I was in the middle of writing the movie review, when I was sent a link to a Randi Harper tweet where she talks about loving her gelatinousness. Having dealt with being overweight myself, I weighed in and said she hates being fat, and is just lying to the Twittersphere. Recently I’ve lost thirty pounds. By no means am I there yet. So it’s not about me hating fat people, because I still am one. It’s about being honest. 99% of fat people hate being fat. They don’t love it, no matter what you hear from them.

Randi couldn’t take this observation, and in the process, she gave me a hilarious story to tell all you morning readers.

I finally had to just put the Twitter Machine away, because I was having way too much fun. By the way, this outing is brought to you by “fat-shaming.”


Here’s where it starts getting hilarious. Kiva Bay, from Feminist Deck Kickstarter fame, joins in soon, but we aren’t there yet. For now, it’s just Adam Baldwin and myself cracking on Randi’s galaxy-sized ass:



She says a bunch of other shit about not loving yourself, and some other garbage for her followers, but you get the idea. Many of their main comebacks seem to involve me being overweight. But I never claimed to be otherwise, and I’m not the one promoting obesity. Like I said in the open, I’m down thirty pounds. What is Randi doing besides sliding slice after slice down her throat? Nothing that I can see.

Just when I was about to wrap things up, Kiva Bay jumps in. I had actually been planning to write a short hit complimenting her cartoon in Polygon from a couple weeks back, in order to show that I can says nice things about quality work, no matter who does it. It was good, and I said so in a tweet:



I thought that was it, but it wasn’t. There was still one last grand finale of SJW insanity:

I think that’s a pretty good recap. Feel free to add your own takes if you saw this live, or have some thoughts on this comedy. The SJWs are so fucking sensitive, and Adam Baldwin lives in their head rent-free. His tweet is really what set Randi and her hate mob off. I was having a blast with the whole thing, just like Mr. Baldwin, I would assume.

Another night of hilarity, courtesy of GamerGate.

P.S. You may want to worry about Milo, cause he’s coming hard…