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On January 21st, 2015 a petition was issued on that called for Adam Baldwin to be banned from an Australian expo. In two days, the petition gathered 4.147 signatures (as I am writing this). The petition states that Adam is involved in “numerous” cases of harassment toward women (but again, driving a woman out of Twitter by doxing her is okay if you are the GOOD “GUYS”). The letter continues by insinuating that Adam doxed Chelsea van Valkenburg/ Zoe Quinn (oops) and John Flynt/Brianna Wu (Oops I did it again!) by sharing a video. In reality, his only crime is supporting GamerGate (You can read the petition here). 

Obviously the SJWs vultures didn’t wait too long before starting to write about it. Our genius at work. Ben Kuchera, took advantage of the situation by being a fucking hypocrite by “not asking” people to sign the petition.1
The petition was noticed by the expo that almost immediately made a statement:2

What happened is that they obviously noted that some people were unhappy about Adam’s attendance of the expo but also asked people to not attack anybody (which they obviously failed to do if you read the comments…remember, if you want to support Adam post a comment but don’t be stupid. Be polite and don’t stoop to the SJW’s level; it will only help them and harm us).

From what I understand they will investigate and decide if Baldwin is still invited to the expo or not. So we have to give them time.

Not so long after the petition and the expo’s response, pro-GamerGate decided to act and issued their own petition (which I obviously signed. I invite you to do the same).

Adam Baldwin going to the expo became suddenly important to me for several reasons. First of all, if it pisses off anti-#GamerGate, it makes me happy. Second, this petition is full of lies and the author did not bring any evidence (the video is not linked and no tweets are showed to defend their stances, it’s typical).

I contacted Supanova Expo to know if they could make a statement regarding the situation. Here’s their response below:


And the final reason is the same reason why I joined #GamerGate: They act like the Grinch who stole Christmas. They didn’t like the video games already existing? Well let’s ban them instead of making our own! They don’t like Adam Baldwin? Let’s ban him from conventions!!

Remember that if it happens not only will it piss us off, but they will also harm the fans of Firefly. There are people who love Firefly and at the same time don’t know (or care) about GamerGate. And because of some never-happy people, Firefly’s fans will be penalized and won’t be able to see someone they like and share a few words with him. That said if Adam would eventually be banned from the con I am sure there would be a huge reaction from fans and I am myself ready to talk about it on every Firefly/Serenity discussion board I can find (because seriously those guys are hardcore; its 2015 and some of them are still rightfully complaining about the cancelation of the show).

“I can’t be happy, why should other people?”

Now we have to wait. This story could set a major precedent. If it happens, then we’ll have proof that spoiled children can ruin everything, and impose their pro-censorship ageda on the rest of us. If he’s not banned then it’ll mean that they have no power against us anymore, and “that’s best for business.”


  1. you can flag the aGGros petition, as innacurated, dont present evidences and lie face front with the sole intention to harm Adam good name

  2. Do these fucking people ever take a day off from being insufferable pricks? Are their lives so miserable that they just HAVE to fuck everything up to feel good about themselves for twelve seconds? Honestly, what does it take for them to be fulfilled? How many people do they have to make miserable per day? Is there a quota for this? Do they ever stop?

    Seriously, these people are so fucking warped. It blows my mind, man.

  3. to all the regard of mentioning Firefly, Joss Whedon is on the other side of Adam Baldwin argument. There might be a full on drag out battle between the Browncoats because in my personal experience, most fans of Firefly are fucking stupid.

    there’s a fandom that’s going to rip itself asunder.

    1. And Joss Whedon is to blame. Anita Sarkeesian and others show up, complaining about “misogyny” and essentially shit-talking everything Whedon has ever made (see Thunderf00t’s video on Whedon) and he’s like “seems legit.”


  4. Just signed the petition telling Supanova Expo not to ban Adam Baldwin from their convention. Now I think I’ll go watch Firefly and FMJ. And I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it.

    Also, to all you SJW’s out there; just because you ain’t got that much drama and excitement going on in your lives (aside from doxxing, stalking, harassing, threatening, swatting, etc.) doesn’t mean you gotta ruin life for the rest of us. Also, “SJW’s” is an overrated term. More like Sociopath Injustice Narcissists (SIN). Now where’s my fucking popcorn.

  5. Firefly fan here as well. I have signed and shared this to my friends and people who cares about it. I bet this is not the first petition they got to ban someone with no proof to why they should do so.

    To all of you SJW and Feminazis out (yeah me to deal with it). You maybe think it’s okay to threat and censor people because you think you are the “good guys”. Well here is a newsflash for ya.. IT’S NOT. We have all the basic rights of free speech. And yet you call us terrorist, women haters and… murders? Because WE criticize and point out corruption and shitty journalism in the gaming world?

    Now excuse me, I’m going get some breakfast and then play some Shadow Warrior B-)

    1. It seems pretty simple. His stance seems to be that the only reason same sex couples want to be married is for the tax breaks. How does that equate to hating gay people?

  6. I find it peculiar that the author of that shit petition states GamerGate is a movement against LGBT and people of color when we’re the ones who had to start a sub-movement that gave women, LGBT, and people of color in gaming a voice.

    I signed the counter petition and flagged the original because it’s baseless bullshit by a piece of garbage whose only position on GamerGate boils down to “what do the SJWs want me to think so I can think it?”

  7. “(the video is not linked and no tweets are showed to defend their stances, it’s typical).”

    I recall an image to the left of the petition showing comments of Adam against Wu. I guess that “counts” as harassment.

    And even if it IS harassment, you should remind people why Wu gets the flak she gets. First, you introduce this concept to the expo people:

    And then show real proof to contrast and compare:

    Now that the expo knows she is familiar with making extra accounts to defame GG (and admit it, you can now present this:

    And then they might understand why everyone is pissed off at this professional victim, jumping around making controversy to get paid on Patreon.

  8. In an open marketplace of ideas SJWism will always lose. That is why it is critical to their movement that dissent is silenced. ZConsider the mainstream media pieces that dont dare talk to GGers. Fuck these people and their communist ideals

  9. I’m not a fan of Baldwin’s political views – some of them make me cringe, like his views on gays and Obama – but he has a right to them, and he has a right to be a guest at Supanova. If he was truly guilty of harassment and abuse, then his opposers like Kuchera should have fucking reported it to the proper authorities. This isn’t about “social justice” – its a fucking witch hunt, and the antis are trying to punish Baldwin for his involvement in GamerGate.

    1. I disagree with Baldwin on homosexuality – But Obama deserves it. He promised so many things, and he knew he couldn’t do 80% of them and failed at the other 20% of them as well.

      We still have tons of wars. (In fact a large number of our troops are STILL in Iraq, and always have been) We still have tons of violations of civil liberties with the executive branch spying on all citizens. He refused to pay government employees by veto for their jobs, while paying other employees to make sure that people couldn’t visit national parks, etc.

      That said, I dunno if Baldwin believes the whole “muslim infiltrator” or other conspiracy theories – if so, that I wouldn’t buy.

  10. Censoring people for no good reason is pure Communism. These SJW’s are Communists and a threat to America itself not just videogames.

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