My stomach might be doing flips right now (cause I’m sick lol), but it’s nothing compared to Online Abuse Prevention Initiative (OAPI) CEO Randi Harper. She’s been losing her shit all day long, in one epic meltdown after another. Earlier today, a Loot Crate employee (@CandiceLikesYou) asked her to, ya know, maybe practice what she preaches, and try to deescalate things a little bit. Harper’s response? She sicced her SJW hell hounds on this poor woman and had her “dogpiled” all day long. THEN, she said she was cancelling her Lootcrate subscrition altogether, which was a clear call to get Candice fired (in my opinion). Randi is blowing her own anti-abuse shit up on her own, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. 

Here’s the photos and tweets to give you the rundown, in case you’re not sitting on Twitter all day like some of us (here’s a Storify take on it as well):uF736hT


As always, Stephanie (@Sushilulutwitch) is on top of the story. Oh, yea, I forgot to mention…Randi fucking admitted that she was behind the censorship attempt the other day. So we now know it was not an error, as a Twitter employee originally tried to claim:

HAHA, Randi is on what I like to call, full fucking tilt. Here’s some more of her hysterics, this time, she brings in Brianna Wu’s old buddy, Glenn Fleishman:


Then she lies about GamerGate, as well as Candice’s involvement in it. Oh, she also goes on to describe how she plans to abuse the Twitter report system:


All in all, it was a banner day for the woman who is going to bring an end to Internet harassment, apparently by harassing everyone else into submission. It’s utter madness, and any company that gives her or Zoe Quinn one dime are out of their minds. Big Randi Harper has shown you all you need to see here today…and for the last seven months, for that matter. She’s a bully who’s trying to cash in on the “stop Internet harassment” movement. It’s just that simple. Surely no serious corporation will be dumb enough to give this cretin any support? Right?


UPDATE: Randi decided to up the ante with her abuse and is now targeting Chris von Csefalvay, a man who was just today diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Don’t get me wrong, she’s targeted him several times before, due to his excellent work showing that the media was lying about GamerGate. But this is especially abhorrent. She has to know that he got diagnosed today, because she was quoting all kinds of shit about him. She has truly descended into pure villainy with her actions tonight.  And she was apparently defending Shanley, at least in part, who is just as big of a scumbag as Randi. This is the woman who is supposed to stop online harassment. Give me a fucking break.





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  1. I felt for candice, she offered some sensible advice and randi visited her with bullshit, what a horrid stain.

  2. More and more I’m thinking the meth whale is the loose thread that might tear the entire SocJus narrative tapestry apart. Quinn, Anita and even Wu generally know better than to publicly attack other women working in tech firms or other prominent female bloggers.

    The Left Coasters and their Boston allies in the tech industry are never going to give two shits about how much abuse is heaped on largely anon gamers or how fucked games journalism is but they WILL care when the very same hyper social networking structure starts eating itself and going into a civil war because a dumb fat bitch who claims to be their paragon is attacking their own people.

    Turning on Randi and roasting her like a sow on a spit at this point doesn’t even require them to abandon the internet harassment or radfem narratives. She’s giving them all the material they need to tear her to pieces simply using the rules of their own culture. Quinn and Anita will both throw her to the wolves if she becomes too much of a liability and between this shit, the libel she’s been throwing at Kern and the increased scrutiny on blockbot ethics/legality I think Randi is finally entering her death spiral. Excellent.

    1. The most satisfying part is that she did it all to herself. They will hold off as long as possible but I believe what you predicted to be an eventuality. The question is not if but when the whale will be harpooned by her own.

        1. And how fast she went crawling back to them to ask for their forgiveness. She still has plans for her useful idiots, it seems.

        2. When they did turn on Wu we did see that tweet that said “now we can stop pretending to like her”. I have a feeling that many of the aggros really don’t like Wu except for her circle of close friends and they just tolerate her as long as she goosesteps in line with everyone else. I think very soon we will see just how many real friends Harper has.

          1. If you ask me, nobody on the AGGros side likes each other or is a real friend, they are just in it for selfish reasons (The betas to get laid, the women to get money). In the end they will all eat each other.

      1. Well notice how Quinn and Life is Shits didn’t bring her in house for Crash Override even though getting a hold of someone with any kind of software engineering cred (even totally imagined) would have probably helped their case. They’ve kept the whale at arms length for awhile which tells me they already foresaw a future where they would harpoon her dumbass.

    2. I find it incredibly amusing that the best weapon against Social Justice is simply letting them talk.

      The narrative is crumbling.

      1. That is hilarious that these people do more harm to themselves than we do. All we have to is set up chairs and sell popcorn.

  3. Miss Candice v.s. Randi Harper. Which one is the more abusive? Which one is trying to deescalate?

    If they keep this up people will prefer to live with racism, sexism, bigotry and abuse rather than risk involving the flock of screeching poo-flinging monkeys who fly out and off the handle as their bigotry, hatred, and abuse is worse than anything they might be pretending to cure.

  4. From a tweet on their side: “Companies ought to be held responsible for the personal tweets of each individual employee”. So the OAPI should be held responsible for every bit of Harper’s nastyness.

    1. She founded the organization. She’s not going to fire herself after being the horrible person she has proven herself to be. She still has $$$ to get from the idiots that believe her “I’M A VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!” narrative.

  5. Is that any watchdog organisation that you can report Ms Harpers “Anti Harassment” business too to make them aware of her bullying so they intervene and sanction her.

    We have systems like that in the UK that keep people from being stupid with their company, do you Americans not have such systems too?

    Ms Harper needs to be brought down a peg or two and I think a public shaming and by public I mean off the internet making normal folk aware of it might be best for her. She needs to learn the consequences of her actions and that bullying isn’t tolerated in society and how claiming you were a “victim” isn’t an excuse to act worse than the people you accuse of making you a victim.

    1. IIRC, Harper is applying for her organization to be declared non-profit by the IRS. If she does get that classification, her behavior can easily get her in trouble, because the IRS could see that she is engaging in fraud by acting like this while leading an organization specifically labeled as being against the very thing she’s doing.

  6. Jesus Christ! Twitter for the love of god ban this woman from twitter. You keep saying you are against harassment and yet you let this monster go on her rampage completely free. How can anyone believe anything she says. She is a psycho. I honestly believe she would murder someone if she could do it. Her echo chamber must be the size of the Sistine Chapel.

    1. She’s got a rat inside the walls of twitter in the form of their “safety” rep who is also the ex-bait girl from To Catch a Predator. Although she’s outed that connection to twitter’s staff now so it’ll be interesting to see how that progresses.

      All the same her relative level of influence given her actual station is still completely out of proportion even accounting for the fact she’s buddies with Quinn and Anita. No evidence for this just a suspicion mind you but I think she’s likely the cliques drug connection and she’s exerting influence that way.

  7. If (as SJW’s believe) GG’s goal was to force women out of tech then the best way to achieve that is surely to sucker SJW’s into doing it on GG’s behalf!

    SJW’s are a lot more effective than GG at running campaigns because they have all the contacts, media on their side and a far better organised network of members.

    You see it time and time again. GG can’t silence Anita or Wu but by harnessing the power of the SJW we have been able to get them to drive out and silence many women!

    Hell I mean women are women right? You hate one and you hate them all (according to SJW’s) so hey we don’t care which women are forced out right, just so long as our weaponised SJW’s keep kicking more women out and strengthening our boys club it’s all cool right!

    Great work Lard Ass, keep it up!

  8. if the tidy bowl girl ever gets a sponsor for her scam company, we use these to show how she gives support. i’m sure they would love to see how much of a harasser she actually is.

  9. “Surely no serious corporation will be dumb enough to give this cretin any support? Right?”

    Monday, 9AM: Press release saying “Company X supports women in gaming, and therefor is providing $10,000 to OAPI to combat harassment of women in gaming.”

    Monday, 9:15AM: Polygon/Gamasutra/Etc. article – “Company X support OAPI!”
    Monday, 9:30AM: Polygon/Gamasutra/Etc. article – “OAPI gains powerful new ally!”

    Monday, 9:45AM: Polygon/Gamasutra/Etc. article – “Industry takes powerful anti-harassment stance!”
    Monday… well, just repeat this general article about 10 times over Monday and Tuesday in gaming journalist websites, referencing each other like an Appalachian family tree.
    Wednesday: Huffington Post, Gawkwer, etc. – “Is this the end of the Boys Club in gaming? Company X sides with the girls!” (References gaming sites that are affiliated or “reputable”)
    Thursday: MSNBC picks up the story. Maybe CNN.
    Friday: Company X, after receiving tens of thousands of emails, tweets, forum comments, etc. showing just how terrible OAPI is, quietly moves the press release to a difficult to find section of the website.

    Total cost: $11,000. (Let’s be generous here and say $1,000 for the labour of writing, posting and hiding-not-hiding the press release).

    A rather small amount of money to get a weeks worth of positive AND free publicity. Yeah, there will be some companies who are willing to take that chance, particularly if their target audience doesn’t overlap much with Gamergate.

  10. How the hell do these people have ANY time in the day to actually WORK when they spend so much of it spamming tweets!?! Seriously, did someone find a way to clone Michael Keaton? (Multiplicity for the 90’s kids out there!)

    1. .. and why the hell would ANYONE use OAIP to help with abuse when the “CEO” can’t even properly manager their own – the FIRST EFFIN RULE of abuse management is DO. NOT. FECKING. ENGAGE!.

  11. I am so sick of her constant stream of hypocrisy. When someone in GG replies to her, it’s “sealioning”. When we RT her, it’s “harassment”. If another GGer else joins in, it’s “dogpiling”. But when she posts Tweet after Tweet of insults and threats to GGers and neutrals, it’s totes OK!

    Roguestar gets banned so often, you can set your clock to it. But if anyone in Randi’s Kewl Kids Klub gets banned, they’re “magically” reinstated within HOURS. Even worse, Randi openly brags about it, so there’s no doubt she’s abusing her connections.

    I take heart in knowing that her bullshit is slowly but surely going to come crashing down all around her.

  12. Are we able to report her to Twitter for harassment and abuse? I’ve never reported so I’m not sure the process

  13. Aside beign a CEO (?) of a group of harassers what that fat piece of shit do for living?

    Die in a fire (quote)

  14. I think someone should refer this to the police and make them aware of what she’s doing. This is completely unacceptable.

    1. “Like I could care less.
      That means you do care.
      At least a little.”
      –Weird Al Yankovic, ‘Word Crimes’

    1. But Ralphieboy supports Fart soooo

      He can’t cry about harassment, what a maroon.

      This is why everyone hates SJWs, you look at the contents of this article, and make a sneering insult at someone you don’t like.

      You are an odious little shit, but given your avatar that’s expected.

  15. After being untouchable on Twitter and collecting Patreon money while #GamerGate watches helplessly, the blocklist creator and OAPI head proves that the best revenge is living whale. However, since her ‘meth’ods continue to display a lack of hu’manatee’, she must be harpooned immediately to preserve the online community’s long-term whale-being.

  16. How in the world did this giant bitch ever get a job in the first place? With behavior like this you would think nobody with have anything to do with her 0_o

  17. Sadly, nobody cares. Randi is going to be on the network’s show “FLOSS Weekly”in a few days to talk about her organization, her Twitter bot, and gamergate and bullying. As a victim, of course. The show is a free open source linux show for hardcore geeks and features hosts like Randall Schwartz (well known author and advocate of perl books) and simon Phipps (open source advocate who was a former big deal at sun Microsystems).

    They are totally bought into what she is selling and she is going to get a full hour in front of a huge audience of geeks and technologist to promote herself and her “side”.

    They won’t care what she is really like. They won’t even know or bothersnd if they did, they still wouldn’t alter the coverage or question her on it. Hell, for all we know, she is probably friends with someone doing theshow, which is how most of these people get such biased coverage.

  18. My stomach feels like it wants to hurl and I’m not even sick. Just the thought of all the horrible things Big Randi says and does, and how she is in complete denial of what she does is enough to make anyone want to vomit. Just a horrible person.

  19. just saw this today and on a whim looked on twitter (i dont use or hardly ever look at it) . i’m seriously appalled at whats going on. literally as i type this its blatantly obvious the guy and his wife where unprepared and ill equipped to deal with the brutal onslaught that is nonstop coming at them.

    on the plus side both of their replies to everything is really dignified and as polite as possible under the circumstances.

    i dont understand how the guy is somehow being turned into the embodiment of evil. i get the whole randi standing up to harassers thing, but from an outsiders perspective it looks like blind lashing out by a pack leader who’s followers follow suit

  20. now she’s calling a person a sexist scrub while saying she views any correction made by a man as as sexist no matter if the guy knows it or not

    officially done with internet for the night

  21. I love how she attacks his data skills by making fun of him instead of pointing out what’s wrong with his data and people buy her bile hook line and sinker instead of doing a little research themselves. But I guess she’s shown her mad skillz with the making of the blocklist (that I believe every programmer east and west of the Mississippi tore apart). Also wasn’t she fired from her job (although I think she says she “quit”), is that what happens to skilled people? Kettle pot black I guess.

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