To be clear, the Social Autopsy Kickstarter doesn’t really sound like the best idea to me. I don’t really care about doxing, but launching a harassment site to fight other (again, alleged) harassment sounds like a rather inconsistent position to take. But, the beauty of all this is, the creator of the effort is now trashing Zoe Quinn and blaming her for racist abuse that she says she received in the aftermath of a conversation the two had yesterday.

First, here’s some background on Candace Owens, the woman behind Social Autopsy (Twitter profile)…


She leans in when speaking, making direct eye contact, and has a polished disposition that belies her age. At 26, she doesn’t seem like someone who, only a few years ago, was plagued by bitterness over a traumatic bullying incident when she was a senior at Stamford High School.

But that, Owens said, is the course her life took. In 2007, she accused a classmate of leaving threatening voicemails threatening to kill her and spewing graphic racist epithets.

The boy who was ultimately charged in the case was in a car with several other kids — including the then-14-year-old son of then-mayor, now Gov. Dannel Malloy. The role of Malloy’s son was never clear, but his simple presence made the story go viral.

While the instant celebrity changed Owens’ life, little has changed in the years since in the world of bullying. People still use the anonymity of the Internet as a cover to say racist, violent or simply crude things about everyone from celebrities to regular people such as herself…

Owens’ family sued the Stamford Board of Education in federal court, claiming the city didn’t protect her rights. Eventually, the board paid $37,500 to settle the case.

Owens has hit upon something here and It’s hilarious that she’s now tangling with Zoe Quinn. To be fair to Ms. Owens, she does seem to have pegged Quinn for the harasser that she truly is.

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Wow, Zoe, I didn’t know you rolled like that. Hopefully you can somehow clear this up for us. Also, seeing Owens label her as a part of GamerGate world is pretty damn comical. Personally, while I don’t support the project, it’s great to see these two battle it out. Hopefully more lulz will come out of the project. Given the section that I’m about to show you, I’m almost certain that will be the case…

Hamburger Harper jumped into the ring to defend Queen Zoe’s honor after the entanglement illustrated above. I can’t think of a person who personifies bullying better than her. We have many of those incidents documented on this very site. So to see her criticize this initiative is even funnier than Zoe and Owens going at it. I guess Big Randi and Quinn are worried about Social Autopsy soaking up some of their potential loot.

It’s like rival drug gangs fighting over the same turf.


Please, please, please let this continue. It can only get more amusing from here.

  1. There’s only so much of that sweet victim money to go around. It’s a prohibitively small market as it is, and Harper and Quinn are co-founders of another anti-harassment platform. Really, she’s probably thrilled she was given the onus to attack the competition.

    Let our enemies slaughter each other.

    1. Fro the sound of it, Owens makes it sound like Quinn wanted her to put the kibosh on SA because Quinn was afraid it might expose the fact that she was behind her “harassment” by Wizardchan, as well as some of the egg accounts that came out of the woodwork on her Twitter.

      Honestly, IF Quinn really was behind the racist messages, this will only encourage Owen to keep pushing SA, since it can easily show if Quinn was really behind them or not. The smartest thing for ZQ to have done was to keep her mouth shut, but when victimbux are on the line, she’s got to spring into action!

      1. “If you stand patiently by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will eventually float by.” Sun Tzu

  2. OK, what if this KS is being run by trolls who are actually going to use Social Autopsy to more effectively troll people?

    That’d be pretty rad, yeah?

  3. I’m convinced this HAS to be an elaborate trolling. No group of people can be this retarded. It’s too perfect.

    1. I feel the same way. It would be fucking delicious to crowd fund a trolling database [masked as a harasser database] and then just fill it all with names of people that I don’t care for. I suspect that this could be what they are doing.

    1. That is what these people are saying – that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the truth. They may be trying to make Quinn look bad so that their platform gets the victim bucks.

      Then again, perhaps Quinn realises that if GamerGaters start getting put on this database and reported to their employers then the retaliation against SJWs will go nuclear… So it’s possible that she’s trying to help keep a lid on things to avoid ramping up the culture war. [though this isn’t exactly in keeping with her character]

      1. I get the feeling (based on Owen’s Tweets) that Quinn is freaked that SA might reveal that that some of the hate messages and doxxing came from Quinn herself.

      2. It might be attempting to limit exposure, once you lift up the log, you can’t control the number or direction of the cock-roaches. She might end up on the list (and should if her ex-boyfriend was accurate in a fraction of the blog post).

  4. LMAO! There already starting to eat each other. If you gave SJW’s a whole island to inhabit they would kill each other off in a matter of days not weeks. lol

    1. I think Randi’s should link to the Wookipedi entry for Jabba the Hutt and Zoe’s should link to the image page on “blue waffles”.

      1. How the fuck did Quinn fuck FIVE guys!?! some at the same time!??!?!?! were they all beta neckbeard social retards or what?! seriously, NOTHING about her is attractive! I have not had, erm, relations for …. a long while now! and she still doesn’t look good to me! Not one bit, even with her fatbags flopping out (see! she made me describe boobs in an UGLY WAY!! that takes some fucking doling!!!!)

    2. Funding’s been suspended by kickstarter. Their bullshit can be easily abused and may even result in “for a fee you can remove your name from our list.” Quinn’s a royal piece of shit as are those behind Social Autopsy with their Stalinist ways.

  5. The SJW Ouroboros has finally fully awoken from its slumber and has began to consume its own tail. Soon the Age of Professional Victims will end and a new Age of Enlightenment can begin.

  6. Of course Quinn doesn’t want a company that’s focus is to dox harassers, none of these “victims” do, because it would all trace back to them.

    1. It depends on whether the “wrong” part is PC or not. “No, you are not a woman when you have those anatomical features” vs “No, you are a fascist”.

    2. Yes but that’s selective as she added when you’re obviously wrong. That means she decides when you are wrong, not the people accusing you of being wrong with evidence.

  7. Trolling or not they are making themselves look stupid either way. I’m just going to get some popcorn and watch the show.

  8. I’ve been quite negative about Social Autopsy, but the fact that they’d register Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper as internet bullies has made me warm to them. ?

    1. Hopefully but I wouldn’t doubt there are cunts out there wanting to make such a thing a reality.

      If it is a troll then Kickstarter has some egg on their face for letting stay up as long as it did (as of now it’s been suspended). If it’s not a troll and the account becomes un-suspended then fuck society to hell.

  9. How come no article about the awesome move Springsteen took? Was a news highlight of the week. If your state is a retard, then nice things can’t come there any more.

  10. So if this is true, Zoe said GamerGate did nothing wrong….no there’s definitely nothing suss about that at all.

    Here’s proof that when women are put into positions of power, they’re just as hostile and territorial as men towards each other. The difference being that we’re quicker to violence whilst they just attack the personality/identity of their enemy.

    The fairer sex my ass.

    1. Too fucking right my friend, too fucking right. Women can be supremely evil, like you said, men will just get violent, but women are conniving (not all, but they are definitely out there) and sometimes unhinged! (Quinn and Harper are good examples, of women in power, who cannot handle the power, so they will attack attack attack. They is emotionally stunted and compulsive liars. But they has a large following of other neurotic, hysterical shrieking heffalumps, who are also probably just as unhinged as they are. No sane person is reading what they put out, and thinks “yeah” these chicks are on to something!!”

  11. Quinn’s ENTIRE lifestyle is predicated on anonymity; it’s how people like her can create their own fake harassment campaigns after all. However, much like Hamburger Harper, she’s transitioned from a professional victim in a “champion of victims” since she’s no longer remotely relevant to claim any sort of harassment. She’s also not keen on any competition for her fake as fuck Crash Override Network (aka CON, because of course).

    1. In competition with CON.

      You know, I’m reminded of a certain pro-women game jam that was also in competition with Quinn. Think it was called THE FINE YOUNG CAPITALISTS. She doxed them, hacked them, and attacked relentlessly. Then tried to bribe them in private to stay quiet and that she would “promote” them at a convention, if they read her statements she crafted as fact. A few days later, her rival “Rebel Jam” went up with a donation button to her private paypal. 2 years later, Rebel Jam still has not happened.

      1. She is one of the slimiest con artists out there. I’d say she’s “personally” worse than Anita Sarkeesian, save for the fact that Sarkeesian has a lot of reach and influence when it comes to her brand of bigotry.

    2. “she’s transitioned from a professional victim in a “champion of victims” ” … in the victim Olympics. Its a very competitive sport, with big money in sponsorship deals…. I wish that was solely sarcasm.

  12. Maybe the three of them tearing each other to shreds will provide some entertainment and go to revealing how warped the SJW’s are.

  13. She’s protecting GG because not only is it the source of her power, but also because it’s likely most of the worst trolls are connected to her. It might jeopardise her entire book deal and public persona.

    Likely she and her friends started sending the SA organizer threats after Quinn realized that the organizer wasn’t backing down. I’m guessing this is just the beginning of the attack on SA and you’ll see worse pinned on GG.

  14. Wait…they Randi and Zoe are now against Doxxing? Didn’t one of them go to the UN to suggest criticizing should be illegal.

  15. lol nothing says “I want gamergate’s support” like using the hashtag in every tweet that one makes in a marginally related conversation. This SA person wants to garner support. Too bad their method of verification is an anonymous screenshot system. (Sounds totally legit)

    This whole thing will end in tragedy.

  16. SJW have always been about managing to be even more stupid than before, to be in a state of perpetual motion outdoing themselves and defying expectations. Always go a bit more full retard than before.

    At this pace it’s becoming impossible to predict what they will come up with next.

    They’re now cannibalizing each other hard, and I welcome that.
    Quinn is now gamergate somehow? Sure why not.
    They can’t even hold on to all their narrative twists.

  17. At first I thought this was to distance their victimhood market from gamers, but now I think they legitimately have realized that if this goes forward GG, /pol/ and most people will document their harassment on the site more than SJWs will document fake harassment on the site. Already plans are being made on /pol/ to do just that and beyond.

  18. Ralph,

    The facebook group titled “Shit Tumbler Says” just posted this about 52 minutes ago:

    The women who created the “SocialAutopsy” site dedicated to collecting private information of people who disagreed with them got doxxed last night.

    Any proof of this?

  19. teh fuk… Its like the crips and bloods of victimhood… When is sarkeesian gonna jump in, thats when its gonna get REALLY interesting.
    ZQ: Im the victim here!
    SA: No WE are!!!
    AS: NO FUCK ALL YOU I AM T3H 0N3 TRU V1Ct1ML0RD! See, i actually speak gamer!

  20. WTF is up with Randi Harper’s profile pic?!?! she DOES NOT look like that!! Not even in her dreams!! WHY do all the rabid feminazi SJWs ALL make themselves up and Photoshop their pics? Just like that card deck someone made, who drew them all super thin, without the doublechins and thin lips?! Be who you are, there is no shame in that. I mock them, because of the disgusting amounts of hypocrisy! These harpies would slag off the tall blonde model in her undies, for being a slut and a male dominated something or other. But they all fuck with their photographs and make out that they are hot young things! when really, they just resemble “things” I thought all that photo shopping and lying about your appearance to please men was for the “women brainwashed by the patriarchy” ? I cannot describe how much I hate these people
    THIS is what Randi Hogwash looks like:

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