Let’s talk about Lauren Duca, shall we? If you’ll recall, she recently got Martin Shkreli banned from Twitter after he trolled her about accompanying him to the inauguration next Friday. Before we get into the meat of this post, Mr. Shkreli had this to say about Duca today in the New York Post…

“To her, I’d say get off your high horse,” Shkreli told The Post. “You’re not a political genius and I’m not sure why you think you have a lot to add to every political conversation … She’s a speak-first, think-later person and that’s what bothers me about her. That’s why I needled her, that’s why I trolled her – because she is what I believe is a scourge. She does it for publicity … but she has no substance and Tucker sort of exposed her I think a little bit in that regard.”

I have something to say to Ms. Duca as well: You’re a damned hypocrite. I’ll show you why in just a second. But first, this is just some of the nonsense she posted in her column over on Teen Vogue on Tuesday. Needless to say, most of the post consisted of her whining about mean ol’ Twitter.

Let’s think a little more critically about the way bullying exerts itself online. Many times, the targets are women who dare to be anything other than quiet and small. Of course, there are women who are trolls, especially of the celebrity variety, but the overwhelming majority of anonymous trolling takes on the defiant woman, who dares to speak her mind on any of the non-approved subjects.

Of course, the ideological and practical have struggled to meet here. Twitter is still trying to wrap its head around basic empathy, despite there being various concrete solutions, and most employers seem to do little more than shrug off the evils of the world. I don’t know that we have to accept that as the way that it is. This isn’t a “men are bad and women are good” argument, though it certainly is gendered. Overall, what if all of us banded together to say, hey, I don’t want to live in a world where people conspire to harass a female writer “until she has a breakdown or goes into porn”? That’s a real thing I saw about myself, by the way.

Twitter can be a very mean place, this is true. That’s also what makes it fun, but that’s a discussion for another day. The thing is, Lauren Duca has no problems contributing to the meanness quotient of The Twittersphere when it suits her. She only seems to take issue with it when people are hurling hate her way.

When the subject is hating on white men, it’s a different story.

This prediction didn’t turn out so well. I mean, riots did happen, but they were the result of unhinged “progressives.”
Well, you kinda look like a white man without all the Snapchat filters, but I digress.
How “progressive” of you, Lauren! Much tolerance!
What a nasty woman.
And violent, too.
Nothing is too low for this piece of work. Shitting on kids is cool, as long as they’re white and male.

Lauren Duca sure is a beacon of online goodwill. There’s nothing I hate more than a fake, and as you can see, this woman is completely fake. The media is trying to prop up this worn-out shyster as some kind of hip truth-teller. What a joke. One more example of how they’re wearing out their welcome, along with their credibility.


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