I was in the middle of writing the movie review, when I was sent a link to a Randi Harper tweet where she talks about loving her gelatinousness. Having dealt with being overweight myself, I weighed in and said she hates being fat, and is just lying to the Twittersphere. Recently I’ve lost thirty pounds. By no means am I there yet. So it’s not about me hating fat people, because I still am one. It’s about being honest. 99% of fat people hate being fat. They don’t love it, no matter what you hear from them.

Randi couldn’t take this observation, and in the process, she gave me a hilarious story to tell all you morning readers.

I finally had to just put the Twitter Machine away, because I was having way too much fun. By the way, this outing is brought to you by “fat-shaming.”


Here’s where it starts getting hilarious. Kiva Bay, from Feminist Deck Kickstarter fame, joins in soon, but we aren’t there yet. For now, it’s just Adam Baldwin and myself cracking on Randi’s galaxy-sized ass:



She says a bunch of other shit about not loving yourself, and some other garbage for her followers, but you get the idea. Many of their main comebacks seem to involve me being overweight. But I never claimed to be otherwise, and I’m not the one promoting obesity. Like I said in the open, I’m down thirty pounds. What is Randi doing besides sliding slice after slice down her throat? Nothing that I can see.

Just when I was about to wrap things up, Kiva Bay jumps in. I had actually been planning to write a short hit complimenting her cartoon in Polygon from a couple weeks back, in order to show that I can says nice things about quality work, no matter who does it. It was good, and I said so in a tweet:



I thought that was it, but it wasn’t. There was still one last grand finale of SJW insanity:

I think that’s a pretty good recap. Feel free to add your own takes if you saw this live, or have some thoughts on this comedy. The SJWs are so fucking sensitive, and Adam Baldwin lives in their head rent-free. His tweet is really what set Randi and her hate mob off. I was having a blast with the whole thing, just like Mr. Baldwin, I would assume.

Another night of hilarity, courtesy of GamerGate.

P.S. You may want to worry about Milo, cause he’s coming hard…

  1. Oh lord – Tess Holiday makes the cover of magazines, and now all these cholesterol factories think that people want to worship their bodies. You want to like your own bodies? Fine! But that doesn’t mean that other people have to agree with you or can’t have their own opinion about body types. Constantly telling others that you’re “a beauteous, curvaceous epitome of womanly perfection” doesn’t make it so.

    You don’t like what Adam Baldwin has to say about overweight people? THEN QUIT LOOKING AT HIS FUCKING TWITTER! You’re not being forced to read his Tweets – you can even block them so you’ll never have have your poor fee-fees hurt ever again!

    Also, it’s hilarious that Harper and some of her friends like Ashley Lynch keep bragging about how “proud” their are of their bodies, yet only use camera angles and avatars that present them as slender. It’s like if some guy bragged how proud he is of his babydick and put up a picture of Ron Jeremy’s junk as his avatar.

      1. Reminds me of a joke.
        ” randi is anorexic, every time she looks in a mirror she sees a fat person”

        I’ll get my coat and leave now

    1. Dude, they want to not feel bad about themselves, but want to do work less. So the obvious SJW bizarro world solution is to reshape society rather than re-sculpt their abs.

      1. That’s it in a nutshell. People in general in the US are pretty lazy when it comes personal fitness. The amount of morbidly obese folks (100 lbs or more overweight) I see on any given day boggles the mind.

        It’s a whole lot easier to say “I’m fine the way I am” than it is to work towards a healthy weight.

        It’s worrying that being significantly overweight is becoming “normal” in the media and our society in general.

        1. At the same time, it really isn’t any of your fucking business how fat someone is or how they feel about being fat. You’re not their guardian angel, destined to traipse after them and given running commentary on their lives.

          Likewise, I don’t want my fellow fatties going around shoving themselves and their delusions in my face, either. By that, I don’t mean they shouldn’t be fat or shouldn’t be allowed to be fat without being ridiculed or harassed… Obviously they shouldn’t be. I just mean that they shouldn’t go around acting like someone who isn’t fat and isn’t into them is somehow flawed. That they are somehow the epitome of beauty and attacking you for not agreeing.

          It’s one thing to say “So what if I’m fat? Leave me the fuck alone.” It’s another to say “I’m fat and perfect and let me wrap my fat rolls around your head and if you complain that I’m doing that, you’re a fucking piece of human shit!”.

          1. “At the same time, it really isn’t any of your fucking business how fat someone is or how they feel about being fat. You’re not their guardian angel, destined to traipse after them and given running commentary on their lives.”

            I’m not sure I follow your point with this statement?

        2. “Walk into any Walmart in this country and you will see herds of obese people lumbering about buying up all the high fructose corn syrup infused cakes and sodas they can fit into their carts and their bellies sweating as they walk from isle to isle, wheezing, waddling, and at times gasping for breath as their bodies are literally drowning them under the pressure of their own weight.”

          Obese people still walk around in your local WalMart?

          They only ride around on those handicap scooters where I live…

    2. Funny that they read Adam Baldwins’s tweets and they don’t like what Adam Baldwin says yet they block him using the blockbot.

    3. Yeah, I’m conflicted on this.

      As a super fat dude, I don’t want to hear super fat people go on about their delusional “I’m beautiful” bullshit.

      At the same time, I don’t want to hear anyone else harassing me for being fat, either. It literally has no fucking impact on their lives (and before you pull out “hurr durr but health insurance”) I pay for my own, thanks. And I pay more in taxes than most people’s entire salaries. It really isn’t relevant to anyone other than myself.

      I don’t know who Tess is, but as a huge fat dude, I’m pretty fucking tired of seeing the “sassy fat chick” who demands “fat acceptance”. I mean… yeah, accept me as a fucking human being. And don’t ridicule or harass me. Because.. you know.. I’m a fucking human being and I haven’t done shit to you. But for fuck’s sake, don’t demand that I have to find you beautiful or that my inability to find you attractive is somehow representative of my failure as a human being.

      Even us fat people aren’t attracted to fat people. There’s a reason for that. Biology.

    1. We need a photoshop of some images from the first Batman flick (with Keaton), where Milo’s head is on Batman’s body as he rides the zipline, and then Ralph’s avatar is on the Joker, with the caption ‘Where does he get that wonderful hair?’

  2. And back in the eighties, it IS celebrated to work out to earn a nicer body. Is “Body acceptance” and “fat acceptance” the codename for “I am a shameless lazy fuck who refuses to do any effort to better my image and the boost in self confidence that comes with it”?

    1. Its self delusion. Some people are fat and wish they weren’t. They try to do something about it. Maybe futilely and repeatedly, but they try.

      Others are fat and hate it and rather than doing something about it (or just living with the fact that they’re fat and that being fat really sucks to deal with and coping with that), they insist on morphing the world around them to their own “reality”.

      I mean, frankly, it isn’t anything new. People of all sorts of walks of life do this in all sorts of ways. Plenty of religious people do it. Modern feminists do it.

  3. I have not illusions about the fact that it takes me two trips to haul ass, and I can’t blame anyone, but myself about it. There are however, a few things I can be proud of.

    1) I recognize that being able to wear spandex is a privilege, and not a right.
    2) I too have started loosing weight. Because my living longer will annoy some people.
    3) I may be fat but I don’t affect the tides when I go to the beach.

  4. On a serious note (i know I do a lot of shit talking) being overweight isn’t the jolly lifestyle that these morons should be worshiping. As someone who struggled with my own weight it becomes a burden on you quickly. Even if I look past my appearance it doesn’t matter shit if I complain about having to catch my breath after a quick jog or having the reflexes of jello. It will still be a burden no matter what I say. This is why people try to lose weight.

    If ms. harper is so confident in her own weight then maybe she should take that light jog and see how long before she decides maybe its not a bad idea to probably lose a few pounds. It can only benefit someone. I say this with a little kindness because I’ve had to make some serious lifestyle choices and change my habits.

    As for you ralph, more to you man. Keep the good work up.

  5. I think that really shows the mentality of those peoples:
    Being overweight sucks.
    It’s not something to be ashamed about, cause well, that happens.
    However,it is a problem for yourself, so you should try to lose weight.
    Then there are two kind of peoples:
    Peoples like Ralph (nor;al peoples?) who are gonna recognize that if they have a problem, they should attempt to fix it, and peoples like Randi who are gonna try to turn their problems into qualities, and insult/disregard anyone who’s gonna say otherwise.
    No, you cannot be proud of being fat, ffs.
    We aren’t perfect, it’s okay to have flaws, but don’t go and pretend it’s better to be fat than to be fit.

    1. Well actually for my height I’m the perfect weight!

      and plenty of other ppl manage it. There is no excuse for not being a healthy weight, or trying to achieve it.

      being a greedy bastard is not an excuse.

      Ppl like harper, who are indirectly promoting a fat lifestyle should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Friendly reminder: there a plenty of other things to hate about her then her appearance. Even if she’s baiting you, it’s not necessarily proper to attack her for it.

    1. Yeah, but remember who you are saying that to. You’re saying this to a forum full of people who throw around “faggot” like its going out of style, without giving any consideration to the fact that it totally undermines not only their comments and position against anti-gamers, but the position and comments of ALL of us are tarnished by it.

  7. Oh god… that one pic posted by Mt. Harper IRL almost made me lose my breakfast. That was not a pretty sight at all… *RETCHING* …Ralph.




  8. There was a braindead social justice whiner calling adam baldwin a racist because his character in full metal jacket uses racist language.

    Yes, she accused a man of being a racist over a fucking fictional character!

    1. It’s right in line with the angry rage over an image of U.S. soldiers surrounding some poor SE Asian villagers… until someone pointed out it was a production still from some movie (either Platoon or Apocalypse Now, can’t remember). Because one of the soldiers was very clearly Willem DaFoe.

      1. Then it was platoon, Dafoe wasn’t in apocalypse now. But that shows the dumbness of SJW’s. They create more hate then they think they erase with their “fight” .

    1. She must be jelly cause jam don’t jiggle like that… everywhere… at the slightest provocation…

  9. Also, Keep up the hard work at the gym man. Since your trying tone down I’d focus more on building muscle rather than cardio. And don’t do the same workout routine everyday. Because you need to keep your muscles “confused” by doing different workouts. For example: work on chest today, work on back tomorrow, then work on shoulders day after tomorrow, etc. Because if you don’t “confuse” your muscles by doing the same workout routine, then you won’t be gaining any muscle anytime soon. Also I’d work on shoulders before working working on biceps and triceps, because you need strong shoulders to lift heavier weights. Anyway, just keep at it man you’ll get the results you want in due time.

    1. Actually it’s better to stick with a program instead of changing up too much…that way you can really get your technique down. This is crucial if you’re doing compound lifts like squat, bench, overhead press, etc (those lifts are the way to go, IMO). As long as you’re progressively increasing your weights, you don’t have to really worry too much about regarding muscle confusion, especially just starting out. I started out with Stronglifts, which is really helpful for beginners. Same with Starting Strength.

      1. Everyone has different preferences though. I know my former fitness instructor helped me out when I was at my community gym. Whichever workout routine works best imo.

  10. Im gona say fuck you if you are offended by this Ralph.But its a bit hilarious when 2 fat people duke it out, over how their body is. You on the other hand have the decency to try and lose the weight. Whille she is trying to stuff her mouth full of cheetos when she can from her earning 3k per month doing aboslutely NOTHING. Yet in the time of doing nothing, she can talk alot, but do nothing. Thats her major flaw.

    1. Wait, wut? He has the decency to try and lose the weight? What, like he owes it to society or something? What the fuck.

  11. But her hiding behind a skiny avatar is preaty hilarious and depressing. Shows alot how she sees herself, basicly a fantasy version of her when she is perfect and a moral paragon, who does nothing wrong and does everything selflesly to try and help people. Yet thats NOT how she is, she is a malicious person, who cant see right from wrong. She sees friends as temporary allies, who have to obey her ideology that she has had her brain melted by, or else they are spat on… Like the guy recently, apologizing to gg for the slander. Instantly, jumped to bash him to everyone. It seems a preaty.. comon thing it seems. Alot of bashing toward Joss Whedon… over how Black widdow ended up… Even remember when Briana Wu had her…. coffee with … a guy she didnt like… …dont remember his name now… it was a whille ago. Everyone jumped on that and bashed her… i think i remember even Randi. So to them. There is no… middle ground, there is no… chance to be neutral. There is no chance to even leave the group and say, yeah, i cant keep on going with this. If i leave gg and stop helping… people arent going to bash me for it, they will say, ok, sorry to hear that, have fun, we will miss you, dont be a stranger if you want to comeback. Anti gg? OMG; BLACKLIST; kiiill kiiiiill, misogyni, hate hate hate haaaate. So you can see… just who we are fighting against. They are mental terrorists. They hide behind the journalists, the major of the ones that support them and help them.. Like Polygon or Kotaku and their ilk.

  12. Oh, the pic of randy’s ass! that’s a life size representation of that galaxy. And yes, I hate being my 235 fat self too.

    1. but only a couple of shooting stars?

      Fuck my boots….on an ass the size of hers you could tattoo a large scale map of the whole fucking Milky Way.

  13. What is it with some of these SJWs being rather….round. Now I do have some friends that do have a little extra weight on them but no where near as much as these people. Some of these folks could have their own orbit. Also my friends bother to workout. In fact they are in better shape than I am (I come in at 113 pounds because I have an incredibly fast metabolism). Funny with these people because they don’t seem to want to exercise but instead just be “proud” of their body and just have in shape avatars.

    1. Enjoy that fast metabolism while it lasts. I had that too, and then it stopped 🙁 Fast meta, where have you gone?

      1. I don’t know, my mother still has hers so there’s a chance I might keep mine. Also I have a small case of celiac disease so I don’t get all the stuff out of food, especially wheat, that I can.

  14. “99% of fat people hate being fat.” 100% truth. I’m fat. been fat over 20 years now. I accept it as something I need to change and have taken strides to do so. And I hate it. Absolutely hate it.

    I don’t understand anybody who doesn’t take strides to be at least a little healthier. These people carry a banner of pride that they are more susceptible to Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke and demand the world make way for them. Last I heard it was illegal to assist in Suicide.

    Also in that picture, Randis ass is so fat its a galaxy

  15. Two tweets she isn’t going to read, but I will paraphrase here:

    Randi Harper is abusing her own body by being fat. She is likely to get Type II Diabetes, a heart attack, or worse. She doesn’t need “body confidence”, she needs to switch to eating low-carb, high-fat, primal, paleo, or something so she will be healthy.

    GamerGaters don’t need to be shamed (yes, a false accusation), they need to develop “online confidence”.

    But Ms Abuse-my-own-body is about blocking “abuse” online. Perhaps she needs a block (bariatric surgery? A muzzle?).

    And one of the accusations is that GamerGaters are out of control, they can’t stop themselves from abuse. Untrue, but Randi apparently can’t stop with the sugars and starches and other fattening foods.

    Abuse Excuses. If they are good enough for Randi…

  16. There is no more truth than what can be interpreted from those skinny avatars. You would think that would have shut her up right there. ‘I am love being fat but I only use skinny avatars,’ that’s a meme in itself.

  17. Total fatass myself here, and I’d say Ralph is basically on the money. If fat people liked their bodies so much and were so in tune with their inner lard zen angel, they’d use avatars of equally heavy yet still suitably impressive individuals.

    Most of us instead use avatars of individuals who are fit, physically capable, and imposing in some fashion. This, to me, says we know what would be ideal, that we would rather be healthy in size and powerful in body.

    These “fat acceptance” people are total goddamn trash. What they really are is people who do not, under any circumstance, want to be told that they can change themselves for the better, and they certainly don’t want to be insulted for their weight. So they make up a movement in order to protect their egos and get society to heap acceptance upon them that they know they don’t deserve.

    Fuck em. Call them out on their obesity if you feel like. There is nothing acceptable in weight that burdensome to the body. It’s unhealthy and it’s unattractive.

  18. Ha, I’m not morbidly obese, but I’m not “hunky” either. I make jokes about myself just to get a rise out of people. “I swear, it was the other fat kid!” and “I have the body of a God!…Buddha! Rub my belly for luck!” Because at the end of the day, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’ll never be happy. I’m really sick of this “sexy at any size” bullshit. You know what, even animals have preference, it’s called natural selection. Some people don’t find fat sexy, some people don’t find skinny sexy, and you’re a moron if you think they shouldn’t have that choice.

    On a side note, i hope you’re closely following that Milo Randi showdown. I’d love to see her documented fall.

  19. ,,,her and AMIB,,,two meth heads who got fat,,,SJWs can’t even “drugs” correctly,,,

  20. Can you report the picture of Randi’s ass as offensive content?

    I would say its attempted murder since almost anyone who sees that picture unexpectedly would kill them like how it was in The Ring movie.

  21. It’s weird when physically, mentally, and socially repulsive personalities such as Ralph attack others for their physical attributes.

    1. He wasn’t attacking her for being fat (though he does that frequently, other times). He was attacking her for her shitty attitude about being fat. That delusional attitude that doesn’t say “accept me as a human being, even though I’m fat” but “I AM FAT AND FAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND IF YOU DON’T ADORE MY FAT, YOU ARE A PIECE OF HUMAN SHIT”.

  22. That’s a lot of fat shooting at one person. I admit that Randi needs to hit the gym and a diet asap (if it ain’t to late for the heart). Her avatar clearly shows that she is not happy with her body.

    Let’s just be happy that pigeons ain’t Randi fans

  23. Random Harpy at it again? What a surprise!
    Just remember Ralph, SJW’s don’t have to be your audience. These obtuse shit eaters, these consuming hyperwhales. Rofl

  24. I don’t get it. I’m fatter than Randi Harper (and haven’t always been that way – not until adulthood). What is there to be “confident” about? I’m a fat disgusting fuck. It’s my business and not anyone else’s. I shouldn’t be attached, shamed, harassed, or threatened over it. I also shouldn’t delusionally exclaim to the world that I am “proud of my body” or “confident” about it. I’m also not confident or proud of my body in other ways. Like deadlifting. I never did like deadlift. I suck at it. To act like I’m a great deadlifter, when I’m not, isn’t being proud or confident. Its being delusional. And pretending that you don’t have any issues with your body when you eyeball the tensile strength of every chair prior to sitting in it and breathing a quiet sigh of relief when it doesn’t break under you isn’t anything to be confident or proud about.

    Again, that doesn’t justify people harassing you over it. Its enough that you have to go through it yourself. People being cunts about it just adds unnecessary bullshit to it.

    Unfortunately, people like here are the reason everyone else who is fat has to put up with their bullshit. They see land-whales like her strutting her fat around like something to be glorified (while also being misleading with her photos and artwork to make her look normal) and her shitty response to people in general and then these internet-cunts apply their hatred of her and her attitude to *EVERYONE* who is super fat (or fat at all, frankly).

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