Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon, you know him, right? He’s the creator of NBC’s Community, and co-creator of the Adult Swim animated hit, Rick and Morty. Well, it looks like Mr. Harmon is the next Hollywood sicko to get exposed. As it turns out, he made a video awhile back where he rapes a baby. It’s a doll in the video, but I suspect Mr. Harmon might very well be a practitioner of method acting, if you catch my drift.

The whole thing is disturbing in the extreme.


This YouTube video has some clips from it, but I’m not going to link to the original because it might be grounds to have my site taken down. It’s that bad.


And as you can see from the tweet I linked above, Dan Harmon has deleted his entire Twitter account in reaction to this tape resurfacing. One can only wonder what all he wanted to hide from prying eyes. Perhaps some direct evidence of outright criminality? Who knows.

Oh, and he does have his defenders in the Twittersphere as well. Apparently, a skit about fucking a baby is just “high IQ”comedy. I guess I’m just not not smart enough to see the humor inherent in the act of fucking small children.


There’s a reason Disney fired James Gunn so quickly and hasn’t looked back since. Most of America is naturally revolted at “comedy” bits about child rape. There’s also another theory I have, and it’s that there’s more still to come as far as James Gunn goes.

By the way…I have the same theory about Dan Harmon. The deletion of his Twitter just further fuels those concerns. I’ll keep my eyes on this story, and we’ll definitely have a lot to say about it on the next #Killstream.

The main question is what Adult Swim will have to say about it, though. Do they really feel comfortable having this man as a part of their team?