In case you missed it last night, Leigh Alexander is still a drunken loser. Yes, this is literally yesterday’s news, but I had to recap it anyway, especially since I was the one to originally tweet her insanity out. I got caught up with other stories yesterday and wasn’t able to recount the epic ass-beating that Milo gave to Leigh after she talked shit about his career. This is especially hilarious when you consider that her new shit site Offworld is rapidly tanking. is on another planet, and Breitbart is in another galaxy. So I really don’t know what the wine-o is talking about. 

But it was amusing to see her get her ass verbally roasted, nonetheless:

Lucky for us, Milo came loaded for bear:

It was a community affair as well:

I honestly cannot imagine what was going through her head when she made that tweet. I often joke about her being drunk, since that’s all she talks about, but I really do think she had to be under the influence of something when she sent that dumb shit out. There isn’t anything more to say, really. Her career is circling the drain as we speak. I’m thrilled to have played some small part in that, and I know the rest of you are as well.

I’ll be back after I watch the new Mad Men episode from Sunday. I’ll likely be talking about the Entertainment Weekly retraction from earlier this evening, among other things.