I’m actually listening to Zamii’s new video as I write this, and it’s seriously one of the most fucked up things I’ve heard in a long while. People have been contacting her and her family since she came out with her last vid, and she really wants it to end. It looks like the SJWs just can’t let things drop. All this over a fucking television show (Steven Universe).

In case you need a refresher on all this, here’s my column from the other day. I was the first one to do a write-up of this story, and I made sure to wait until it was verified. It was too serious to run as an allegation…

While Zamii being alive and healthy is certainly the most important detail of this story, the depravity of the SJW community on Tumblr is what is truly disgusting. Rather than feel any sort of sympathy for this young girl, they refused to take blame or even reflect on their actions. Even worse than that, some of them gloated about supposedly making her kill herself. Talk about fucked up. I can’t think of anything worse over my last year here at the site.

MORE: SJW Thugs Allegedly Bully Steven Universe Fan Artist Into Suicide Attempt

Fusion had a write-up on this just a short time ago, and I’m going to show you an excerpt as well as some new pics they have of the abuse Zamii has faced at the hands of radicals…

“Tomorrow I have to go back to a new hospital so they can monitor me for safety so I won’t do anything dumb again,” she wrote. “But for right now I’m resting with olive. It’s been a long week.”…

Today, Paz reappeared online posting the number to a suicide prevention line and a 17-minute long video explaining the events in her life from the past few days.

“I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who tried to kill herself because of bullying from a fandom,” she says. “People say that people who commit suicide are weak and [if I’ve learned anything form this] it’s that they’re not weak at all.”




Now here’s the video I (and the excerpt) mentioned above. It’s not an easy watch, as I said. It’s sad to thing of all the pain this young women has had to go throw, all for drawing a fucking picture…for free. She was celebrating Steven Universe and its characters. Now, she’s in mental anguish because of psycho SJWs on Tumblr. It’s disgusting.


Apalling. I could sit here and rant for another 200 words, but I think Zamii says it best herself. I’m going to drop the story from here on out myself and give her the space she needs to recouperate in peace. This video is already in the press, and she put it out on YouTube, so I don’t think it’s out of line to talk about it. I certainly don’t want to make assertions about her personal beliefs or anything like that. For all I know, she hates TheRalphRetort.com. I just cover this to show you how sick some authoritarian SJWs really are. Readers need to see reminders like this as often as possible to remember what a vile enemy we face. So, get well soon Zamii, and I’ll let you get the last word.


  1. Fucking worthless shit tumblrina assholes. They haven’t done enough already they want to finish the job.

        1. Indeed. They complained about the half black, half-white actress playing Shana in the Jem and the holograms movie (I’m still baffled who had the idea of making a live action movie out of it) being not black enough.

          Fucking “anti” racists!

  2. Makes me wonder where the “CHAMPION OF WOMEN” is when real women are in trouble. You know who I’m talking about. The ugly skank with the giant nose and car tire earrings.
    Where are wesley crusher and the horse faced “nerd queen”?

    I bet if someone of that trolls would have used the GG hashtag they would talk about it on twitter 24/7.

    “We are non profit fighters for women but only if you Non-profit us with cash!” -social justice fags!

    1. If only someone had created some kind of online abuse prevention initiative, or a network of some kind. They could name it something “edgy” like crash override or something.

      1. It also shows that these idiots can’t think of names for themselves rips off others.

        Gamers create Gamergate – SJW’s create Gamerghazi
        GG supporters change name to Rogue – SJW’s change name to butts
        GG create Not your shield – SJW’s tried Not your sword

        And about OAPI/crash override, well…

        1. Explains why they want already popular characters to change to be female, trans, gay etc. Rather than actually doing the hard yards and creating their own.

  3. So why hasn’t Tumblr been fucking shut down? These fucking pieces of trash almost get a girl killed for drawing a fucking picture.

    I’m not going to go further…just fuck Tumblr. Nuke it and it’s SJW fucks from orbit.

    1. Dafuq? How did “tumblr almost get a girl killed”?

      Is it tumblr’s fault that she’s obviously unhinged/depressed and emotionally unstable? If she almost killed herself the sole reliability for that falls on herself. Like a typical SJW she plays the victim, says you don’t have the right to analyze her, and cries a lot.

      1. Here’s an idea: Why don’t you post your name, address, and your phone number so you can show us how thick-skinned you are.

      2. No, it’s not their fault ultimately. But they aren’t fucking helping are they? Those people are fucking unhinged. Over a light-hearted kids show.

        Big difference here too: no Patreon asking for pitybux.

        Edit: I didn’t mean tumblr itself obviously. Just the weiners.

        1. Like Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr is pretty much run by SJWs so they are very happy to allow this kind of thing to happen. Therefore there is some responsibility from Tumblr here, although indirect.

        2. If you’re part of the right crowd, it doesn’t matter if you do the wrong thing. All is forgiven, until you’re not longer useful. Then you suffer the same fate.

      3. No but it is tumblr’s fault that NONE of the pieces of SJW filth were banned and/or disciplined for fucking harrassing the girl for drawing a FUCKING PICTURE. Get some perspective.

    1. Most of the stupid e-dramas I surround myself with never percolate out into the consciousness of my real life social groups unless it’s me that introduces everyone to them. This particular shitshow however definitely HAS and it’s making the rounds.

      Hating tumblr, SJWs and basket case sociopath millennials on social media is just starting to become mainstream. Pretty soon we’ll have to all go find something else to be into before it’s cool.

  4. Trigger Warning: My preferred pronouns are fuk and U.

    Sarkeesian, Wu, Quinn and BlueBall don’t care about harassment if it’s something they push – like “cultural appropriation.” If you violate that you get stretched out on the anthill of feminist retardation. Lord knows, don’t make a dinosaur movie without japanese in it or walk like an Egyptian. I’ve lost track of how many rock bands these motor oil-drinking femme-shits have gone after, all of them led by women who become a KKK or wearing a bindi or kimono.

    PS: BlueBall will never actually give a man blue balls despite all her talk of bathing in white tears and drinking them. Now excuse me, I’m going to go off and do a rain dance and then practice kung-fu with a big giant sword with those rings in it.

  5. Let’s give her lots of positive support then. Maybe we can change her perception of her room and instead of feeling dread when going in there she’ll feel relief and joy. Fuck those tumblrites.

    I’d be up for sending her a gift of some sort. Some Steven Universe related thing. A giant framed print of one of her drawings? We could send something and sign it digitally or some shite.

    I’m definitely going to look into it.

  6. Never ever apologize or try to reason with Social Justice Warriors / feminists.

    If you do, they’ll sense blood, and harass and bully you even more. They’ll then gloat and brag about it to each other before going further to try and ruin your entire life.

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  7. I don’t know what the tell this poor girl, since we all deal with things differently. I can’t tell her to handle things as I would because she would be truly staring into the abyss (I all but call the abyss “home”) and that could make things worse. I feel bad for her. SJWs just need a beating. Daily. They’re shit.

    1. Spent time there myself, around her age too but thankfully got out relatively unscathed. It sucks when you know what it’s like but are also fully aware there’s not much you can say to help other than, with time and the love of fam/friends, you’ll likely come out the other side too.

  8. I’m sorry to hear this girls has it bad. But as fare as I know Tumblr is a main hub of self proclaimed social nutjobs and bad shit insane fems. Being active on that site is like having a camping trip in a minefield.

  9. Funniest thing in this mess?
    Episode “Open Book” of SU, where the lesson is respect others opinions.
    SJW SU fans? You are not fans. Kiss my ass.

  10. This is SJW culture at work.
    She’s so damaged by them that she cant accept support.
    I certainly hope she gets better and can recognise those celebrating and supporting her artistic freedom are not trying to demand anything or pressure her. Young folks just sometimes need to know they’re not alone.

  11. Wait. Aren’t these the same people who’ll go out of their way to claim that characters are whatever particularly piece of identity politics bullshit they espouse?

  12. Social justice warriors are a cancer, killing anything they colonize. Demanding the whole world change to suit them. This poor girl, this poor frickin girl, drew some pictures, and thus deserves to die? Fucking hell. What the FUCK is WRONG with these people? And where’s the socjus “never ever everrrrrrrrr say anything even slightly critical to womyn or POCs!!!!!!” when their target is a woman who looks like she’s mixed race of some sort, one of these Tumblrinas’ sacred cows??? Where? They don’t live up to their own standards, and commit the same harassment and abuse they accuse literally everyone else of. Fuck this shit. Just…fuck SJWs. Can we ship them off to an otherwise unoccupied island and just leave them there to destroy themselves as they surely would?

    1. And the biggest joke is that SJWs/feminists are supported by the whole of mainstream media, news outlets, magazines, advertising, TV, etc.

      Lies, deceit, slandering and fabrication are supported by these retards, as long as it comes from feminists/women.

      Facts, logic and reasoning are dismissed and ostracized if it comes from GamerGate or men.

      The people in the upper hierarchies who are pushing this ideology (Social Justice/feminism) through the mainstream media needs a fucking severe beating.

  13. wtf is wrong with these sick sjw fucks getting upset at her in the first place AND then continuing on with the harassment. Psychotic.

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