Here’s a quick update to a story we ran the other day about Apple removing games with the Confederate Flag from their App Store. It looks like at least one of those games, Ultimate General:Gettysburg, has been reinstated:


It’s good to see Apple saw the light, at least in this case. We should remain vigilant, however. We don’t know what is going to get censored next. It might be the Confederate Flag again, or it could be some other “problematic” theme. No matter what, censorship is bad. The quicker these companies and online marketplaces learn that, the better.

  1. What’s with the whole confederate flag debacle? I’m not an American, but I understand the history behind it. What I don’t understand is why is it such a big deal?

    It’s a flag. Sure, it symbolizes a lot of shitty stuff, but same goes for swastika. Are you gonna remove it as well, since it’s gonna shit on Wolfenstein franchise. What about its other meaning when used by Buddhists? Context matters, people!

    1. But see, the thing is, the flag in question is not the actual Confederate flag, it’s a battle flag. The fact that it’s not even the actual Confederate flag just makes this whole thing even more preposterous.

      As if we needed proof that these people are utter and complete nincompoops. That is to say, morons.

      President Lincoln didn’t care one bit about slaves, he was more than willing to keep slavery alive and well if it meant saving the Union.

      These people are nothing but a bunch of revisionists, or simply dimwitted imbeciles.

        1. People reacted the Charleston shooting by wanting to ban flag anywhere. So of course anywhere meaning anywhere the flag may show up. TV shows, books, videogames, etc. So basically an idiotic overreaction to a horrible tragedy. It is roughly the same as Germany’s banning of Nazi imagery. Rather than accepting the bad thing happened they’d prefer to whitewash history.

          1. To be fair, Americans have never let the German people forget the whole Nazism and on their media endless rub it in their faces so I understand their reluctance to even think of it despite the vast circumstances surrounding the rise to power which included a lot of outside meddling which are always overlooked. Because people have always preferred a simple story, good guys are all the best things possiblr while bad guys are all unrepentant monsters.

            Interestingly enough though the more commonly used flag by the KKK is actually the stars and stripes, the confederate flag is more a southern thing and it is only more associated with it because the media didn’t want to taint the image of the American flag

    2. There have been numerous times that, because Hitler lifted the Swastika from Eastern religion, at the very least Westerns have been confused at finding it in Asia on things that well predate the rise of Naziism. Its also been contextually removed from modern mention in media such as “SS” replacing it in games, or the symbol for Hydra being used in the captain America movie.

      In similar context, while what is apparently the Confederate battle and naval flag has significance to the direct period in history it was used, all of the four years in which the US Civil War was fought, it became a stronger symbol of racism and separation in the 60s. With people clinging to it almost religiously as an expression of independent spirit and even national pride. Regardless of any other kind of feelings it might dredge up when present at a KKK rally.

      So yes, while this backlash in the wake of some nut job’s murder spree is stupid, to the point historical relative media is being removed, the flag should not have continued to be used by southern state governments into the twenty-first century.

      1. your statement of the Swastika being lifted from eastern religions by the Nazis is not entirely accurate. It’s a symbol found the world over, and has a long history in Europe, from Mycenaean Greece to Rome to the Celts to the Norse to…well, they were everywhere in Europe. The Nazis were using it to call on the old native Germanic culture to prop up their radical nationalism.

  2. It seems with gay marriage being legal (that’s fantastic but personally I feel like the verbal attacks against bigoted preachers is insanely unnecessary, I feel we can set a much better example) has taken the heat off this issue. Which what pissed me off the most about this controversy and what I found the most offensive was not that flag, but how both political parties (more so the left this time but the right is also guilty of this too) jumped on this story before the bodies of the victims were even cold to sell whatever agenda they had on the to do list that day. Don’t drag the dead into your bullshit politics. Let dead rest in piece. Honor them. But don’t drag them into whatever political agenda you want to push that day.

    1. What offended me the most is when CNN jumped on the video game bashing bandwagon and called it, “The Mortal Kombat Murders”. DYLAN ROOF WASN’T A GAMER. That’s some TYT level research right there.

      1. And we have finally come full circle. Back to video games cause mass shootings. Great job Sarkeesian.

          1. Not this shit again. Good job America, your freedom is getting stripped away and you are to busy bitching about a flag that was part of a war that ended nearly 200 years ago. Fantastic.

  3. So. I’ve just witnessed the biggest hypocrisy comment ever from Bill Maher. He champions the banning of the Confederate flag, but at the end of the show, he calls out the ‘pc police’ for censoring comedy. How’s that for irony?

  4. Well see my post on the previous article you ran on this, but they should ask for money they may have lost due to their game being pulled.

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