I’ve been having an amazing time in London so far, but I wanted to bring you all this cool interview that I setup recently. It’s with Mike Cernovich, one of my favorite guys online. He always has an interesting take and just as importantly, he continues to have fun with everything he does. I figured we’d check in with him to get his thoughts on the election, his work, and more.

You can buy his book, Gorilla Mindset, here.


Ralph: Since our interview last summer, a lot of things have changed for you…seemingly all of them for the better. You book was a major success, you’ve gotten married, and your presence on Twitter and elsewhere has grown exponentially. How would you describe the last 12 months of your life, and to what to your attribute this hot streak to?

Cernovich: Life has been busier than usual because of the work put in for years, even decades. It takes a lot of time and you must make a lot of mistakes to figure out the game of life. Once you do, then life will eventually become dialed in for you.

There’s a cliche that goes, “I was a 10 year overnight success.” That’s been true for me. I struggled. I was clueless. I made a lot of mistakes. Now life seems almost too easy. That sort of mastery takes time. Enjoy the struggle as you’re coming up, and never believe your own hype once you start to make it.

Also seek out momentum and never get lazy. I work harder today than I did 10 years ago. I recognize how precious opportunity is. When you have a good gig going, don’t lose that momentum. Find a way to take your life to the next level.

Ralph: You were one of the first guys I saw who said Donald Trump was going to take it all the way and become president. Even Milo, who I have great respect for, didn’t think that would happen. Hell, I didn’t think it would happen either, even though I did say Trump would make a lot of noise and called the media idiots for underestimating him last summer. But what made you so dead-set about your prediction?

Cernovich: I knew based on my conversations with people that PC culture had gone too far. People were tired of SJWs and their little hate mobs in the media, and people were tired of beta cucks in the GOP.

Trump also knew how to play the media. He could create drama that would dominate the news cycle. He was also tougher than anyone else running.

That said, to be honest, at first I thought this was Cruz’s election to take. Cruz is a genius. I could have seen either Cruz or Trump winning, which turned out to be what happened.

In life you must take risks. Calling an election for Cruz wasn’t a ballsy move. That’s boring. Why say what everyone else says? I saw Trump was on the rise and called it early because in life if you don’t have guts, you’ll never have glory.

Ralph: What do you think are going to be the three major issues during the fall campaign?

Cernovich: The Trump Wall/Islamic terrorism, Bill Clinton’s rape victims, and Hillary’s corruption.

Ralph: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is really struggling right now, and in my view, it’s because she’s a terrible politician and there’s no “fun factor” with her run. I know you dislike her as much (or more) than I do. But if you were advising her campaign, what advice would you give her?

Cernovich: This is a fun question, but as one of maybe five people in the world who could help Hillary beat Trump, I won’t answer.

I enjoy calling out what’s happening, and even though biased, often act as someone who calls out both sides. It’s been hard for me to remember Napoleon, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Hillary truly presents a threat to Western civilization and she is our enemy.

Ralph: I’ve seen you talk about your upcoming Trump book on Twitter. When can we expect that and what all to you hope to elucidate for the readers?

Cernovich: Soon! I always get behind on my books as I take on other projects. Silenced (my documentary on free speech with director Loren Feldman) has been going great, so I’m pushing my work towards that.

The Trump book will be out soon.

Ralph: Leaving the election out of this, what do you think will be the defining issue of the next 10 years? In our last interview, you said the destruction of the middle class was the most pressing current problem we face (I happen to agree). Will that continue to be the case, or is something bigger or more threatening on the horizon?

Cernovich: Islamic terrorism and student loan debt will be major issues. Today young people have debt but no jobs. There’s not much hope for young people due to this debt.

Young people who were conned by the education establishment to take on debt should be able to file for bankruptcy. It’s an outrage that student loan debt is the only debt you can’t discharge in bankruptcy.

Ralph: You’re also working hard on a movie called Silenced: Our War On Free Speech. How far along is it and what can we expect from the finished product?

Cernovich: Filming has gone great. We’ve talked to people from all over the world about free speech and what it means to them. We’ve talked to a world famous cartoonist, anonymous Twitter accounts, Muslims, white straight males, and everyone in between. Silenced is going to blow some minds.

Ralph: What person has been your biggest inspiration throughout your online career?

Cernovich: No one has done what I’ve been doing online, so I had to figure most of this stuff out on my own. I’ve learned a lot of from too many people to mention.

That said, one name that might surprise you is Durianrider – he’s this vegan cyclist out of Australia. He has a no fucks given attitude towards life and knows how to create drama in a way that spreads his message. He’s been highly influential from a marketing and mindset perspective.

Ralph: Sometimes, people get burned out as writers. What do you like to do for fun in order to prevent that, and what is some advice you could give that might help aspiring authors?

Cernovich: I have fun. That’s the key. As a writer I used to worry about how an article would go over with readers. Now I don’t care. I write whatever I want to write without worrying about how it will be received. This has taken my creativity to new levels.

When people complain, I tell them to read the several thousand articles I wrote rather than complain and be a butt hurt cry baby.

As long as you produce a lot of articles, people will keep reading and your site will grow.


Thank you so much for your time, Mike! I’m about to head into central London before drinks tonight at Galvin at Windows. I should be back later this evening with an update on my trip and maybe a regular post. Look for another interview or two here pretty soon as well. I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did.