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Obstruction of Justice: Brianna Wu Is on the Scene

Today has been filled with much excitement. But, I think there’s one thing makes it to the top of the list. If you’ve been following the drama today then you know Brianna Wu (aka John Walker Flynt) has said she need to get stuck in...

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promotes the Latest Anti-Gamer Smears From Brianna Wu

The show must go on, despite all the drama and memes currently surrounding TRR founder Ethan Ralph. Right before I left for work today, I learned that the Twitter account of Hillary Clinton’s “Hillary for America” campaign had tweeted out an article by Professional Victim...

Brianna Wu’s SyFy “Feature” Is The Year’s Best Comedy So Far

I just watched Brianna Wu’s segment on The Internet Ruined My Life, which is an unintentionally hilarious new show on SyFy. I gotta say, it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Just watching Wu trying to squeeze out some fake tears is worth the price of admission alone. And since I said to hell with cable a long time ago, the price for my admission was actually zero.