I’ve been sitting around being lazy, which as most of my longtime readers know, is how I usually spend my Sundays. Still, it’s not like I did nothing. For instance, I found a nutty feminist for you all to laugh at, which I’ll get to…well, I’ll just go ahead and get to it now.

I know this isn’t a surprise, but most of the feminists on Twitter and in the mainstream media are actually man-haters. I don’t say that lightly. You can see the anger coursing through their rhetoric on a daily basis. It’s not about making things equal for both sexes, because they already are. Instead, feminism nowadays is all about making things harder on men. Making them laughingstocks, putting men down, exalting women at our expense…that’s what the ideologues are all about.

Take these tweets from some feminist nutter, for example. They make the case for what I’m saying far better than my own words ever could…

222mLqtsfo - Imgur

LyWBVug - Imgur

Telling a woman she’s pretty is the equivalent of flashing your dick now, apparently. I can’t think of anything crazier than that. Perhaps the guy was just trying to be nice to you? Looking at your face, I can imagine that’s the case, because the scowl you’re rocking doesn’t look the least bit attractive, dear. Not only that, notice how she also takes a shot at the sane women who reject this point of view (which happens to be most women, thankfully). The reason for that is, the psycho feminists rely on silence from normal women so that their con works more efficiently. Since most sane ladies have better things to do with their time, like being decent people, for instance, the loud freaks usually get away with it.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or in this case, the cash. After all, that’s what the whole feminism thing really boils down to nowadays.

Aa1BM2g - Imgur

4aNfWug - Imgur

Money for no reason other than being female. Ah, I love the sweet smell of equality.