Brianna Wu can’t go a day without looking at Twitter. He goes on at obscene length about how he fights for poor, downtrodden, black people and women (in tech). But, I have a question to pose:

Aside from ranting and hashtagging on Twitter, what have you actually DONE?

Based on what I can tell, not a hell of a lot. For starters, aside from the bare minimum of time needed to catch some Zs, you are glued to Twitter 24/7. During that infamous period where you threw TheRalph out of your little meeting place (shitting yourself like he was a bomb clad ISIS member when all he did was snap a photo of you), you proved you are a huge Twitter junkie that you can’t properly function as a game developer.

It takes some serious dedication to attention whoring to have that level of paranoia. Since you are tweeting every day, dozens, even hundreds of times, at least a third of your life is pissed down Twitter’s drain.

Other times you run from convention to convention, going on at length about how HARASSED you’ve been, re-showing Jace Conners videos as legit threats to your life even though GamerGhazi (who showed me more respect than you ever did) figured out he was a hoax. And when you aren’t doing that you’re rambling about how you are some frontrunner in the women in tech movement. In reality, your sole claim to fame is a pisspoor iOS game (the sales figures don’t lie, you barely made back a quarter of its supposed costs at best). Hell, the updated re-release is LATE AS OF THE TIME OF THIS WRITING AND YOU TREAT BEING REMINDED YOU HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO DO WHAT PEOPLE GAVE YOU MONEY FOR AS TROLLING. Aside from those two items, you’re a nobody.

So am I, but the last thing I’m going to do is find a social media outlet and shill for attention instead of doing sod all to fulfill my obligations as a game dev.

News flash, Wu: I’m a game dev too. Okay, it’s an RPG Maker VX Ace game. It’s not for money, I’m not beholden to anyone but myself, and I can always refuse to work on it or let it lapse. But I believe in seeing things through to completion and giving people notice when I’m later than expected for an update. I can only hope the people you gypped via Kickstarter/Patreon/etc. realize how poor you are at honoring your PAID obligations on time and get their money back. I’m working on a game for free mostly for fun that I have no schedule to keep and I still feel more obligated to give a shit about the people that care about the project. On the other hand, you actually consider giving project updates an imposition. You called an account set up to specifically keep people in the loop when your game was coming out a GamerGate account because they asked you to honor your word (which, as a game made for profit and one people gave you money to make, you are legally bound to fulfill your promises).

And here I thought it was exaggeration when the Kiwi Farms referred to you as Chris Chan II when it comes to honoring deadlines…..but recently even they admit his work ethic is higher than yours, since he’s actually producing his comic again and people are getting what they pay for.

That’s right Wu. A guy internet famous for being a lolcow with a terminal case of sloth is showing more integrity towards his promises to deliver what people pay for than you.

In your shoes, I’d be pretty embarrassed right now.

With all that said, let’s change gears. When you aren’t doing all the above, when do you do activism for the minorities and women you claim to give a damn about?

Honestly, you never tell us. I’ve been there to provide support to rape survivors, I’ve donated to charity and I’ve provided hospitality to the poor. But what have you done for your pet causes?

Unless you’re willing to share information I doubt exists, you’re a con who does nothing for the people you say you care about. Wu can’t be bothered, because he’s too busy being the world’s best Peggle player. You treat your own husband like a beta male (yeah Wu, mocking the man you married on Twitter looks kinda shitty), and you immediately run on to every outlet that will throw a microphone your way so you can spew your long discredited bullshit. Still, you do nothing when it comes to genuine advocacy.

Those #BlackLivesMatter people you white knight? Some of them have posted evidence they actually hit the streets for protests. Even Rachael Dolezal, charlatan she may have been, actually got involved with real advocacy work for the NAACP. While she may have lied about being black, she actually got off her ass and did more than hashtag regurgitation.

So I ask again: What have you actually done besides attention whore and screw around?

I’ll be here waiting for the crickets to quit chirping when you finally have a response that isn’t “QUIT MANSPLAINING TO ME!”

    1. Appreciate it. I tend to write steam of consciousness style and edit later, and I wanted to get it all out before I lost my train of thought. FYI, Arcane21 is my alt name, i usually go by GethN7 elsewhere.

      And I used to called Wu a woman just to be polite, but after I got libeled by that sack of shit, fuck that guy’s feelings.

          1. My dear man you have every right to rant and be mad as hell but i red a lot of your comments/post and when you are nice and polite you are at the top of your game
            Keep up the good work
            My hat is of to you

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      1. It was great, it just needed some polishing to make it really shine. I can’t wait to read more of your work.

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      3. Dude same with pedos Sarah butts did you know brianna wu trolls Facebook and Twitter looking for mentions? Like when that Samus article dropped on I replied through Facebook and she jumped in hardcore then wrote my editor trying to get me removed as a contributer fuck that lady Ho

  1. Wu’s anus just got shredded.

    That was fucking incredible. I take my ridiculous, diamond-patterned top hat off to you, sir…or madam…or esteemed, non-gendered amorphous humanoid blob.

    1. oh he just gonna cry harassment and beg for more hipster welfare money. That those idiots are more than willing to give, even if it means living off food coupons for the rest of the year.

  2. Wu Manchu already claims Linkle is a FEMINIST WIN!!! That doesn’t work because:
    1. She was created BEFORE Hyrule Warriors 1 came out which was BEFORE august 2014.
    2. The official guide says she is not a Link gender bender but his sister.
    3. Even IF she was a rule 63 of link it would mean she’s Scamkeesians “Ms make trope”

    Verdict: No feminist victory!

    1. Not to mention that Triforce Heroes was already full of playable female characters. Somehow I doubt any of them actually knew that though.

  3. I love the art Wu shows on Twitter to promote her genderverse. Apparently they’ve never heard of Color Theory, because the foreground characters and the background occupy the same plane. Of course it’s possible all he/she/it’s characters are chameleons.

  4. This post would be better if you didn’t keep calling her a he. Granted I understand why you are and I always have a good laugh when a former male champions themselves as an example of a female in tech it just ends up coming off as s an insult

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else but I feel I owe third wave feminist ideologues the same courtesy a Jew or black person owes a neo-Nazi or KKK, which is to say – none.

      I have listened to their rancid defamatory insults about white privilege, rape culture, white racism, the male hatred of women and a lot more until my ears are bleeding. Fuck every one of them. They are a pack of pathological liars and mentally ill retards.

  5. Replace Wu with all of the other current SJW charlatans, or with the Kony people back in 2012, or Occupy in 2010, any other “slacktivist” movement that does jack fucking shit but garner attention to itself.

    None of these people give two flying fucks about the world around them, and they care even less about minorities and women in gaming/tech. Twitter has fueled their ego and inflated their opinions, while all the normal people either leave or get caught up in shouting matches with them (I know I’m a happier man for having stopped using it). Seriously, at least Tumblr has cool art blogs – Twitter has nothing but drama queendom and slacktivism, and I doubt the SJWs will give two shits about video games halfway into next year, when some new cause comes up for them to show everyone how much better they are then everyone else.

    And really, does anyone think they REALLY want gaming content OR hiring practices to change? The loss of grievances would mean the loss of money and/or purpose for these injustice collectors.

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