South Park

South Park’s Season 20 premiere just aired a little while ago and man was it good (SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT)! Trey Parker and Matt Stone picked up right where last season left off. They’re not done skewering SJWs and PC culture. In fact, they’ve now taken aim at the completely absurd controversy surrounding what jocks decide to do when the national anthem is played before their game. The fact that the whole procedure is completely superfluous to the event at hand anyway seems to be escaping the entire media’s grasp. Or, they just need some more bullshit to write about…one or the other.

They also had Cartman wearing a “Token’s Life Matters” t-shirt and put him smack in the middle of a controversy surrounding an internet troll who is, well, trolling all the girls at South Park elementary. Everyone thinks it’s Cartman, especially since hes going over-the-top with politically correct language and schemes. He also gets caught trying to make the fighting worse after he stages a supposed attack on him by the school’s females. As a result, his archenemy Kyle decides to do everything possible to unmask Cartman as the true power behind SkankHunt42. The only problem is, it’s revealed at the end that the account is really being run by Kyle’s father.

Yes, it was the Jews. All in all, just a great episode that I’m definitely not doing justice by with this short rant. I suggest all of you go watch it immediately.

It ends on that major cliffhanger I just described and they’re clearly just scratching the surface of what they have planned. They also rip into Hillary Clinton, who they call Mrs. Turd Sandwich. Mr. Garrison is standing in for Trump and still has Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate. The whole thing is just fucking hilarious. Seriously, go watch that shit.