I’m actually listening to Zamii’s new video as I write this, and it’s seriously one of the most fucked up things I’ve heard in a long while. People have been contacting her and her family since she came out with her last vid, and she really wants it to end. It looks like the SJWs just can’t let things drop. All this over a fucking television show (Steven Universe).

In case you need a refresher on all this, here’s my column from the other day. I was the first one to do a write-up of this story, and I made sure to wait until it was verified. It was too serious to run as an allegation…

While Zamii being alive and healthy is certainly the most important detail of this story, the depravity of the SJW community on Tumblr is what is truly disgusting. Rather than feel any sort of sympathy for this young girl, they refused to take blame or even reflect on their actions. Even worse than that, some of them gloated about supposedly making her kill herself. Talk about fucked up. I can’t think of anything worse over my last year here at the site.

MORE: SJW Thugs Allegedly Bully Steven Universe Fan Artist Into Suicide Attempt

Fusion had a write-up on this just a short time ago, and I’m going to show you an excerpt as well as some new pics they have of the abuse Zamii has faced at the hands of radicals…

“Tomorrow I have to go back to a new hospital so they can monitor me for safety so I won’t do anything dumb again,” she wrote. “But for right now I’m resting with olive. It’s been a long week.”…

Today, Paz reappeared online posting the number to a suicide prevention line and a 17-minute long video explaining the events in her life from the past few days.

“I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who tried to kill herself because of bullying from a fandom,” she says. “People say that people who commit suicide are weak and [if I’ve learned anything form this] it’s that they’re not weak at all.”




Now here’s the video I (and the excerpt) mentioned above. It’s not an easy watch, as I said. It’s sad to thing of all the pain this young women has had to go throw, all for drawing a fucking picture…for free. She was celebrating Steven Universe and its characters. Now, she’s in mental anguish because of psycho SJWs on Tumblr. It’s disgusting.


Apalling. I could sit here and rant for another 200 words, but I think Zamii says it best herself. I’m going to drop the story from here on out myself and give her the space she needs to recouperate in peace. This video is already in the press, and she put it out on YouTube, so I don’t think it’s out of line to talk about it. I certainly don’t want to make assertions about her personal beliefs or anything like that. For all I know, she hates TheRalphRetort.com. I just cover this to show you how sick some authoritarian SJWs really are. Readers need to see reminders like this as often as possible to remember what a vile enemy we face. So, get well soon Zamii, and I’ll let you get the last word.