I almost never used emojis until I started with an app called Slack. One of the best features Slack has is the ability to add custom emojis. In all my time of using Slack, however, I never thought to add a “period emoji.” I guess I’m just not woke enough.

Yes, there is actually a campaign to add a “period emoji” to the standard set that everyone gets on their phones. I’m not sure why we need bodily function emojis, but again, it must be my manical misogynist mind holding me back.

Why do we need to normalize menstruation? I thought that was already pretty normal as it is. I mean, like Brianna Wu, I have never experienced the phenomenon, but it’s pretty much a fundamental part of the female human condition. Also, that design is incredibly bad. At least this one is a little more subtle.

But, wait, there’s more!

I have an idea. If we get a period emoji, perhaps we can get one for the men as well…

Chandra has an idea of what’s next. At first I laughed at this, but to be honest, I would expect a campaign along these lines within the next year.


If you would like to help support this insane movement, or else just laugh at it like I have, you can visit Plan International UK.