I’ve been up all night. So I’m too tired to go all in and write a full-length burn right now. But I had to come tell you about this craziness, nonetheless. Some psycho has accused GamerGate of orchestrating a drive-by shooting against them. Keep in mind, this person was a complete unknown to 98% of us before they put out this bizarre statement. The only reason the other 2% knew, is because they laughed at this nut. I almost ignored this altogether, but it’s just too weird and flat-out funny to pass up…even if I’m on the brink of unconsciousness. 
Here’s the bizarre statement from Facebook:


Some more background, courtesy of Encyclopedia Dramatica:


I don’t follow these types of clowns, but apparently people have been laughing at this nutter for years. Feel free to join them, as I have. I’ll probably come back later and update this a little bit, but I’m seriously about to pass out. Sound off down below and help me pick up the slack. I’ll be back later. Also, I’m going to see San Andreas this afternoon, so expect a review of that soon as well.