File this one away under “shit I’m not surprised to see.” First let’s start off with Zoe “Five Guys” Quinn…

Anita Sarkeesian made a tweet about Milo’s ban as well, although to give her some credit, she was a little bit more subtle than Blowey Zoe…

Randi “Hamburger” Harper followed the Quinn model, since she can never many of her idiotic opinions to herself…

Keep in mind that Randi Harper is one of the most notorious internet abusers of all-time herself, so anything you ever read or hear her say should be considered with that knowledge in mind.

Who else am I forgetting, people? Oh yes, that’s right. Brianna Wu.

There were a couple more, but I think that’s the most “newsworthy” of the hater reaction. We already had Sarah Butts in the previous article. What I will say is this: These guys are understandably happy. They just got a big victory. Taking Milo off Twitter will make their disinformation easier and if things go like I fear, Milo is only gonna be the first one they get rid of. However, I should caution them not to get too excited. New platforms come along and times change. What they hail as a victory today might not always be that way. Going against free speech because you don’t like what’s being said is fine for them now. Let’s see if it always is.


UPDATE: Our old friend Liquored Up Leigh Alexander decided to join the party…

  1. SJWs and feminists are nothing but fucking cancer.

    Simply cannot wait for the day these parasites are ostracised and shunned for being the sexist, racist, authoritarian cry-bully bigots they really are.

    1. It’s coming brother, it’s coming, but we all need to get behind The Donald. Even if you don’t agree with everything he says, he is the line we need to push them back with.

  2. All of these are notorious harassers…either of other people or the harassment of themselves…*looking at you Wu*

  3. They haven’t had much to celebrate recently. So it’s no surprise they’re so jubilant.

    Their schadenfreude shows clearly how monstrous they really are. How gracious they are in their “victory” shows us their true faces.

  4. I love how zoe brings up the nudes (from a porn website she worked at) and dox that anyone who looked at the evidence knew full well SHE leaked (the dox weren’t even legit). -_-

  5. So a whore who slept her way into notoriety, a liar who scammed thousands out of women, and an abuser are happy that someone who sent 3 tweets got removed from Twitter. Fuck twitter and fuck SJW hypocrites.

    1. I say give it a week or two and Milo is gonna come back somehow because no can’t stop Milo.

  6. Real reason why the big blue land whale won’t give Twitter a cookie is because she ate the cookie along with everything in the cookie jar… including the jar.

  7. “emotional children thumping their chests to perpetuate internalized social damage because it makes them feel like they overcame it :((( #aww”

    nice projection there Leigh

    seriously, that could be applied to basically most of what she and other SJWs say

  8. Quin talking about “abusive piece of shit” is rich especially considering what she did to Eron Gjoni and the Fine Young Capitalists.

  9. The usual suspects’ little gloating is a bit infuriating, but a good reminder who are we fighting against.

    Sarkeesian is obviously the smartest of the bunch and I’m pretty sure she might have a hand in Milo’s ban.

  10. Gotta love their shaming of Twitter after they got what they wanted. Nothing is ever good enough.

  11. Isn’t Zoe Quinn the one who was literally stalking her ex online? She has no right to be casting stones when she herself is a notorious abuser. Anita shouldn’t be talking when she is a total gypsy scam artist. As for Harper and Wu who the fuck are you and why should we care about your views on things. Oh and Leigh how bout you go dive back into a bottle of schnapps you sloppy drunk.

  12. What a bunch of two-faced, spiteful hypocrites. Sarkeesian can’t say anything directly as she’s on Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, which ironically has the effect of her being unable to make all those inflammatory tweets she used to. But I guess they’re all happy that someone who saw them for exactly what they are, and wasn’t afraid to tell them, has been silenced.

  13. These bitches may think this is a victory, but it is not. If Milo stays gone, more people will leave Twitter and their stocks will go down even further than it is. These tweets have been archived so when Twitter dies (and it will) these pics can help us explain to other platforms why catering to SJWs is the poorest choice to make.

    1. Its not a victory because the shitty movie that this actress is in is an epic fail. Maybe Milo should have been suspended, maybe he shouldn’t have, but them acting like they’ve “won” is f**king retarded. They’re losing this battle. They’re salty.

  14. Nothing surprising here, frankly. It’s okay though, I await the inevitable day when their smiles are turned upside down. It may seem like it won’t happen, but it will. That’s when we get to sing the GOODBYE song to celebrate our freedom from their SJW cancer. The longer it takes, the sweeter that sing along will be.

  15. Leigh Alexander was “banned” from her job for being a reprehensible fuck, so she should totally understand Milo’s predicament.

    Maybe she can’t fully grasp the added fame, still having your job, and being demonized for doing something you didn’t actually do kind of angle, but that shouldn’t mean she has to act like a bitter sore loser who lives in a reality where she somehow has the moral high ground and her reputation isn’t completely tarnished.

  16. It’s amazing how they all think they’re still relevant. If it wasn’t for us laughing at them, they’d get zero attention.

  17. Am I supposed to feel bad for a woman who emotionally and legally abused her ex-boyfriend? Also, Milo doxxed nobody, he didn’t spread nude photos, and he never made threats towards you you fucking liar.

  18. I don’t even think Milo was really in the right on this one, but I want to see him reinstated so the smile will be wiped off that smug b!itch Anita’s face.

  19. Can someone explain something to me because I’m from the old school pre-social media internet and I would like to know how the fuck is someone getting banned from a admittedly well frequented, for lack of a better word and descriptor, site a victory for you cause when there’s plenty of just as viable options for a platform.

  20. I hope that coven of SJWs realise that by being booted off Twitter, Milo can editorially “let his dogs off the leash” as it were. Randi has already been ripped a new one by Milo, though it’s obviously hard to damage the reputation of someone as damaged and malicious as her.
    Zoe may bear quite a bit of investigation into her use of donor money, her relation with politicians, and her use, abuse and disposal of the various men in her life. (The phrase “Serial abuser”, springs to mind.)
    Anita gets an awful lot of donor money and is ever hungry for more. That surely deserves looking into. Not to mention her use and diposal of Jon “Full” McIntosh. What’s the story there?
    Brianna Wu? Clearly there is another rich seam of SJW luncacy and possibly mis-spent patreon money to be mined there.
    As for Leigh Alexander, well…who gives a fuck about Leigh Alexander, apart from her local liquor store?
    Jack and the rest of them seem to forget that when you’ve killed a man, you can’t kill him twice. Unless they intend to interrupt Milo’s supply of black cock, it’s hard to see how they can further strike at Milo. Certainly Jack has shot his bolt, so to speak. (Perhaps Deray can confirm?)
    Milo on the other hand, is now firing on all cylinders. Jack had better hope his closet is squeaky clean.

    1. Leigh Alexander is definitely the most forgettable of the SJW big names. I even keep forgetting she exists.

  21. if this continues, I delete my tweeter acc, forever. Fuck’em. We made twitter big, twitter didn’t make us.

  22. This stuff is totally abuse, I’m going through and reporting each one of them. They gave me PTSD, and everyone else who read this shit. I’m feeling so triggered right now.

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