In case you missed it, yesterday Nintendo revealed a new character for the Hyrule Warriors Legends game they have coming out on the 3DS next year. As most of you already know, the reveal concerned a female interpretation of Link (oddly) named Linkle. Keep in mind, this game isn’t actually developed by Nintendo themselves, and it also isn’t considered canon. So this is all for fun (the whole point of gaming, sorry #FullMcIntosh), which is fine. I wouldn’t care either way, but I’m just pointing that out. Another thing to keep in mind is that this character wasn’t really new. Designs for Linkle were in one of the art books included with special editions of the original Hyrule Warriors game that released on Wii U in 2014. In other words, gamers have been making art about this character for a long time now, and pretty much everyone loved it. That didn’t stop the dishonest feminists from spreading a bunch of bullshit yesterday, though.

Of course Deceitful Wu was the first dumbass in line, but he was hardly the only one to spout a bunch of nonsense…NjqbCRV 9m5GblIMq9KOqo

Then we have this laughable editorial from Kill Screen…

Yet while most media coverage congratulated Nintendo for finally making a female version of the famed character an option, the actual context of Linkle’s existence reeks of that unique Nintendo brand of faux progressivism. It might sound good on paper, but in practice only shows how little Nintendo actually understands about what the problem is.
As Anita Sarkeesian might point out, Linkle is a classic example of the “Ms. Male Character” trope. Originating with Ms. Pac Man (another classic Japanese title), the Ms. Male Character is a “female version of an already established or default male character. Ms. Male Characters are defined primarily by their relationship to their male counterparts via visual properties, narrative connection, or occasionally through promotional materials.” It’s a trope that describes how, in an attempt to appeal to the wallets of their female demographic, male game designers will often reduce women to a bow, a skirt, and/or lipstick. There is virtually no distinction between the original male character and the Ms. Male Character other than superficial, stereotypically gendered aesthetic changes…
Here’s the bottom line that Nintendo refuses to see: when people ask “why can’t Link be a girl,” they’re not asking for the option to maybe play as a girl who looks like Link in a game with a Zelda-related title. They’re not asking for girls to be kept to the side, marginalized to a lesser product and project (anyone remember the Nintendo Girls Club?) Instead, they’re asking why—amidst an otherwise very female-centric mythology about three goddesses and a badass princess—must the “Hero” character always be a boy? Why is it okay to ask female players to identify with Link despite their gender differences, but at the same time have it be inconceivable to ask male players to do the same?
An Anita quote? That fucking charlatan doesn’t actually know jack shit about gaming, as she’s a fucking presenter who reads lines off a goddamn teleprompter. Why not just be for real and quote Jonathan McIntosh? I’m not saying he knows that much about them either, but that’s the man behind the curtain. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. That was just one piece of the editorial. There’s a whole lot of crazy there that I didn’t show. I could just sum it up with this: SJWs are never happy. No matter what Nintendo does, they will be attacked by these nutters. The reason? Without some fake-ass controversy, they have no way to extract money and views from fucking idiots.
Personally, I’m fine with the new Linkle character. Not only that, I wouldn’t really care if they made Link a female, either. It’s not something I think makes sense, absent a slight re-imagining of the story, but if it was handled well I think it would be fine. Believe it or not, I don’t sperg out about my characters being male or female. Why? I’m not a rad fem cultist, that’s why. I’ve always enjoyed female characterizations in gaming, and I think most of my fellow gamers feel the same way. Let me know if I’m wrong down below. I’ll probably be updating this post with more salt after my LIVE show, by the way. I fully expect the freaks out to continue.
(Cover by @Verklagekasper)
    1. Absolutely fucking pointless to pander to them, and nor should anyone do so in the first place. The people/companies who have done or are still doing so should fucking ashamed of themselves. Marvel and DC Comics are two major examples of cowardly fuck-witted companies who have completely and permanently bent over for SJW/feminist retards. Nothing can save them now.

      1. Well to be fair, the comic book industry was irrelevant long before SJWs. Only reason anyone knows who half these characters are anymore is from movies. I think it’s clear that Disney and Warner only picked up Marvel and DC for a rights grab and could give two shits less about actual comic books.

  1. Mein Gott…MEIN GOTT!! BATROC THE FUCKING LEAPER COULDNT MAKE THAT JUMP! How does a female character equate GG losing? Seriously those fucking morons make me sick. I actually want to go full Sandman on these people, someone get me a beer and a singapore cane!

    1. Yeah. I actually would play her if she had a fun move set. Thats what I factor in when its a Warriors game. Who is the most fun to play as. How does this mean GamerGate loses? Do they really believe their own stories now that we hate female video game characters?

    2. They’re always using some excuse to say that we lost. If it’s not Linkle, it’s E3 2015 having a sudden influx of female characters (even though that claim in itself is complete bullshit). If it’s not that, it’s some nutter trying to claim that Samus and all our other favorite characters are trans just because “I say so”. Hell, remember when ole’ Josh proclaimed us to be dead over a year ago? And of course, they still gotta push the claim that we’re all misogynists and thus ANY presence of a female character is supposed to enrage us.

      Meanwhile, Gawker is out seven figures AND managed to incur the wrath of Hulk Hogan and his fanbase, every game site on our boycott list no longer has the same sponsors they did a year ago, said sites were also forced to adopt an ethics policy (whether or not they actually abide by it is a different matter), Sarkeesian’s getting less and less views with every video, the utter ridiculousness of SJWs is getting more mainstream attention (especially with this season of South Park), Zoe Quinn withdrew her gag order against Eron Gjoni, and Leigh Alexander is pretty much out of a job. Um… who’s losing again?

      1. It’s funny, because any fighting game that has female characters, I always play as the females. Taki, Ivy, etc are all my favorite soul calibur characters.

  2. The thing is that Linkle, as a concept, predated the GG controversy. Fanart, even tho few in numbers, were around since a year ago. Oh and I loved that Strawman by one SJW thinking that we gonna cry over Link’s little sister (because Linkle is his sister) not bouncing. For one thing, Nintendo have often avoided risque content, especially in his original IPs. However, Japan and otaku ALWAYS find a way. In the case of Linkle, she hit at least THREE FETISHES! 1. She is an elf. 2. She is a little sister. 3. She wears thighboots while showing enough thigh flesh to titillate the fans. Look up zettai ryouikki if you dont believe me, it IS fetish fuel maximum for many men.

    So, brace yourself for the tsunami of Linkle hentai because Japan LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE elven porn.

    1. So…what you’re saying is that there is 90% chance of Linkcest doujins springing up soon. Good…good…soon they shall be triggered beyond time and space and be divided by zero!!

    2. I think Rule 63 of Link has been around for a good while. I know I recall seeing fanart as early as a decade ago. As for Linkle herself, she was actually planned to be included in the initial release of Hyrule Warriors, but ended up getting scrapped (the artbook that comes with the game’s premium set depicts sketches of her). So far as I’m aware, fans were always in favor of her being reinstated into the game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if popular demand is what ultimately led to her debuting in the 3DS game (and, resultingly, becoming unlockable on the WiiU original).

  3. Aside from the slightly bizarre choice for name, what’s to hate about the characte?. As a Warriors game fan, cool, female Link, hope she has a fun moveset, but if the SJWs were expecting us GGers to rage over this, I’m amused at their naivety.

      1. I Bought tomb raider and upon finding a female protagonist I smashed not only my Xbox but also my TV then punched my girlfriend in the face.

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        2. They avoid other people, they block other people, they ignore other people.

          No wonder they are so ignorant about everyone else.

    1. You see they think other normal people are as batshit crazy as them.
      They think everyone looks at the world through a selfish lens of insecurity.
      They think that if something nice happens that they like, others MUST HATE IT because they always hate what others like.

      But the world thankfully doesn’t work that way and most people can enjoy nice things regardless of who else likes it as well.

      If the SJW are happy about this, good for them, I’m happy as well.
      She looks fun.

  4. And this is why you should never give in to the demands of Social Justice Terrorists.

    “Give us a thing NOW!”

    *gives them thing*

    “This isn’t exactly how we demanded thing! Give us more things!”

    *they won’t pay for thing anyway, so group receiving demands goes out of business*

    It’s such a loser mentality. People who can’t do, so they only know how to beg, and be as annoying as possible until people get fed up with them.

    To pull from Aesop, these people are Grasshoppers to the rest of the productive world’s ants. They’re fine with living in the world mooching off the hard work of others and calling people who do work hard idiots all the while.

    Normally, Winter is supposed to come and put them out of everyone’s misery. It’s time to be the Winter I suspect.

    1. Step 1: Manufacture a problem, doesn’t matter if real.
      Step 2: Offer the know-how to solve the “problem”
      Step 3: Profitz

  5. Just to give credit where it’s due – if you google Linkle you’ll find a Kotaku article from last year showing this exact character and giving a lot of background info. Like, she’s not supposed to replace Link in any way. She’s a sidekick, like a “sister”. Not Link’s sister, but a sisterly character if that makes sense. It’s actually a good article.

  6. Tying it up to the contemporary social commentary:
    >USA legalize gay marriage in all states.
    >SJW activists reaction: Yay, #LoveWins, suck it down bigots, lawsuits against bigoted bakeries incoming, etc, etc
    >Some weeks later, on SJW articles: Hey guise, don’t you think virtuous pedophiles are being oppressed by white bigots? I know a pedophile who never molested i child (sjw’s always lie), so why don’t we make him work on child schools, or being a nanny to prove our point?
    >Rinse and repeat

    Moral of the story: There is no end to “injustice” in Social Justice.

  7. Link is a boy BECAUSE HE IS and that’s all there is to it. Can’t Identify? Wtf does that even mean anyways? I play tomb raider and all I think about is how awesome Lara croft is I don’t sit there and think actively that its a female and I can’t identify with her.

    If gender roles don’t inherently exist in nature (they do BTW its pretty obvious but let’s suppose they don’t) then it shouldn’t matter what gender a character is.

    Honestly I don’t care if the avatar is a popsicle stick with arms and legs as long as the game is fun or the story is good so why the hell do these people care so much? Is it because they aren’t normal in the head or am I the crazy one?

    1. They presume that since they care very much about this stuff that we must care just as much but in the opposite way. They are deluded as fuck.

  8. Everyone knows the Japanese don’t care about SJW nonsense, everyone knows rule63 is hugely popular in Japan, this is fanservice for US, not pandering to THEM.

    1. Unfortuantely Capcom has recently censored some R.Mika and Cammy “risque” moves and camera angles so it’s worrying, because Capcom are a Japanese company. The supposed reason is for it to get it a ‘T’ rating instead of an ‘M’, but this highly debatable, and I believe the SJWs/feminists whinging is probably what caused it. I hope this does not set a precedent.

      1. Seeing as the entire Street Fighter series ranges between E-T with the ESRB, Crapcom’s explanation is most likely true. It just happens to look like SocJus pandering given everything that’s been going on.

        1. I hope that’s the main reason. Because the SJWs/feminists have been claiming that it’s a ‘win’ for them. There are also some right SJW pricks in the FGC (Fighting Game Community) as well. As if being whining drama queens about buffs and nerfs wasn’t enough for them already.

          1. Seeing as the article we’re commenting on is about SJWs and feminists claiming Linkle as a win, it’s a safe bet that they claim anything that so much as LOOKS like it’s pandering to them as a victory, even when it isn’t.

          2. I gotta join BasedLink over here. You’re giving the SJWs WAAAAAAAY too much credit. No one in AAA honestly gives two shits to do more than lip service and the occasional token. Any edits to a game are almost certain to be rating concerns.

            Helps that very little of the video game DEVELOPMENT industry is based in Commiefornia, which will likely remain the case as literally everywhere else is better for them tax wise.

  9. I will comment on this with an awesome quote I learned from a friend of mine.

    Sock Juice: Not even once.

  10. Not sure how this is a loss for GG. How is it related to corrupt press and wealthy shysters making a money from manufacturing outrage and preying on the sympathies of well-meaning people?

    Oh GG wants no female characters? Well, actually allow me to mansplain. GG welcomes more diverse characters. GTA:SA was wildly successful. Lara Croft, in all her iterations, is well regarded, along with Faith from Mirrors Edge. These examples show one thing when I comes to creating characters:

    Create them. Do the fucking work to make them. Make new and fresh stuff instead of jumping onto existing franchises which are old.

    Which would you prefer? Attaching to old properties to give it a cynical lick of paint, or create a new and exciting franchise that makes the world take notice?

      1. Oh that goes without saying. It also requires more work than a making a placard and a hashtag.

        It probably speaks more of their wealth a privilege in how they think everyone else is meant to do the hard work for them and all they gotta do is stamp their feet and have a tantrum.

  11. I like games like Dead Or Alive 5, Senran Kagura and Rumble Roses which offer a high amount of fanservice… so to me, the less male characters and more sexy/cute female characters the better lol.

    And this Linkle chick is cute, definitely easy on the eye. Plenty of Rule 34s for this character in the future. Win-win for GamerGate. Hah.

        1. It’s why we have Rule 34. I’d have to find the post I saw on facebook but people are so pissed off on tumblr it’s amusing. I’m waiting for there to be a doujin where Link nails that.

  12. It’s as if they don’t realize there are multiple fem chars already. It’s as if they’ve never played any of these games they so bash. It’s as if their heads are firmly up their collective fucking asses.

  13. I don’t mind a female version of Link. I mean we see female versions of male characters all the time and even the other way around. I just keep wondering why they didn’t use Zelda or for that matter any other female character from the Zelda universe :/

    PS. That Wu says something dumb is no surprise to anyone with a functional brain xD It’s only his brainless fans who gives a damn

    1. Because in Hyrule Warriors Zelda is already a playable character as is Princess Ruto, Impa, Midna, Shiek, Nabooru and a few original female characters. The game is literally full of female characters. Heck the 3DS one will also have Tetra (the pirate guise of Zelda from The Wind Waker) in it.

      1. Shhhh you’re destroying their narative! Because they never played a Warriors game and aren’t aware that even women who didn’t fight in these wars are playable.

  14. Why is this ( soon crashing and burning magazine ) KillSreen “writer” stating her opinions as soe kind of “undisputable, unrefutable facts” ? And why is she appealing to an Appeal to Authority fallacy when she quotes “Johnita” Saarkesian ?.

  15. Eh. It’s a Hyrule Warriors continuity game. The character is just a cheap fan-service throw away that doesn’t replace Link in any way, and will never be considered proper canon in the Hyrule lore. This isn’t a win for anyone but the artists made popular by Rule 34.

      1. No, Ms Male Character is basically her finding issue with the fact that female PCs can do the same thing as male characters.

  16. This is what I’ve played to a large extent the last month and a half:

    Fatal Frame 1 & 5
    Freedom Planet
    Chibi Robo
    Super Mario Maker
    Yoshi’s Wooly World

    Several games with female protagonists, one where I chose to play as a Squid Girl, one with a cute little robot who refered to as male, one where the characters are genderless and one that is more about creating levels. Hell when Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out next month, I’m considering making my create-a-player female for no particularly strong reason.

    Fun games are fun games. I don’t care about the gender of the characters I play. Just give me something enjoyable.

  17. The culture war has two camps, comprising those who require “safe spaces” vs. those who require sane spaces. That’s pretty much it.

  18. “It’s over GamerGate. You’re done”


    Is that bearded beta bitch serious? We’ve been slandered, doxed, threatened, and silenced for over a year, and he thinks that a Rule 63 version of Link is going to be the killing stroke? Especially since we circulated Liana K’s gender-swapped drawing of Link all over Twitter and Tumblr MONTHS ago?

  19. I like how they keep addressing “GamerGate” as though it’s a group or a person as opposed to a series of events. Hence the Watergate-esque name. Of course these people devoutly buy into their own bullshit, but, please. And “feminists” win? Not hardly. A gender swap on a NON-CANON character isn’t a victory for anyone other than someone who wants to play as an elf with tits.

    Now, as for that “article”:

    “Actual context”? Oh my, someone might want to get that conspiritard butthurt bitch a dictionary to explain the meaning of the word “subjecitve”, since they seem to be confused about how reality is measured. “Reeks of Nintendo’s faux progressivism” because if you don’t embrace the one true religion of progressivism you’re a heretic who must be destroyed. See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Because retards. “What the problem is” – bitch, please, there is no problem except your tired ass complaining about things that aren’t actual problems, like whether or not a character gets braids and tits. It’s pretend; grow the fuck up. Annnnnd the racist motherfucker specifically takes time to call out the trend as being “Japanese”. Because hipster racism is ok. And, really, bitching about Linkle and crying about wanting “a female special snowflake character of their own” – cunt you have Zelda herself, playable in her own fucking game AND Hyrule Warriors, but they’re too invested in the narrative of her as “tropes – women as reward”.

    Link is a boy because when he was first designed it was following the classic trope of the (male) warrior saving the (female) princess. There was NO FUCKING INTENT to cause harm. Intent people, it kind of matters. And Link is also male because, newsflash, it’s Nintendo’s fucking property and ultimately they get to decide what it will be. You know, artistic freedom. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it or play it. Of course as we saw that type of reality lead these bastards and shills to collaborate behind the scenes to strong arm developers with their poisonous ideology and fuck over the consumer with deception that erodes the most important ideas ever conceived, that which is enshrined in the 1st Amendment of the American Constitution in favor of insane, regressive ideologies fixated around racism and sexism.

    And why are they appealing to authority (a fallacy) by invoking Anita? She’s not an expert in anything; she’s a communications major for fucks sake. And a professional, full-time victim who gives speeches to people far more talented than herself about how men are evil misogynists and women are the master race. Anita is REVILED by the majority of the gaming community (or utterly unheard of). Anita doesn’t criticize games, she bitches about them from a pulpit constructed of faux moral outrage. She’s a puritan who paints women as perpetual victims and tunnel visions game franchises that came out 30-40 years ago and have little to no relevancy. I’m detecting more collusion, likely in the form of private messages on Twitter.

    1. GamerGate can be multiple things

      are the things it is on the top of my head, so it definitely is a group if you take the movement and community, it’s very loosely connected though

      Legend of zelda is a pretty feminine franchise, they hate link because he’s the only thing resembling masculine in the universe.

      1. I didn’t think about it right away (sorry), but it’s not that GamerGate can “be” multiple things (because it can’t; objectivity and what not – although the first 3 on the list are all essentially the same thing and the last represents the people who are outraged at the scandal and want the situation rectified), it’s that it can be interpreted differently, based on the actions of those who support ethics in (games) journalism.

        People have different ways of showing their support, just as they have different ideas about what is causing the corruption. SJW-Lite cunts think that Rad Fem and SJW influences aren’t part of the problem (they’re wrong) so they tend to focus more on the mainstream (being large publishers their hipster role models are jealous of) and on narratives that aren’t “problematic”. Are they GamerGate supporters? After a fashion, yes. They’re still ideologically poisoned, but war makes strange bedfellows as the saying goes.

        The funny thing is, a lot of ignorant people claim that, by merely engaging in activism that GamerGate supporters are “no different” from SJWs and Rad Fems (demonstrating on their part a completely ignorance of why those two hate groups are despicable). The problem with the extreme “progressive” left is that it has sought to monopolize “activism” which is originally a tool of positive change that has mutated into a deformed excuse for special snowflakes and privileged shits to do nothing whilst feeling splendid about themselves. True activism opens up a dialogue and creates compromise, whereas ultra-radical “progressives” and their slavish allies in the media are nothing more than bullies.

        1. The first three really aren’t, A hashtag is just that, a hashtag, it has multiple uses.

          How far the scandal reaches can be discussed, but I see the scandal as the internetwide censorship, the gamers are dead articles, and the revelation of the GJP (the three catalysts of GamerGate, the movement)

          The movement is the one still going on today, each taking part in different scales

          The community is the network of GamerGate supporters who are more active, the more active you are, the bigger part you’ll be of the community

  20. See, I’m fine with this because 1. It’s not really canon, which is what I wish would happen with characters like female Thor and such, and 2. even if it was, it’s still good that the made a new character, instead of just going, “oh, well, Link is now transgender and identifies as this!” But seriously, with the ms. male character crap: I’m probably being ignorant because I read the bible before, but wasn’t Eve made from God taking a rib out of Adam, making her a “man with boobs”? Just saying, if anyone wants to go in deep on it. Then again, that’ll probably make Anita say that the bible is sexist or something.

  21. So how is GamerGate over @BritishGaming ? It’s never over as long as there are idiotic SJW trying to hijack Games for their bruised little egos~

  22. Planned Parenthood continues to get choked, the whole Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, Texas voter ID laws… pretty much every single time there’s a law come through Congress they try to put more and more choking laws on abortion restrictions.

    But nah man, Feminists win.

    Because there’s a payable blonde girl i green in an offshoot non-canon Zelda title.

  23. I’d play as a female link, but Anita and Nintendo fail to recognize that not only as a gay man, but also a gamer. I see myself as the onscreen character. There’s nothing to evaluate beyond that. I see myself as the main protagonist. Is that too hard for them to accept?

  24. I like Linkle, she looks cute, I like the twinned crossbows and hope that she is fun to use… oh wait… we somehow lose according to some guy

    Noooooo…. damn you cute generic elf girl who strongly resembles Zelda from skyward sword, you are truly the Harbringer of our destruction or something!

  25. It’s funny how SJWs actually believe Japanese developers actually care about feminism. Linkle was clearly designed to be a cute imouto character, the type of thing you’d see in a doujinshi.

    Japanese devs can always be counted on to make their designs for creative reasons, not political ones. But hey, whatever makes feminists happy.

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  27. The fact they think this would bother us is lulzy. If I played Zelda I’d jump at the chance to use Linkle, she’s a cutie. I’m running a female char for Fallout 4 as we speak. I can be a man anytime I want so given the choice, I usually go with a female with the added bonus of having something pretty to look at whilst I’m killing shit.

    They want to keep believing and pushing false narrative that we hate/fear women, but it’s just the radfems and their cucks we can’t stand. Also Linkle likely wasn’t even made for them but the fact they’re claiming it is whilst also hating it is even more lulzy!

  28. Linkle Linkle gender changed,
    Social justice is deranged.
    Why you hate nintendo’s guys?
    Making change based on fems lies,
    Linkle Linkle different sex,
    Now I wonder who is next.

  29. “Why is it okay to ask female players to identify with Link despite their gender differences, but at the same time have it be inconceivable to ask male players to do the same?”

    If you can only identity yourself with same gender/race/whatever characters, you seriously lack of something every normal people have: empathy.

  30. They’ll never understand that no one was against a Female link, they were against Nintendo being forced to do it, and how it would effect the canon. Linkle however seems to be designed as her own characters separate from the canon of LOZ as she does not wear a Green Hero Tunic or use the Master Sword.

  31. I would be against Link being a girl but not for the same reason they would use. Link has always been a boy, don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Besides I would much prefer a Linkle over a stupid gender swap. This is the same with the stupid Thor gender swap shit, make a new character ffs, people would have been thrilled.

    Sidenote: Linkle is fucking cute…

  32. You know it’s really funny to me.

    The supposed sexist of the world of gaming give no shits about Linkle. In fact, most are perfectly fine with it.

    Yet these SJW types are still whinging. Even when they get what they want, they’re still bitching about it.

    Who really has a problem with women in gaming here?

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  34. I’m female, and I love both Link and Linkle. I would pretty much play as Linkle, but I had fun playing Link in the old Zelda games. Those games are mean to be fun and pleasantly looking to the eye and I can’t see nothing wrong with that. Like many other say, you can’t please SJWs, so I’d wish some game developers would stop trying…

  35. I gotta be honest:
    Linkle bothers me a little.
    Her name is a Portmanteau of Link and Tingle…
    The Dangling Compass reminds me of Tingle…
    The Assassin’s Creed Hoodie is too Assassin’s Creed for Legend of Zelda
    Twin Crossbows? OK those are cool! But I kinda wish she used a melee weapon

    Now I don’t get WHY THE SJWs ARE PRAISING LINKLE when:
    -She’s a Ms. male Character
    -She is wearing FEMALE GENDER SIGNIFIERS like the Thigh high boots, the short shorts, the braids, the girly hood and blouse… Not to mention GASP! Jewelry!
    -her name is derivative of Link
    -She uses different weapons than Link because of the sexist notion that women cannot use a broadsword and shield.
    -Also, being a female LoZ character, she will not be immune to Rule 34… (then again nothing is. she has over 50 pics so far)

    Shouldn’t these SJWs be asking for Nintendo’s head for this affront towards their sensibilities? It’s as if they don’t believe the crap they sell.

      1. Just read about Anita bitching about her and why she’s inferior to the Female Link she wants… Which I don’t get, seeing that if we got a “FemLink” She’d basically be a Ms. Male Character.

  36. >It’s over, GamerGate. You’re done

    lol these people are so detached from reality. Just more evidence that all these self-proclaimed ‘video game critics’ don’t know crap about games.

  37. So what you’re saying is that if Link were to shapeshift into an anatomically-correct yet mildly-differentiated female form, Ganonchorfs would not be able to tell it’s Link and would be duped into treating her differently? Good to know.

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