I’ve been sitting here all night working on a little post about our old friend Brianna Wu. As you can tell by the title, it looks like Wu has been lying for years about the college degree that he she claims to have. The reason I say looks like, is to cover all my bases, but I don’t think Wu is telling the truth, given the evidence I’m about to show you. The records department at the University of Mississippi has been pretty clear. No person has a degree under Brianna Wu, or the old name of John Walker Flynt that she used to go by. Obviously, this throws any claim she’s ever made even further into doubt. If Wu will lie about this, what else will she lie about? There may be some reason it’s not showing up, but we’ll have to wait and see if Wu produces the needed evidence. Given how many times Brianna has lied over the past year, I’d have to say the burden of proof is now on her and not us.

In order to make things a bit more solid, I went out and gathered some evidence of my own, with the help of my team. A special viewer was the one to give me this screen from Wu’s LinkedIn:


Then, we have Wu’s Wikipedia page and Entrepreneur Wiki page…


Here’s a screen from an October 2014 report in the Boston Globe…


And from Wu’s own Twitter (I’m sure there’s even more there, I’m just a bit short on time):


Not only that, here’s an audio clip from The New Disruptors, also from October 2014 (and hosted by the fraudulent Glenn Fleishman):


But when you ask the University of Mississippi what’s up with Wu (or John Walker Flynt), they will tell you that no such degree was issued:



Wu_Failed_to_Graduate_02 (1)

I don’t know what kind of excuse Brianna will have for this, but it seems like the degree story was a complete fabrication. That’s nothing new, if you read these pages. Wu has been lying about me and others for well over a year now. Still, if you’re mendacious about something as basic as your degree history, then you are a complete phony. How many other parts of Wu’s past are fraudulent? I can bet you that there’s an awful lot. Therefore, I encourage you all to keep digging…just as I will do. If Wu proves that she has a degree, I’ll of course update you here.

  1. what the paragon of truth wu lied… shocking, what ever shall we do? why we update the wu’s lie tally anyone remember what its up to? seriously wu is the sort of person you listen to and then do the opposite because either they are lying or wrong

  2. This explains why Wu’s actively trying to hunt down any discussions of it’s past and get them deleted/pulled.

  3. Once again… this tranny beats you Wu, seeing as I actually finished my courses and graduated.

    In your manly face Brian!

  4. Brianna Wu being the liar she’s known to be. Not surprised at all.

    People really need to stop giving Wu the time of day. Maybe she’ll clean up her act once people stop paying attention to her antics.

  5. Just to cover more bases (and at risk of playing the devil’s advocate), do we know that Brianna kept her family name after the trans transition?

  6. Brianna Wu/John Flynt has been doing everything they can to censor this information, so be prepared in case Wu tries to pull the same stunt on you. In fact, I’d send this to other journalists and have them spread it even farther, as this is a very disgusting lack of ethics on the part of Wu.

  7. Is this THING still going? Have they not crashed and burned yet? I hope it’s a nice and slow descent of failure for trying to lie to so many people! A waste of space and time, as is documented for spending 10 years in University!

  8. Holy shit, that picture is horrifyingly amazing.

    Also, hay this bodes well for me as a CS major about a year from graduation! I was worried I’d end up making shit like she does! But turns out, she makes shit because she’s not even a CS grad!

  9. Also, that info says that that monster attended college for 10 years and didn’t get a degree? What the fuck was it doing there?

  10. She is a terrible writer. “…her interests were otherwise PEEKED.” It should be piqued. As for the claims of working as professional journalist, has that been verified? Professional does not mean, as in the case of Margaret Pless, having a Daily Kos blog. It means being employed by a professional mainstream news organization. While we all know there is very little reporting being done in MSM; even Matt Drudge does not call himself a professional journalist. He is independent, and while he owns the news-cycles, the internet in general, and breaks stories of international import, he does not call himself a journalist, but a ‘citizen journalist.’ So much like Conman St. Louis’s fantasist CV, is Woo’s claim a fabrication as well? It appears that in an age where one can simply self-identify as black (Shaun King), as otherkin, as a six years old girl (Stephonknee), can one also self-identify with their academic and professional credentials? In that case, I’d like to self-identify as the inventor of post-its.

  11. A degree in Investigative Journalism? While programs do change, I don’t see a track that calls itself Investigative Journalism. Programs are normally divided by print and broadcast, and then there are marketing and advertising tracks within Schools of Journalism. But a degree in Investigative Journalism? Wouldn’t it be rather a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a degree emphasis in Print, or Broadcasting? I have a B.A. degree in English. I took primarily classical literature classes, as opposed to modern lit or creative writing, but the degree itself is not called or even acknowledged as a Classical Literature degree.

  12. You’ve got a killshot here Ralph, especially if Milo picks it up. Wu’s obviously been getting pushed toward the edge of the SJW herd for awhile, once this gets around that’ll be that. We’ll have to make sure this info gets added to the encyclopedia dramatica page too if it hasn’t already.

  13. I still dont buy the bullshit. Worked at investigative journalism, then was inspired by the iphone to start making games….Not really a normal way of just changing things. Would be more understandable if, person worked at a low end job, then got inspired to make games. You dont do that drastic shifts and turns like she does. What next, from game development to runing for President of the United States…. or trying to be an astronaut?

  14. If John is so pro-tranny then why does he deny that he’s a tranny? There’s a lot of self-hate going on there. A psych doctor would have a field day with John.

  15. What’s interesting is the message saying this supposed smoking gun says it’s strictly prohibited information yet here it is being posted on some retard’s public website, do you suppose someone could use Ralph for being an unbearable fuckhead?

  16. So Flynt/Wu felt his/her interest being “peeked”, eh? Someone should let the semi-literate know the word is ‘piqued’.

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