There is key figure we’ve largely ignored on this site. His pernicious influence on the gaming industry has been felt in so many ways, it’s almost unfathomable. How can a man so widely despised by so many, have such a position of prominence in the hobby that we love? Ask yourself this one simple question: What positive thing has Ben Kuchera ever  done, to your knowledge? Over the next week, I’m going to be digging into this bastard every single day. He’s decided to try to take away the careers of our supporters. I say we sink his fucking ship once and for all. Our man FartToContinue start of the Week of Ben with a Bang.

Here’s the quote. I think most of you can read the fucking headline already, so you know that Ben Kuchera finds rape to be fucking hilarious. Fart said this was quote a “career killer,” but I am not so certain. I haven’t seen the SJWs hold one of their own to account so far. I don’t expect them to start now.


So, you’re move, scumbags. Where is Leigh Alexander, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, #FullMcIntonsh, and the rest of the goon squad at on this one. I would expect a quick denunciation.