the times and gave a pass to all lecherous men in the public eye OF COURSE their poster boy JFK and Slick Willy!…and.. pervert Hugh Hefner? for DECADES! the mags tht targetted rich guys like Trump and all guys who could AFFORD Playboy Penthouse etc!…Hollywood in th 80 did all possible to get guys EVEN more excited sexually wth all th films, adds, commercials! and sex scenes in films? ALWAYS THERE! gratuitous most of the time…now they complain BECAUSE Trump switched parties IF hed stayed a Dem, NO PROBLEM as with the PERV #1 JFK, or Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty ROMAN POLANSKI!

  7. ETHAN RALPH and this site just lost all credibility. Even Fox News laughed at Spicer. Now it turns out he was wrong (or lied) about the photos, magnetometers and public transportation numbers. This article is biased right-wing reporting at its very worst. I suggest you all read some real news reports from respectable outlets. The world is laughing at us on this tragic, embarrassing first day in office.

    1. Any links, evidence? Or is it just more fake news? Respectable outlets – you mean CNN, Wash Post, BBC, NY times etc etc. Lol.

      1. Yes, exactly. Your disgust for MSM is mostly unfounded. They’re not perfect but not fake news and not nearly as biased as this site, FOX and other alt-right sites. At this point, seeing you guys LOL at these organizations is what’s actually laughable. This topic is a good example. You still think Spicer did something good, while everyone not trapped in your bubble knows he’s wrong and embarrassed. Hopefully you know how to research that. In terms of public opinion, Twitter will give you a taste: https://twitter.com/search?q=sean%20spicer&src=typd

        1. Actually, the content of this article is not that bad. My comments were meant for another site. My opinion of the reader comments here still applies.

          1. Try this: CNN and MSNBC are airing reports on this right now (9 pm PST). Watch and see if anything seems bogus.

          2. Hey, media sponge. You just admitted to leaving a comment on the wrong article. Get the fuck out of here you dumb cunt.

          3. Yes, I admitted to what was essentially a typing mistake. I understand the inherent shame that comes with supporting Trump but I’m sorry it’s made you so ugly and angry.

          4. Parents must be thrilled they raised an adult troll. You’re on this site after the beating you took Nov.8? Since Barry took office Republicans have taken over 1043 seats. The Democrat Party divide and Conquer, Race Baiting, Victim Mentality, We deserve, and Projection is something Americans Have caught on to. I wanna thank you for being the Neighborhood Idiot and I if I was you start worrying about 2018 election ( Super Majority for Republicans could come). I’m not even a Republican and I can’t stand how the Democrats Project everything. Don’t be mad that Trump going to get you a job and the government is going to be your daddy. WE WON WE WON WE WON!! Even my liberal wife was laughing at all those slobs at that March!! Bunch of self proclaimed victims. How funny the Clinton Foundation is shutting down because they can’t sell influence anymore but Obama got a Foundation now. Unreal

          5. 66 comments you adult troll. If you’re over the age of 25 you’re flat out pathetic. Go back to Huffington Post or Slate for some more non fact opinion pieces. I hope George Soro’s is paying you to be a adult troll?

        2. Except, you won’t change any minds here, faggot. It’s our turn to fuck you like we got fucked for 8 years, with a side of fucking those who fucked us in our own party.

          I expect fully to see these faggots crawl out of the woodwork to collect their Soros paycheck by pretending to be reasoned observers having a ration al argument, since they found out screaming racist at everyone at the top of their lungs wasn’t effective.

      1. Enzo – I appreciate the thorough reply (really).

        The Fox laughter was from the anchors on TV, within 30 minutes of the presser.

        See my comment above about the mistaken post. It wasn’t meant for Ralph.

        The magnetometers comment was on CNN, in several segments when they also provided crowd size estimates and public transportation facts.

        1. The neighborhood Idiot tells more stories than Walt Disney!!! You have to get out of mom basement soon. Chicks don’t like adult trolls who need a wheelbarrow to carry around their gut and collect welfare. You hate Trump because he;s going to get you a job. Obama said it was unpatriotic that Bush had 4.9 trillion in debt but than Obama doubled that.Please keep listening to the the liberal media it’s comical, even FOX news sometimes. I mean it is ran by liberals. 16 percent of Americans trust the media and your quoting them? You can’t fix brain damage

          1. I read all your lovely comments to me. Aside from being emotionally sick, you’re also wrong on your political points. The troll accusation is wrong too. I came across this site while researching the subject of the article. I read many articles, comments, studies, etc. from all sides before forming a belief. I decided to comment when I saw so many people here who clearly don’t. Getting information from only one viewpoint, often wrong, is an epidemic right now in this country. There are STILL people on sites like this not knowing the truth about the Spicer press conference. Let me ask you something: If mainstream media is totally untrustworthy, what sources do you use for news and information?

      2. Go to Brit Hume Twitter. He said the New York Times took the Picture before Trump was even out their. This moron your typing too is the neighborhood idiot. He lives in his mommy basement and needs a wheelbarrow to carry around his gut. He’s just upset that Trumps going to make him and his family get a job. He’s a liberal because they support him being a waste of space. Did you see the protesters and March I don’t think many off them had jobs. I think 3 million in all and only 150 of them had employment. If I was getting everything free I would be Pissed if Trump won also. Thank God Trump won

    2. no way, the world is not laughing at the USA but laughed at Obama thru the last 7 years ..Brexit is happening also in Australia, Germany, France, Italy, even Argentina! & in Canada theyr waking up to the perils of weak leftist leadership (and nepotism, they voted the son of a lefty old leader as in Argentina used to be and as the libs wanted here? after 2TERMS of Clinton they wanted the WIFE to come in which would put the impeached DISBARRED pervert BACK in the office? OMG! ur nuts! please you’re delusional UTOPIA lover…it’s over…it’s our turn you had 8 yrs omg how unfair are you…didn your parents teach about someone’s else’s TURN!..hogging fascists!

      1. ??? Perhaps you’re right about all that but it’s not pertinent to this discussion. So how am I nuts and delusional?

        Here’s an example of opinion from a very conservative guy: Bill Kristol (@BillKristol)
        “It is embarrassing, as an American, to watch this briefing by Sean Spicer from the podium at the White House. Not the RNC. The White House.”

        Maybe read a few articles outside your bubble:

        1. Bill Kristol whose a Never Trumper and a warmonger. Are you the neighborhood Idiot? How did you get out of the cage your parents keep you in? How think Adult trolls are absolutely bottom of the barrel.

        2. Bill Kristol whose a Never Trumper and a warmonger. Are you the neighborhood Idiot? How did you get out of the cage your parents keep you in? How think Adult trolls are absolutely bottom of the barrel.

    3. Oh damn, Ralph, a shitlib just said you need to git yer mind right and read the *RESPECTABLE* outlets for the *REAL* news! Just forget about all that you’ve learned since August 2014 about ethics in journalism – now they got magnetometers and shit! MAGNEETOMEETERS RALPH! This You don’t want the pozzed world laughing at us, do you? This is serious! Get with the program, man! Wow. Just, wow.

    4. Hey moron did you see what Brit Hume said. New York Times took the picture before he even came out. Get off this site you adult troll. How come you never came out after Obama and his 8 years of lying. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Iran Deal, You can keep your Doctor, Shovel ready jobs do I have to go on you Social Justice Warrior?

      1. You just made my point. Three days later and you still don’t know the truth about the photos, yet have a strong opinion. They were both taken at 8:59 am. You don’t know that because you probably only frequent sites like this and only watch Fox. What Britt Hume said is true, but I assume he didn’t make it clear that it was exactly the same at both inaugurations. Fox does disingenuous things like this many times every day, without actually lying, keeping their viewers ignorant and misinformed.

  8. The days when the extreme-left, almost fascist MSM can just throw out completely unsubstantiated lies, half-truths, rumor, gossip and insinuation as truth are over.

    1. as u can see above, i loved it, but this picture…not at all…pls/…if u dont like cats..or dogs! know that people that are cruel to animals do this to all animals not just cats…have u seen the video of th Jihadists abusing dogs? Google it or Tweet…they had a LIVE doggy suspended from harness hammock type and they were hitting a Sheppard with sticks..it’s awful..pls remove?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9bddb755206e0b5b10f01be51ea5da3fb72e263620822531fd00e136a8a2855a.jpg

      1. I actually love cats. The picture has been around for over 10 years by my count, I just used it because it’s a famous OWN3D pic. It’s not real, though, the original person was holding a tool, not a cat. I removed it all the same.

    1. I don’t think he cared about his delivery!!! He went out there like a Champ and told the lying liberal media how they felt. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  9. BEAUTIFUL! keep them like that…also do not give anarchists permits for PROTESTS how’s that? public destruction…same with this gigantic marches…did they have enough toilettes? GTFO of the country if you dont like it! we’re gonna protect the borders, PERIOD…the deported MXns can take their kids with them, help their country!…theyr not obligated to come here JEEZ!

  10. If these protests continue, especially the destruction and violence, Pres Trump should declare martial law and round the loonies up and shove them in the slammer. Have these snowflakes, anarchists, communists and fascist rioters thought of that?

  11. I do feel good about the conflict between the White House and the media.

    I would also pay money to see what the Trump-Trudeau conversation was like.

  12. Spicer let these guys get away too easy. Really, given the crimes the media has perpetrated against AMERICA!, her people and her tribune, the earth-striding GOD! TRUMPLIGULA!, he should have shot them all in the face at close range and watch them die while enjoying a cigarette.

  13. The way the media has been doubling down is truly a disgrace. It really does show how much these fucking leftist SJWs have taken over and have complete control of the Western organisations and institutions.

    I actually thought that some of some of them, including the Hollywood celebrities, would back down a bit after Trump becomes president. I was so wrong, they’re become even worse. Even to the point of accusing Trump of having a sexual fetish towards his own daughter. Absolutely vile.

    I’m glad people are waking up to this SJW crap, but I think it’s too late.

  14. Milos’ strategy was to align with Trump but be a shameless self promoter, of himself.

    The pictures do approximate, the smaller crowd should have been laughed off and moved on, as with the Dr. King bust. Nickel and dime issues compared to what is coming. Picking his fights is something he (Trump) must learn now.

    Tempest in a teapot

    1. NO you need to keep your foot on the liberal media throat and the liberals. This is how they got so out of control. I’m going to let President Trump do what he thinks his best. You know your a boss when you destroy the media, the liberals, the establishment, the Bushes and The Clinton crime family. I’d love to see another human being do what he did. As Vox Day says, you have to keep your foot on the Liberals throats and not give them an inch.

        1. Well since Bill Clinton didn’t get impeached for absolutely lying about getting head in the White house I’m not worried. See most logical people care about one thing and that’s the economy. If the Economy starts to boom he’ll win in 2020 again. I’m worried about paying my house off and providing for my family. I vote with logic not emotion

          1. Meet the bar, high crimes and misdem., sex never qualified except when Newt and Dennis (who me gay) Haster decided to get Bill no matter.

            Starting with Ethics, a pathological inability to speak the truth, Donald the Orange, who knows.

          2. Well you living in your mother’s basement knows best. I can tell your half a retard by making fun of the way somebody looks. Typical Liberal troll who thinks race baiting is more important than the economy. When you retards start worrying about the economy I might listen to the side show of the DP. You lost 1043 since Obama took office and you people double down. I played College football and when we lost we changed our game plan, not the crazy liberals. Obama lied for 8 years but you idiots always forget. I care about the economy and the government not costing me more money. You push Projection just like all the other liberals. It’s not my fault you have Daddy issues and want the Government as your daddy. Adult troll, so pathetic. Go back to the Huffington Post where their upset Trump didn’t wave to the media. Isn’t it crazy that the Republican party has become the middle class party? Most people care about putting food on the table not Global warming and bathrooms. You can keep your doctor, Benghazi was about a video. Obama spend more money on weapons than any other President since WW 2. Those Moderate Rebels sure are doing good.

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