I’m on the road right now, but this one is kinda big. Actually I’m in a McDonald’s parking lot right now on my smartphone typing this up. I’ll update it later with more screens and info. Right now, all you need to know is Tim Schafer is a piece of garbage. He went on stage tonight at the Game Developer’s Choice Awards and made a racist joke about NotYourShield being comprised of sockpuppets…that was the gist of it, anyway.

The thing about the joke is, it sucked. I mean it would have been offensive to mock NotYourShield regardless, but it was just lame. Even the WWE comedy writers (notoriously bad) were amazed at how bad this sucked. Here’s the video below, embedded my retweet of @atlasnodded:

I’m gonna add a lot more reaction and comments when I get back from the store. It really is incredible that he would take a shot like that. As much as it upset me, and especially the NotYourShield members…it’s good that he said this. It reminds us what we’re up against. I think some people had started to forget just how vile the other side is. So thank you for that reminder, Mr. Schafer.

I also read on Twitter that there were several other people who decided to make the night about shitting on GamerGate, but I can’t confirm that right now. If I see anything else, I’ll add it here within the next few hours. Feel free to add it yourself down below if you catch it first.


UPDATE: I was just talking about all this on Twitter, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was too easy on Tim Schafer. This really shouldn’t be described as a mocking. He was just flat out lying about NotYourShield. Mocking would have been him making fun of them for supporting GamerGate, or something. That’s not what he did. He tried to erase them. If you’re a minority or a woman, and you don’t toe the SJW line, then you will be spit upon and/or ignored by their propaganda pushers. It’s sickening.


UPDATE II: I fell asleep this morning due to exhaustion, but I’m back. Below I’m going to provide some tweets from the GamerGate community and a couple neutrals, as well as the recent comment from Tim Schafer. He didn’t back off what he said, in fact, he’s still making terrible jokes. The SJWs are rallying around him because they’re hypocritical scumbags who have zero self-awareness.











I’m still kinda stunned by this whole thing. Schafer is a complete assclown for ever making that joke. But it was also a huge mistake tactically. I don’t think I’ve seen people this fired up since October. He just rejuvenated our cause with one shitty monologue. I almost want to thank the fat fuck. He also let gamers know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his transformation to SJW sellout is real. He has disdain for the consumer, just like the rest of that bunch.

Fuck ’em.