Earlier today, I sat down and listened to the new Radio Nero program from Milo Yiannopoulos. Actually, I was alerted to it via email almost as soon as it dropped. You should definitely sign up for that. The program itself was excellent.  My significant other made a remark about it sounding like NPR program. Except this was much better than that, because I’m pretty sure we would be getting the shaft at a place like NPR. Hell, it’s already happened once. That’s why it’s so important for us to establish our own voice, and programs like Radio Milo build the foundation for our alternative media.

Milo was in rare form. Adam Baldwin was great (watch The Last Ship on TNT), and InternetAristocrat hit us with his encyclopedic knowledge of the GamerGate scandal. But the the person who inspired this article, was Christina Hoff Sommers. She was impressive, like she always is. But she seemed to be trying to say something, without coming right out and saying it. When talking about the types of radical feminists we deal with in gaming, she mentioned how feminism was almost like a religion for these people. She seemed to want to make the point a little more obvious, and so went a little further.  Sommers said the religion it most reminded her of, was Scientology. She’s right, it does remind one of the L. Ron Hubbard nutjobs.

That’s because the SJW’s operate as a cult. Sommers understandably didn’t want to go as far as to say that, because it’s a pretty controversial statement. But, that’s what they are. What else would you call a group of people who spit in the face of all available evidence, shut down debate, shun members of the cult who step out of line, and continually insulates itself from the world at large? The cult conclusion is inescapable.

They refuse to police their own extremists, then have the nerve to accuse GamerGate of not policing ours. Look at Samantha Allen. Why has she not been denounced by all mainstream feminists? She has publicly said she hates men. It was a completely serious document. She explicitly said don’t think this is fake, it’s real. I hate men. How can someone like that be allowed to write for any prominent publications? It’s a travesty. At least we got her out of gaming, I will say that.  Yet, you still find the other side holding her up as a paragon. This is the way a cult behaves.

Let’s also clarify something, while we’re here. SJW, or social justice warrior, isn’t a political term. It’s not a slam on all liberals. It’s a slam on these “politically correct” enforcers of ultra-feminist dogma. Most liberals don’t actually agree with these assholes, believe it or not. They’re just highly organized, and very good at amplifying their voice within the leftist coalition. But, the majority of liberals despise this group, because they continually make the rest of us look like idiots.

When they’re not too busy looking like fools, they look like disgusting hypocrites. They repeatedly use racial slurs, make sexist jokes, personally demean women, and use the same sorts of harassment tactics that they otherwise decry. They are an extremist cult, hell bent on enforcing their views, by any means necessary. How else could you describe such intellectually dishonest people, who stick to their guns no matter how big the lie, or how twisted the action needed to support that lie? They simply refuse to give any ground to reason or logic.

How do you fight such twisted fanatics? First, you point out the flaws in their claims, backing it up with evidence (since our side actually has some). Second, you ridicule and mock these people at every turn, and make them into a punchline. If you’ve studied politics, you can see how this can be a very effective strategy.

The third thing you do, is fight. Don’t pull any punches. Hit the SJW’s right in the mouth rhetorically. They do it to our side all the time. Turn the snark against them. Harness Twitter to push your goals. Make their mouthpieces ineffective messengers. They’ve been doing this sort of thing for years, and with a lot success. Let’s turn the guns against them. It’s time for our side to get as organized as they are. Thankfully, GamerGate has started the ball rolling in that direction.

The SJW Cult is officially on notice.




  1. As a liberal I am pro GG almost entirely because of their bullshit. I have been referring to them as Scientology like for weeks. 🙁

      1. I guess it really goes to show that more people regardless of their political leanings be encouraged to speak out.

        They’re no one’s shield. And DEFINITELY not the SJWs’ shield.

      2. These people are liberals they are space cadets. Ralph you should do a quick front page post directing people to the internet aristocrat videos on tumblrisms it will help explain the exact type of people we are fighting. There are 5 or 6 videos.

        It will also explain why we can’t win in a fight with them. They are insane…like literally insane as in need to see doctors and be inside a facility genuine crazy.

  2. have you seen the king of pol’s stream? they got one of the Anti-GG on the stream and man the amount of mental gymnastics he was doing would have won him gold in the olympics

  3. i dont hate anyone… i just want to play good games and not get labeled as a RACIST WOMAN HATING NEANDERTHAL in the process… plz?

  4. look theralphretort we can kill this convo real quick! sjw’s more than welcome to comment!

    lets talk about destiny… i played it on ps3 and its really repetitive and there isnt much there for us single players… multi/co-op seems legit tho…

    1. Haha. I played the beta, but am holding off on buying until they add more content. You pretty much described the reasons why.

      Might get FIFA tomorrow, though, and Hyrule Warriors soon. What about you, what games interest you on the horizon?

  5. Have you contacted Gawker about the allegations concerning Malka? I think they might just throw him under the bus if you message them.

      1. I might do that but if you send them an email about the evidence you received they would be more likely to just tell you. After all, why should they defend Malka? They don’t give a fuck about him.

  6. I’m a centrist with right-wing leanings, and I pity liberals that have to answer for these cultists. It’s like having a raving madman in your midst.

    1. Yup. The difference is that our weirdo cult can’t even admit its a religion and is taught in schools, unlike right wing Christians, how are generally at least capable of holding down a job.

  7. SJWs have been plaguing my ass for a while. It’s important that they get exposed for what they truly are. The best description of their beliefs are that “everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others.”

  8. Just to clarify, the SJWs, aren’t just as you described them. If anything, they’re dogmatic ideologues that can include other elements of the left (if not their “rivals” in the hard-Religious Right as well), which only serve to do a massive disservice to liberals, leftists and conservatives alike.

  9. Agreed. I’m a liberal, and I’ve been rolling my eyes at all the SJW bullshit I’ve seen on Tumblr for months. It’s not about “justice”, it’s about policing what people say, think, and believe.

    Personally, I believe that as long as someone is not openly and blatantly encouraging violence (i.e., “Kill all n*gg*rs!” or “I’m going to rape her”), then they have every right to say what they want, even if I don’t agree with it. That’s how free speech works. Some of the stuff on Adam Baldwin’s Twitter makes me cringe, but I don’t go out of my way to harass him, dox him, or try to get him fired – I just don’t read his Twitter.

    Unfortunately, SJWs cannot seem to grasp this. It all boils down to, “THINK LIKE ME OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!”. It’s like a real life version of the Borg from Star Trek – assimilate, or else. The irony of all this is that these people swear that they’re tireless defenders of women, gays, trans persons, and minorities, but will accuse any of those aforementioned people that don’t tow the SJW line of being “sockpuppets” or “poor idiots that are being used by GG”, as if minorities are not capable of making their own decisions and need the White Knight saviours to come to their rescue (which is racist as all get out).

    It perplexes me how these people claim to represent justice, yet lie, cheat, and slander in order to cover up their corruption, and avidly defend a woman who emotionally abused her ex-boyfriend and used illicit connections for personal gain. How in the world is any of that even remotely considered “justice”?

    1. The Germans invented the term “social justice.” Its all very simple. Feminism is a hate movement, unified only by hatred of men. SJWism is just a marketing ploy to coopt every group under their banner.

  10. Sommers said the religion it most reminded her of, was Scientology. She’s right, it does remind one of the L. Ron Hubbard nutjobs.

    So, Socialtology?

  11. Hey Ralph, we’ve spoken a bit before. I appreciate you calling these guys out. Certainly the mainstream media isn’t because either they consider these guys allies or they can’t because of persecution or politics. (I’m sure you know about Alex Hinckley who got fired for this- )


    Different issue, but same principle. Anyway, I was talking with Alex Macris a few days ago & I brought up a lecture from Sigmund Freud, of all people, made a few years before he died. He talks a great deal about things beyond the scope of the SJW’s, but this part in particular really caught my eye. Freud is talking about what the Marxists say they have to do-

    “‘Until men have changed their nature’, it will say, ‘one
    must employ the methods which are effective with them today. One cannot do without compulsion in their education or a ban upon thinking or the application of force, even the spilling of blood; and if one did not
    awake in them the illusions you speak of, one would not be able to bring
    them to submit to this compulsion.’”

    http://www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/at/freud.htm (The mention of Relativism is the paragraph just above my quote.)

    Looks like they’re attempting to use videogames as a medium to ‘change our nature’. Ugh. As I’ve said at The Escapist ad nauseam to the Anti-GG lurkers who support this push- If your Ideology is SO great, awesome, true, important, etc… then why not talk to us about it? Let the idea compete fairly in the marketplace of ideas instead of trying to
    implement it via underhanded means? Because… that don’t say much about how much faith you put in your beliefs.

  12. Watch internet aristocrat videos on tumblrisms he explains who these people are and how absolutely insane they are.

    There is no fighting them. they don’t live in reality with the rest of us.

  13. I am fairly far left and I consider myself a feminist, however I don’t align to those that are man hating misandrists. I think that there are some points that feminism has that are valid, such as equality in society but I cannot get into the whole idea of female superiority. As far as GG goes, I really am on the fence about it as I can see that both sides are engaging in mudslinging.
    I don’t like SJWs as much as I have met one in real life that was the typical white person that believes that “all white people are evil.” philosophy and rejected me because I don’t share that view. I call SJWs what I call fundamentalists as “shrillers” as they are obnoxiously vocal and pushy about their agendas.

    1. Honestly I think it just took too long. There was too much buildup to this to not have mudslinging. It would have been preferable in an ideal world to happen to print media towards the end of 3DO’s life-cycle, and online after the first suspicious inklings about IGF came out in 2010, but console warring was still the universal gaming pastime. Everyone kiiind of knew some shady shit had been going on but they were still hyped to fight from the Nintendo/Sega wars and later Nintendo/Sony. I think a lot of the mudslinging is a result of GG’s ideas something was wrong for so long being confirmed in pretty much the worst way possible, and so soon after a year of big name companies crapping all over them. This isn’t all indie/journo anger, some of them are REALLY letting go, and taking out their anger at the big guys (mostly EA, Capcom, Square, and Activision) on people they are supposed to be against anyway

  14. Totally agree with the assessment of liberal hatred for these “SJW” fanatics. I’m left-leaning, but absolutely cannot stand these people. If you ever actually read any conversations between them, you’ll notice something very strange about their dialogue…it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t seem natural at all. And the reason for this is because they are also afraid of one and other, they go over every single word within their conversations between each other with extreme analysis to be sure that they don’t phrase something in a manner that will turn their cohorts against them. These people are absolutely a cult, in every sense of the word. They support government banning of words that they consider to be offensive, free speech means absolutely nothing to these people—unless of course they’re discussing their right to spew whatever hateful rhetoric they choose to unleash upon their perceived enemies. One of their main tactics to silence dissent, is something that is referred to as “Doxxing”, in which they will attempt to reveal the identity, address, and employer of someone whom they disagree with. They will call upon their cult to try to get their detractors fired from their jobs, threaten them and their families with violence, etc. SJW’s are a scourge of modern times, and a threat to true American values. They’ve turned what could’ve been a well intentioned cause into a modern day witch hunt, seeking to silence and destroy all who disagree with them. It really is sickening. My advice? When you see these people making comments, rather it be on an article, twitter, facebook, etc., call them out on their BS, expose their hypocrisy for everyone to see, make them angry so that they will expose what they truly are. This should help stop the spread of their recruitment. You’ll find that most of them can’t argue for shit when presented with a logical and fact based argument, so they are quite easy to shut down by those that have the fortitude to do so. Don’t be intimidated by them, they are not on the side of “justice” as their label would like to imply, they are nothing more than fascists and extremists.

  15. Swjs are marxist cult members to the extreme. They critically think, never looking at the positive, marxism. They are angry and base their beliefs of feelings to cause conflict, marxism. They are ruthless in power, example red guard, red terror, athiest police, Che Guevara, all marxism. The most important point though is they take a defeated argument back twist it and make a new argument. That is a radical marxists biggest weapon. Also the tool to their destruction. Because when they get power they get paranoid of each other because they know how they think. This is why communists who use these cult members kill them off first. They are tools for the older haters of capitalism and god.
    Ive had success though changing their views. I tell them i understand where they are coming from. That they are the voice for people who might not have a voice. I tell them i commend them. This gets that prejudice mindset out of there from the beginning. I realize that alot of them are bully victims. Thats the big target for them bullying. It causes them to go through life resentful, and becoming bullies themselves as a defense mechanism. After ive let them know i understand them many not all listen to other points of view. And see that most people arent out to opress them.
    So the advice on fighting them and ridiculing them is not productive even though we want to. Because marxism has the vortex of taking false facts and twisting them to new arguments. Its best to be a little compassionate and realize these people have problems and are misguided.

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