I spent the better part of an hour this morning talking to the woman behind Social Autopsy, Candace Owens. Even though I wasn’t too keen on the idea here on my site, she liked that I had been fair to her throughout this process. Mostly, I was appalled at how she was being treated by Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper. It seemed like they were threatened by a young and extremely successful black woman coming to take a piece of their anti-harassment pie. It appears that Zoe only wants diversity of hair color in tech, not skin color.

Imagine, two white women coming down on the young upstart black woman. Problematic, indeed.

Now, none of this means I co-sign the idea of her site. It’s not really my thing. But, at least she’s doing something…moving with an idea. Randi and Zoe sit around and leech off people while running their mouths at lame ass tech conferences. What do they actually do besides that? Oh, yea, they get quoted in the media all the time because someone sent them a few mean tweets. Well guess, what? Candace Owens has been through more than either one of them put together.

She was a kid when she was bullied, not a grown woman that should be able to handle herself better (although when you hear about Zoe’s breakdown on the phone, you’ll see that she’s even more unstable than we thought). And as she says in this interview, she worked in Manhattan the last five years. No one knows who Zoe Quinn is outside our world. In fact, she’s basically a nobody. So you can imagine how Ms. Owens felt when this egomaniac called her and told her to shutdown her operation. She wasn’t too keen on it, to say the least.

But that’s not the end of the story. Owens has a very interesting narrative that shows her harassment only began once she ran afoul of Randi Harper and Zoe Quinn. It’s almost like these two notorious bullies were doing everything in their power to snuff her out before she could even get off the ground. I guess she had too much real credibility for them to take any chances. Candace also suggested that they have a lot to hide and that getting exposed would cost the pair “everything.” I would not doubt that in the least.

Listen for yourself, and comment here or on YouTube. I’m going to go finishing moving my stuff to the new house. That’s right, I’m in the middle of a move. But I simply couldn’t miss out on this.

Thank you again to Ms. Owens and I hope you all enjoy it as well.