Things are spiraling out of control at an amazing rate. In Florida, school officials are mulling over having sexual harassment charges brought against a 9-year-old kid for giving love notes to his kiddie crush. I would be surprised, but I’ve seen so much crazy shit over the last year that this is just another example of SJW culture taken to its (il)logical conclusion. All we can do is shine a light on it and point it out to people who don’t pay attention to the changes in society closely enough.

Here’s more on this story from The New York Daily News

A 9-year-old Florida boy could face sexual harassment charges for penning love notes to a girl in his class, his furious mother said.

The tiny admirer gushed about his crush, telling her she’s “pretty and cute” while boldly revealing his feelings for her in the handwritten loose-leaf letter, ABC Action News reported.

“I like you,” the Tampa fourth grader in the Hillsborough County Public Schools district wrote inside a heart drawing. “I like your hair because it is not sloppy. I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds.”…

The romantic proclamations landed the little boy in the principal’s office, where school officials threatened they’d get authorities to slap him with sexual harassment charges, according to ABC.

It’s hard to imagine something more fucked up than this, other than the pedophilia ultra-leftists are trying to mainstream as of late. Why are they possibly scarring this kid for life over a fucking love letter? OK, so the girl may not have wanted it. But it’s not like he said anything about fucking her in the goddamn letter. In fact, he needs to target a new chick, because his talents for complementary prose are being wasted on this one. Move on, kid, she’s not worth it.

There’s so many things wrong with this scenario that I could write 1000 words on it. I’m not, because I’m lazy and don’t feel like it, but the point is, I could. This is the end result of people not paying attention to the creeping march of the poisonous SJW ideology that has taken hold over the last decade or so. When regular folks tune out the culture wars, the diehards will eventually prevail. The radical feminists have a shitload of devoted supports, they have an academic network spread out over the entire country (world, even), and they are on the move. If we don’t stand up and fight the bastards now, in a big way, expect things to get even worse.