One of the most baffling things about the last couple weeks, has been how the media has held up Brianna Wu as some kind of reputable source on GamerGate. She’s received some threatening tweets from a few trolls, so apparently we need to know everything she has to say! I never knew who this dishonest grifter was before GamerGate, and I don’t think I’m alone. I damn sure don’t want to witness her falsehoods and maniacal gesticulations any more now that I do know of her. The games she made was shit, she’s a liar, and I didn’t need to know much else.

But, as I said, the media won’t let that happen. So, let’s take an unauthorized look into this craven character. According to reports, she’s a longtime loon (UPDATE: YouTube has since removed that video, but it was put up again on DailyMotion). Keep in mind that these are unverified reports, but you can be the judge. They seem more than credible to me. This message board has some interesting tales to tell about Wu’s past. Again, more crazy:

“The first time I met him, I was the opinion editor at The DM [EDITOR’S NOTE: The Daily Mississippian], and I turned to see this creepy fuck standing behind me. I shook his hand, and he pulled it away, saying “oowwww.” He then explained that he’d broken his wrist in a bicycle accident that had almost killed him and had given him amnesia. He explained that he wanted to be a columnist and that he had previously worked for George W. Bush in the white house but that he had since realized how retarded and evil all conservatives were. About this time my phone started ringing, and I politely ignored it while I talked to this guy. Then it rang again, and again until I answered. It was the managing editor, who had ducked behind the front desk and was whispering, “stay calm, and don’t react to this, but this guy isn’t supposed to be here. He has a restraining order. Get rid of him.” By this point, I was concerned the guy might knife me at any moment; so I told him to write me three columns and that I’d evaluate them and get back to him on whether he could write for me. (I’m still proud of my ability to remain poised and convincingly pretend that the dm had any fucking standards.)

Turns out, a year prior, he’d come in wanting the dm to run a comic strip that he was doing. When he was told they weren’t interested, he flipped out. He called one of the workers a fat dyke, and when Dr. Husni came to her defense, he called him a “raghead” and a “sand nigger.” They got a restraining order to keep him away from Farley, but when they moved to Bishop, it no longer applied, and he was actually able to weasel back in to working for the SMC.”

Take it how you want, but if true, it sure seems like Brianna Wu had quite an interesting undergraduate career. I managed to make it through college without the campus newspaper putting a restraining order out against me. Maybe this is more common than I presume. I really can’t say. But I can say, that (if true) Wu didn’t slow down one bit from her old college days. She’s still certifiably insane. The only difference now is, she gets to go on MSNBC, Gamasutra, Polygon, etc., and talk crazy to the nation.

For one, she talks about making her own bots to manipulate Twitter, but then laughable tries to accuse us of the same unethical behavior:

After a disastrous performance on Huffington Post Live, where she was obliterated by the owner of 8chan, Frederick Brennan, she tried to get in the last word. What happened next will live in infamy. But she didn’t stop there. Next, she insulted David Pakman, the host of a really well done internet/radio talk show. Pakman was firm and challenging throughout, but he was never once unprofessional. She couldn’t handle even the slightest counterpoint, and completely lost her cool. (She then later promoted an interview with Glenn Fleishman as “unbiased,” despite the fact that he was/is a financial backer of hers. Gotta love that SJW impartiality.)

When Wu wasn’t busy sounding like an egomaniacal, name-dropping, fool, she was telling lie after lie. But one falsehood really stood out. She tried to blame us for driving the infamous man-hater, Samantha Allen, out of the industry. This despite the fact that she left games weeks before GamerGate ever started, and deserved to be thrown out anyway. She was offensive and needed to leave. I’m very glad she’s gone, and I hope she never comes back.

You could easily write 2,000 words on just the lies Brianna has told alone, even leaving out all the crazy. Take this email, for example. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. But this nutjob tried to portray it as scary. It would be hilarious, if the media weren’t lapping up the lies.

Now, this next tweet really is fucked up, and no one should have to receive it. BUT, this is from a known troll, we told her he was a troll. She knew for a fact that he was not associated with GamerGate. This con-artist still tried to pass it off as one of us. There no low she won’t sink to.

There’s more to dig into with Brianna Wu, but I don’t feel like writing anymore on her today. It’s literally starting to make me feel sick to my stomach. It’s not really her that’s causing the illness, either. The disgusting and lazy media are the truly sick ones. I’ve seen phonies like Ms. Wu before. But rarely have I seen so much of the media in the bag for an obviosuly insane person. It has happened before, no doubt, but this is a truly egregious example. If she continues to be blown by the media, then I may look into doing a part two. Until then, here’s a reminder for her below…