WeSearcher just dropped a big bomb on Snopes founder David Mikkelson. As it so happens, the guy went through a pretty nasty divorce a couple years ago. The thing about this particular divorce is that he was married to the other founder of Snopes, Barbara Mikkelson. Awkward. You know what else is awkward? When you’re forced to admit in court that you misappropriated company funds in order to pay for your hooker bill.



This is why it’s not a good idea to cheat on your wife, especially if you plan to use funds you stole from the company you founded together. This is one of the dumbest examples of adultery that I’ve seen. At least it wasn’t some cheap escorts, though. The guy dropped $60,000+ for his illicit escapades.

Also, that’s his wife in the cover photo. So, I can at least understand where Mr. Mikkelson was coming from.