This one made me laugh

Toronto police have launched an investigation after residents in the city’s east-end found “ultra right wing” posters that urged white people “tired of political correctness” and “questioning when immigration will stop” to join an online movement they suspect arose out of Donald Trump’s election win.

The signs have a bold headline that reads “Hey, WHITE PERSON” and ask, “wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?” and “figuring out that diversity only means less white people’?”

They also called for those with similar thinking to join the “alt-right” political movement on several conservative Canadian and American websites.

“I found the posters very disturbing, residents in my ward sent it this morning. I think the sentiments expressed in the poster are totally unacceptable in this city and it’s very worrisome,” Coun. Janet Davis told Global News Monday, after the signs turned up in Ward 31 Beaches-East York.

“I’m quite worried that the Donald Trump election has legitimized this kind of ultra right wing viewpoint and encouraged these kinds of expressions of hate.”…

“I was shocked, it was disgusting. So I started to tear it down. And he started pulling me along to make us go but I told him, ‘I don’t like bullies,’ so I took it down,” he said, adding he had heard from neighbours there were other posters found in the area.

“I hope I never see them, I hope they don’t come back around here. There’s no way to know where this person would have come from, who would have put that up, whether they’re even from this neighbourhood. But I know that’s not really a Toronto thing so I just hope we don’t see it again.”

The posters themselves aren’t even racist, if you ask me. Yes, the appeal directly to white people, but so what? It’s the same thing other races have been doing for decades. I guess it’s only wrong when white people do it.

SJWs and racists on the left started identity politics. They’re finding that it was a very dangerous Pandora’s Box to open…for them, that is.