It’s was busy week for me on the personal front, so again, I apologize for the paucity of posts from yours truly. I should be back to full speed this week, if things go as planned. I do have a couple personal errands later today but I’ll still get some stuff done before I go and after I return. The first item on today’s agenda is a little chat about an old friend: Brianna Wu.

OK, Wu is not technically a friend. But the nut has been friendly to my AdSense revenue, since so many people enjoy reading about her psychosis. I cannot even properly recount the number hits we’ve done on Wu’s buffoonery and unhinged behavior. You can click the tag below this article to see more, but suffice it to say, the list is large. Days before the election, Wu insinuated that the FBI had been infiltrated…by GamerGate. Then there’s the college degree lie. Oh, and what about the time her former employee shredded her lies and exposed fraud associated with her public claims about game development?

Who could forget the sarin gas claim? I think that’s probably my personal all-time favorite. The point is, this is a dangerously insane person who will continue to provide miles and miles of fodder for people like me. That would only be enhanced by the mission Wu has been talking up as of late: Running for public office.



I, for one, support Wu’s proposed run 100%. I mean, I’m not suggesting anyone actually vote for her. Don’t get me wrong. But it would be the funniest thing to happen in a long while…maybe ever. Can you picture this crazed person on a debate stage? I’m laughing just thinking about it. Part of me thinks this is just a stunt to squeeze more cash out of SJW-types who haven’t realized what a fraud Brianna is. And that’s probably what this is all about. But please…please…let this happen. I’ll even make a trip up to whatever Massachusetts shithole Wu tries to run in.

I wonder if she will try to have a member of the media thrown out of one of her events? Surely not.

  1. She has probably seen all the money Jill Stein and Bernie managed to raise and wanted a piece of the action. I had assumed another daring escape from evil internet trolls was coming up to boost her patreon, what with the practically non-existent game sales she got. I will give her some credit for looking for a new angle to exploit from, but she can’t think anyone will vote for her… Can she?

    1. there are enough soc just types all over the place so she would get some votes probably not enough to win, but winning isn’t wu’s goal he wants money. more because he’s a massive fail at managing it seriously $200k to start a animation company and it flops, was it $400k for a single game (that looks like it was made in the early 2000’s if that the characters in 1994’s show ReBoot look better) and I doubt it made 1/10th of its cost, if that.

    2. As funny as a Wu-run would be I don’t see our favorite lulzcow getting through the vetting process, the DNC may be crumbling in the wake of the Hilldabeast’s implosion but it’s still got all the gatekeeping mechanisms in place to keep outsiders out.

      That being said the lunatics get closer to running the asylum every day and the SJWs Bernie brought into his staff after they kept cucking him at his rallies is already going around the news circuit talking about the need for diversity quotas within the party. So assuming no other trannies volunteer to become democrat candidates maybe it could happen.

    3. I agree mate….it has sniffed the fat cash cow that is running for office as a never a hope in hell candidate (ahem…..step up Messrs Cain, Gingritch, Stein, Johnson et al) and has decided to get in on the gravy train action.
      Thing is…..bonus Pyramid of Lulz potential:
      Stage 1) The hilarious clusterfuck campaign
      Stage 2) The inevitable miserable failure
      Stage 3) The epic baaawfest, salt tsunami and “its all GamerGate’s fault” meltdown
      Stage 4) Whacky Wu and Fudgepackin Frank in court facing campaign fund fraud and embezzlement charges

      Personally I wouldnt be surprised if the “public office” she runs for is some z list minor council office like Chief of the Dog Pound or some backwater school board.

  2. -her
    Lolno, John Flynt is in no sense of the word a woman. Indeed, that will probably become a campaign issue should he actually run, given how ordinary American voters probably won’t respond favorably to a crazy tranny speaking on behalf of all women.

  3. So there’s Wu’s business model again:
    Hire people to get shit done for you, claim credit for their work, tweet about your imaginary accomplishments 24/7.

    There seems to be one problem though:
    “Individuals can contribute no more than $1,000 to candidates for office.”

    So getting money from Mommy and Daddy isn’t an option this time, hence Wu’s need for a campaign finance lawyer. lol

    1. i don’t know wu made a good long term decision in becoming a eunuch, that effectively eliminates his crazy from the genepool, unless we develop artificial womb technology and wu decides to make a few clones.

  4. In 4 years time he will be the candidate for the Democratic party in the next presidential elections. Hillary’s endorsement of him was just the beginning. Praise kek.

  5. Just another thing she will fail at.
    She failed as a man
    She failed as a woman
    She failed college
    She failed as an animator
    She failed as a gave developer
    She failed at a college newspaper (She was also asked to leave the office for foul racist language. A restraining order was needed just to get rid of it.)
    Now she’s going to fail for public office?
    She is a definite lock for the lolcow Hall of Fame, inaugural class: 2030.

  6. She just realized all the money that can be made in politics by following J.Stein and her millions of dollars in donated money.

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