How long until the idiots in charge of Twitter ban Master Milo for good? Well, it might be coming sooner than we thought, although I hope that’s not the case. He just got temporarily locked out of his account for tweeting the screenshot of Brianna Wu’s college info earlier today. Keep in mind, this was the same screenshot that appeared here on Monday, and I also tweeted it out myself later that day. Mine had about about 40 retweets while his had hundreds, but it was the exact same tweet from someone doing pretty much the same things he does. I also tweeted out a link to the story, of course, and that had about 50 retweets (pastebin archive). I went back and deleted both, just in case. Even though it’s probably only a matter of time before Twitter comes after me as well, I don’t want to make it easy on them.

The main problem is that you never know what is or isn’t out of bounds when it comes to the service. The way they selectively enforce things leaves it all up for interpretation. There is no universal standard or code. Everything is totally subjective and it’s decided on a case by case basis. I understand wanting this sort of leeway, but there has to be some way to make the rules understandable for people like Milo and me. You literally can’t figure out what you can and can’t do at this point.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, here’s a rundown from the Master himself…

Please don’t stop telling it like it is, even though I know that’s going to get you banned one day. Wherever he goes, I know that thousands will follow, including me…and I’m sure that will send Twitter’s stock price even lower.