The other day, Ian Miles Cheong apologized for his role in demonizing all gamers. I appreciated that dramatic turnaround. It’s not like we’re gonna be buddies or anything, but hearing contrition from one of the main demonizers on the other side was nice. I applaud him for his words, even though I’ve written so many negative things about him over the past nine months.

This has led to some people asking me about my tactics here. “Why are you so harsh on every single negative aspect of our opponents?” “Why do you fat shame, Ralph?” “Why talk about trans issues?” “Why do you attack them personally?”

Well, it’s simple. They started the war.

Someone on Twitter said the other day that GamerGate/The Quinnspiracy  was a mere curiosity to them, until Leigh Alexander and her cohorts let lose with all their gamer hate. I feel the exact same way. I had been following things since around August 19th, 2014. But I didn’t get motivated to really join the movement until after I read Alexander’s column. Even then, I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the more I heard and read from the other side, the more I was convinced that these people really did hate their audience. They felt like they were better than us, and it showed.


So, I eventually decided to throw as many bombs as I could at the despicable bastards. Highlighting their hypocrisy was always a key goal. It wasn’t the only one, though. It was about hitting back at them just like they hit us. They wanted to throw around slurs against our hobby and character? Then they needed to get stomped even harder than us. They tried to overwhelm us with their mouthpiece media. We had to (and still do) fight with every tool available.

Your enemy hits you? Hit them back twice as hard. Make them think twice about fucking with loyal gamers. That’s always been the motto here. I don’t have anything against fat people (obviously), or transgendered individuals. I know plenty of both, and count some among my friends. It’s not about that. It’s about lampooning the other side, just as they did to us. Turnabout is fair play.

Did I really believe that Cheong was still a Nazi? No, not really. But he had said those things about loving Hitler in the past, and then he tried to blame it on us. Making fun of him by calling him Little Hitler was appropriate, in my opinion. I know they would have done nothing less to me. Like I said, I’m glad he saw the light. Still, I don’t feel a particular need to apologize for going after him, because it was a response to what he said, did, and who he supported…

If you look through the record here, you will find that I haven’t went after anyone who wasn’t hostile to us first. They made their bed when they trashed a whole subset of consumers, and made us out to be less than human. They’re still doing it, too. So do I feel bad about knocking the fuck out of scum like that? No, of course not. They earned every bit of it.

That’s not to say someone can’t turn it around. It’s not about recanting your past views, either. But these people should apologize to gamers, just like Ian Miles Cheong did. Until they do, they will be blasted here in these pages in every way possible. They will never be nastier or hit harder than me and others like me. The poked this bear, and now they have to deal with the consequences.

I have no regrets about what I’ve written, and I would do it all over again.

  1. “It’s about lampooning the other side, just as they did to us. Turnabout is fair play.”

    I disagree. It is about being better than them and I think this includes to not use the same tactics as they do lightly. Nobody walks away clean from a mud-slinging contest.

    1. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but at the same time, GamerGate will always be demonized while these people have a platform and an audience. Nobody outside of GamerGate talks about the charity work, and those that do smear it as a positive PR stunt. They own the media, so a large portion of the moronic populace that trusts everything on CNN or MSNBC already thinks we’re the scum of the earth. Sometimes there’s no way to keep your hands out of the filth, even when you desperately try to avoid it.

  2. I sometimes wish we could just sit down, take a break and play video games, but politics had to enter, FML. I missed the days where you can just say “I’m a video game player” and nothing would happen, and now it’s to the point if you say that, you’d get thrown in the trash can and ran over by a truck. 🙁 I am so sick and tired of these assholes saying “Gamergate is worse than ISIS” and shit, but the fact that they are the ones who are worse. “Gamers are dead” no, if we were dead, then why is there such a huge fight back, idiot? “I’m not raciest, but these hood people are crazy” Fail.

  3. Besides, it’s easier to use real proof of their corruption and scumbaggery against them than it is for them to try to pass their lies off as truth about us. If it weren’t for the MSM siding with them, this shit would have been over in September…Though I do believe it’s a good thing GamerGate has lasted this long, that just means we have several months more worth in dirt on them and it means once this is over, there will be no coming back for them. They’ve crossed lines and never looked back or cared. They will get what’s coming to the, Karma is a bitch.

  4. I was like you. I had no idea what the hell was going on in August. I heard about the post but didn’t get involved because it was none of my business. I thought it was just another thing blown out of proportion. I stayed out of it just like I was able to keep away from Anita Sarkeesian. But then those articles came out and I was shocked by the whole thing. Me and so many people got thrown under the bus even though we were trying to stay out of it. All because we enjoy playing games. That’s how I got involved. Granted I wasn’t able to get fully involved until January because I was too busy focusing on finishing my last semester in college.

  5. It wasn’t just that they dehumanized their own readers with those articles. What really bugged me, was that they thought they were better than us.
    No one goes to college to pursue a career in games journalism, these were all people who failed at getting a real job in MSM, and had to settle for writing clickbait to pay of their student loans. Who the fuck did these people think they were.

  6. I’ve been following this whole mess from the start for a fairly personal reason. Frankly, the whole “ethics in journalism” thing didn’t seem to sway me, as the enthusiast press for all industries has been of questionable quality. Look at tech, and how media will always give positive press to Apple for fear of being blacklisted (google “apple blacklist” for further information), or look at auto where car companies will do press junkets for favourable coverage.

    However, what I most rally against is the cult mentality exhibited. The righteous cause of these people can never be questioned, and should anyone even attempt to point out flaws in cited research, or provide evidence that conflicts with their conclusions, they are hauled out for the “misogynist” label. Object to their arguments and they’ll mock, roll their eyes and reject your viewpoint on the basis that you’re a man, an antifeminist, or whatever label they’ve cooked up.

    Look at how they will swallow Femfreq’s conclusions because they run parallel to their biases, but they’ll immediately discount the words of CH Sommers who provides cited research, and who has proven academic chops by virtue of being a freaking professor. They don’t hand out professorships easily, but this crowd will sneer and label her immediately without even considering “no, let’s listen for a moment before we disagree”. You either follow them, or you’re against them.

    I can accept people want inclusion. But I reject this notion that any cause, any brand or any movement is above scrutiny and cannot be questioned. I reject the notion that you listen and believe rather than respect but question.

    I have more to add, but my comment will blow out to article size and no one needs to read that here.

  7. There is a world of difference between your tactics and the SJWs Ralph.

    When you make a bugger up and transmit bad info you correct that, and you sodding apologise as well. There are examples on the blog here….not many, but there are examples. You fuck up and make a mistake, then you correct that mistake and you apologise to the readers and person concerned.

    They DO NOT. They double down and carry on spouting their bile and shite even after, as with the WAM report, its proved to be utter crap even by their own supposed allies.

    aGGros have mass media on their side, They have the majority of the gaming press in their pocket. They have the fucking con’s under their thumb, and signs are they have their claws into Twitter, Reddit, etc.
    We have blogs like yours and a few others, some Youtube channels, and a board on 8chan. Yes Milo and a couple of other journos are on side, and yes we have Techraptor and Escapist giving us a fair go. But we are the ones in our shirts and keks stood in front of a tank holding only a shopping bag. They are the tank crews seeking to crush all opposition.

    So fuck them mate. Rage on.
    Do not go gentle…..rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  8. I’ve always found that when people make arguments about “arguing the high ground” it’s usually some bastard from the opposition disguised as a supporter. When someone takes shots, you take the exact same shots, but TWICE as hard. You pull no punches. Movie Slob Chipman said it best “There are no bad methods, only bad targets.” If that’st he journo’s and their SJW supporters mind set, then we need to meet them on their own terms and show them just how bad of a beating they’ll get, considering they are NOT in the right.

  9. You are doing the Lord’s work, Ralph. But is it possible that you can bring DiscordianKitty to her knees, or at least investigate that insufferable multi-colored hair troll?

  10.…1987…me and a few friends were bored with AD&D and took a break from funding Gary Gygax’s cocaine habit when we discovered Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games. Still have my original turning key and arena map plus a couple of counters. We dug building th’ cars as much as th’ Autoduelling itself and would cram as much firepower and armor as we could, handling penalties be damned.

    One game, after blasting my best friend’s car to shit in one volley with a pair of autocannons mated with a lucky max damage roll, before he could even get a shot off, i looked at him grinning and said “Overkill is th’ only kill.”

    I’ve gamed tables and vidya that way ever since, and mostly it pays off.

    Keep slugging these fools Ralph. Stay hard and grinning.

    Overkill is th’ only kill.

  11. The way I see it: Go hard or go home. If people have a problem with you going in on the opposition, no one is forcing them to read your webpage. I don’t know why people would trip.

  12. I agree totally with these sentiments….well almost.

    I personally would hope that we should cut off their retreat. (No peace-making, stepping away from what they’ve done, throwing others under a bus to earn a free pass, no justifications, nor downplaying). We continue to move against them. Inch by inch push back against them on all sides. Crush them under heel. Do not help them out of the mess they created for themselves
    When sites start downsizing and falling, and the journalists are forced to freelance, and the journalists are over supplied for the market, they MAY turn to us and look for help.

    Why should we NOT laugh at their faces? Just tell them to go with their caps in hand to Anita and Zoe and Brianna and Randi. All these SJWs that they have been so loyally fighting for will SURELY give them some of the victim money they have made off Gamergate controversies……right?

    Crash, OAPI, Feminist Frequency….it wasn’t just a money grab for themselves was it?

    No, in years to come, I would love it to be a case of high embarrassment for people to have been on the Anti-Gamergate side. Something they will never live down. I would also love any other ideological group wishing to force themselves and their ideology on Gamers to point to the Gamergate period of Gaming as an example of cultural empowerment. Where gamers prevailed against seemingly unachievable odds.

      1. Good.
        Let-offs are nice compassionate, and sweet. They are easier too. Why fight the for a long campaign when a shorter one will do enough?
        I do get what you are saying.
        These SJWs have barged into space after space, demanded control, hounded the user base as bigots and monsters, and forced zealous ideological narratives on the medium for its own sakes.
        Yet we alone countered them.
        The ones In gaming media, who’ve shat on Gamers generally and gamergate supporters specific and who’ve lied, misrepresented, smeared and libelled us, do not deserve anything but obliteration.
        I really don’t want the most tenacious or hardest or richest or most influential or most two-faced of them to survive in this space.
        9 months – long enough

  13. One thing is clear:
    When we call someone a “Nazi”, it’s all in jest to make a point.
    When SJWs do it, they actually mean it.

    Keep up the good fight Ralph and keep the slackers like me in the loop!

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